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At the plate and on the mound, Max Scherzer dazzles again for Nationals
Natasha Cloud’s buzzer-beater lifts Mystics over Sparks
TV and radio listings: August 18
David Hess pitches well, but Orioles fall 2-1 in Cleveland
Perspective | Ask Amy: Husband loses wife to Snapchatting soul mate
Perspective | Hints From Heloise: A season for being ticked
Perspective | Miss Manners: ‘Call me back when you’ve read my profile’
Perspective | Carolyn Hax: Her boyfriend is a real party animal, namely the sloth
GOP fundraiser Broidy under investigation for alleged effort to sell government influence, people familiar with probe say
Justice Department seeks to halt lawsuit involving President Trump’s business
Analysis | Here are the House seats most likely to flip, according to election rating systems
Hailing the New York Times: Trump loves his hometown paper — sometimes
Centrist Democrat sees ‘problem’ in party leaders’ rising ages, declines to say if he would support Pelosi for speaker
Analysis | With one month left in primary season, what is the left winning?
Michigan legislator apologizes for racial slurs against Asian American opponent
Mortgage rates move lower for second week in a row
Opinion | The Space Force isn’t silly. Reshuffling the Pentagon might be.
Opinion | Another step in the erosion of Central Europe’s democracy
Opinion | The White House is putting these watchdogs’ work in danger
Opinion | Is President Trump trying to tamper with the Manafort jury?
Opinion | Happy Hour Roundup
Opinion | An unfathomable oversight in describing Heather Heyer’s death
Opinion | Why we volunteer
Sprained right wrist will land Nationals’ Jeremy Hellickson on the disabled list
Ohio State could make decision on Urban Meyer as soon as next week
ESPN president wants less politics at network: ‘It is not our jobs’
How low can investment fees go? Fidelity launches a race to zero.
Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
Opinion | A message to ICE: My husband is not an object ‘for removal’
Opinion | The Church is tempted by power and obsessed with sex
Opinion | Mourning my long-lost pen pal
Opinion | Another epic economic collapse is coming
Review | I read six sycophantic pro-Trump books — and then I read Omarosa
Opinion | The harm of Virginia’s illicit tobacco trade
Opinion | Landlords in Montgomery County should have to give just cause for evictions
Opinion | D.C. should stop suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid fines
Opinion | The Polish government expels a critic — and sets an ominous precedent for the European Union
Opinion | The irreplaceable Warren Brown
Opinion | Here’s something else that’s against the law
Dusty Baker on life after the Nationals: ‘This was the toughest wound’
Cam Sims followed a huge mistake with a big play, and still has a shot at a roster spot
Analysis | The top 2018 fantasy football sleepers to draft late
The Nationals have a new bullpen cart, but most of their relievers don’t expect to use it
Maryland football Coach DJ Durkin remains on leave, but many believe his fate is sealed
New arena in Congress Heights set to host Professional Fighters League playoffs
Angelo Hernandez reinstated as Wilson boys’ basketball coach after administrative leave
Neymar included on Brazil roster for friendly against USMNT and a visit to D.C.
Mike Lupica is leaving the New York Daily News to write detective novels
At 44, District boxer DeMarcus ‘Chop Chop’ Corley is set for his fifth fight this year
Moon Possums? Trash Pandas? Vote to name North Alabama’s (real) new minor league team.
Analysis | Rookie Ronald Acuna Jr. is fueling the Braves’ playoff run
Analysis | Fantasy Football 2018 beginner’s guide: The best draft picks for Rounds 1-3
Capitals re-sign popular forward Tom Wilson to six-year deal
Brooks Orpik back with Capitals on one-year, team-friendly contract
Wizards will see a decrease in nationally televised games in 2018-19
He came to Maryland to change its football culture. Now Rick Court is the first out the door.
An 87-year-old woman carried a knife outside to cut dandelions. Police Tasered her.
Hurricane Lane, intensifying quickly, is on its way to becoming a Category 4 storm in the Pacific Ocean
An 87-year-old woman carried a knife outside to cut dandelions. Police Tasered her.
Trump calls on regulators to consider changing how often companies must report earnings
The personal stylists who are training the bots to be personal stylists
Could Turkey’s financial crisis have a snowball effect on world markets?
How to cope with the Trumpublican tax bill
Facebook could be responsible for how advertisers use its platform, Justice Department says
Analysis | Trump Joins Dimon, Buffett Bandwagon and Hits a Deere
Analysis | CVS’s Drug-Price Plan Lets Pharma Off Too Easy
TV highlights: ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd: If I Leave Here Tomorrow’
Perspective | Friday thoughts: How to capture a bank robber’s novel?
MTV VMAs working to craft tribute for Aretha Franklin
Stormy Daniels drops out of UK reality show at last minute
Bob Mackie’s designs for Cher, Carol Burnett up for auction
Opinion | Republicans want to inspire their voters, too!
Opinion | So much for the presidency
Opinion | Reversing Roe v. Wade will be just the beginning
Opinion | Alex Jones does not compute
Opinion | We’re not doing enough to truly integrate American cities
Perspective | We wanted Turkey to be a partner. It was never going to work.
Perspective | Just say no to hard and fast rules about Trump appointees being at universities
Perspective | The Constitution won’t let Trump silence White House aides
Opinion | The FBI building belongs in D.C. — at Poplar Point
Opinion | Corporate concentration threatens American democracy
Opinion | Venezuela’s detention of an opposition lawmaker is chilling. The world must act.
Opinion | What do Trump’s personal battles do for the GOP?
Opinion | Yes, Paul Manafort is on trial for crimes in the U.S. But his work in Ukraine helped to destroy a country.
Opinion | Republicans are running the ‘repeal and replace’ scam all over again
Opinion | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be facing really intense scrutiny
Opinion | Trump offers Mueller even more evidence of ‘corrupt’ intent
Opinion | August, you are a garbage month
Opinion | The untenable tension between freedom of speech and freedom of association
Opinion | ‘Fox & Friends’ host: ‘I do want everyone to be happy and safe’
Opinion | New York, California bills look to hold police, prosecutors more accountable
‘No Miss America should be humiliated’: Before giving up crown, Cara Mund blasts pageant leadership
Review | Bad Bunny isn’t the next big thing. He’s a very big thing at this very moment.
Analysis | Here’s what you need to know about Ariana Grande’s new album, ‘Sweetener’
These wines — and wine cocktails — can see you through a dinner party
The next generation of wine coolers tastes like fun
Perspective | Aretha Franklin, Live at the Fillmore West ’71: The Week In One Concert
Analysis | How Trump’s security-clearance gambit could actually get him in deeper trouble with Mueller
Taxpayers’ bill for Trump Jr.’s business trip to India: $32,000 and counting, documents show
Analysis | Omarosa embraces the defining tactic of this era: Revelation water torture
Hundreds of animals are dying in red tide. These people are trying to save them.
The ‘King of Rock and Roll’ and the ‘Queen of Soul’ died on same day — four decades apart
How Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ became an anthem for civil rights and feminism
Facing backlash, Google says plan for a censored search engine in China in ‘early stages’
Commerce secretary faces scrutiny for investments, not selling certain holdings
Analysis | Are Frosted Mini-Wheats less frosted than their generic competitors? An investigation.
Huckabee Sanders apologizes for false statement about black employment
Here are the companies that could profit from Trump’s Space Force
Sam Adams co-founder praised Trump’s tax cuts. Now this mayor refuses to drink the beer.
YouTube criticized for showing terrifying horror movie ad that viewers couldn’t click away from
The FDA approved an app to prevent pregnancy. Can an app do that?
Advertising giant WPP to buy Rockville-based ad firm
Inside SpaceX, the Willy Wonka-like rocket factory that plans to send private citizens to space
Analysis | The summer comedy is dead. Long live the summer comedy.
Perspective | Another tax break for the ultra-rich? Enough, already!
Intel’s CEO resigned after violating a no-dating rule. More companies are adding them in the #MeToo era
‘He’s not unlike the president’: How Elon Musk shapes Tesla coverage
Facing backlash, Google says plan for a censored search engine in China in ‘early stages’
Analysis | Why an Emerging Market Rout Has Hit Indonesia So Hard
When ice cream meets booze, what could go wrong?


Trump administration is considering pulling back $3 billion in foreign aid
These are the 5 recipes our readers loved most this week
Perspective | Aretha Franklin, secret style icon: With the drop of a fur coat, she proclaimed her worth
Perspective | Silicon Valley's attempts to self-police are anti-democratic. They're also not new.
Perspective | Five myths about CEOs
Opinion | Europe is now more competitive than America
Opinion | Omarosa is exposing Trump’s deeply twisted view of loyalty
Marlins-Nationals series preview: Nats are back home with no margin for error
Lamar Jackson, football’s fastest quarterback, is having to learn how to slow down
U.S. bishops say church needs lay Catholics to help address ‘moral catastrophe’
Stop calling the Mormon Church ‘Mormon,’ says church leader. ‘LDS’ is out, too.
Abe Lincoln’s library faces so much debt that it’s considering selling his stuff — including his hat and gloves
Analysis | The ultimate code-switcher: How a black detective used the n-word to infiltrate the KKK
Perspective | How Springsteen and soy sauce brought this couple together
Review | In the galleries: Kathryn Polk’s images withhold as much as they reveal
Trump needles Andrew Cuomo some more for saying ‘America was never that great’
Trump blames D.C. officials for postponing his planned military parade;Bowser responds his plan was ‘sad’
Analysis | The Daily 202: Bernie and Hillary who? Democratic Senate hopefuls sidestep personalities to run on policy
Former intelligence officials rebuke Trump for pulling Brennan’s security clearance
Perspective | Trump’s security clearance action against Brennan poses threat to many, demonstrates need for due process
Opinion | We watch Trump in horror as his American Democracy Jenga continues
Perspective | Catholic bishops and priests, I need to know how you’ll fix the church you broke
Opinion | Former intelligence chiefs rally around Brennan and slap down Trump
Serena Williams learned her half sister’s killer had been paroled moments before worst loss
Fantasy football 2018: Five players who should vastly outperform their draft slots
Analysis | HBO’s ‘Succession’ Exposes a Hollywood Pain Point
Take the guesswork out of cooking with an instant-read thermometer
It was the Byrds album everyone hated in 1968. Now, ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo’ is a classic.
How the New Yorker created an Aretha Franklin tribute cover with no time to spare
Analysis | This new history of Uganda is a must-read
Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: Trump just gave the military a lot more leeway to launch cyber operations
Analysis | The top 10 governor’s races of 2018 heavily favor Democrats
Opinion | Morning Bits: Manafort and the world wait for the jury
‘Like a rerun’: Jordan McNair isn’t the first Maryland football player to die of heatstroke
‘Farewell to our Queen’: How the world is remembering Aretha Franklin
San Francisco’s hottest restaurant is in an old auto body shop
Analysis | This new survey finds that Britons really don’t like Theresa May. Will that help Boris Johnson?
Fox Sports to make history with all-female announcing crew for D.C. United match
Study: When a city’s trashy lots are cleaned up, residents’ mental health improves
Analysis | Owners who slap their name on a business choose glory over growth
Analysis | Air France Pilot Gets Millions in Danger Money
Analysis | Panasonic Will Survive Its Tesla Codependency
Gemma Chan, of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ on female breadwinners and ‘true equality’ in film
Perspective | Famous ladies aren’t ‘flaunting’ their ‘bikini bodies.’ They’re just going to the beach.
In Paris, a pastry Renaissance is underway
Analysis | No, one-third of African Americans don’t support Trump. Not even close.
Perspective | Playing politics with security clearances puts us all in danger
Aretha Franklin and the national anthem were a match made in sports heaven
Analysis | Redskins-Jets takeaways: Defensive front excels against the run and the pass
Analysis | Are Frosted Mini-Wheats less frosted than their generic competitors? An investigation.
Every room has a view in this Watergate co-op apartment
Analysis | Tencent’s Troubles Go Deeper Than a Pause on Games
How Aretha Franklin inspired reality singing competitions like ‘American Idol’
Perspective | I know my grown children’s struggles aren’t about me. But sometimes I need a reminder.
Review | Matt Groening’s ‘Disenchantment’ gets a smart start. Just don’t expect ‘The Simpsons.’
Analysis | An Amazon Tax Won’t Stop Britain’s Retail Carnage
Analysis | Has Russia hacked into Florida’s election system? There is no evidence.
Afghan rock band struggles to hit right note in Iran
Nick Foles hurt in Eagles-Patriots game but finally gets handshake from Tom Brady
Analysis | Turkey’s Inevitable Credit Rating Cut
Two more Redskins running backs leave with injuries, adding stress to a thin group
Analysis | Ready-to-Wear and Re-Wear — Meet Sustainable Fashion
Perspective | The Redskins-Jets game wasn’t worth paying for. But at least Alex Smith didn’t get hurt.
Redskins defeat the Jets, 15-13, as Alex Smith makes a short-lived debut
Nationals finish a tough trip by ending their four-game slide
TV and radio listings: August 17
Analysis | Nordstrom Reaps Rewards From a Resurgent Rack
Perspective | Ask Amy: Red flags of infidelity fly over this household
Perspective | Hints From Heloise: Proof of prescriptions
Perspective | Miss Manners: On not hearing back after ‘let me check’
Perspective | Carolyn Hax: Sorry, mom and dad, sister has no role in this pot intervention
Analysis | John Elway’s ‘had his chance’ comments about Colin Kaepernick omit a few key details
Perspective | ‘Pretty Woman’ is another movie-to-stage dud
Madonna is the Queen of Pop and a soccer mom, too
Omarosa Manigault Newman’s publisher responds to Trump campaign attorney: We won’t bow to ‘hollow legal threats’
Opinion | It’s time for Turkey and NATO to go their separate ways
A year before Jordan McNair’s death, Maryland president nixed plan to overhaul athletes’ health care
Alex Smith’s first Redskins drive features a big hit, completions and points
Watch this frightening new footage of California’s violent fire tornado
Rash of overdoses show dangers of powerful synthetic drugs
Florida lawsuit seeks Spanish translation of ballots, alleges voting rights violations affecting Puerto Ricans
Pentagon may delay Trump’s military parade, originally slated for November, to next year
Analysis | Bo Burnham’s dead-on film “Eighth Grade” is about more than the angst of eighth grade
‘The kids are my life,’ a dad said of his missing family. Then he was charged with killing them.
Trump gears up to strip more clearances from officials tied to Russia investigation
Opinion | Trump distracts whenever he feels threatened
Opinion | See the porn star’s tale! See the Korean showdown! See the Trump presidency!
Opinion | The uncomfortable truth about getting back soldiers’ remains from North Korea
Opinion | John Brennan isn’t the real victim
Opinion | Cardinal Wuerl says he was ‘diligent’ on pedophile priests. The facts say: Not always.
Perspective | How we sent our children to college debt-free
Analysis | Pakistan Should Beware an Easy Chinese Bailout
FCC chair: White House called about Sinclair-Tribune deal
In Trump’s standoff with Turkey, two tough-guy leaders and a deal gone wrong
Opinion | Free-speech conservatives, this is your call to arms
Opinion | 3 ways revoking Brennan’s clearance is bad for the country
Opinion | Our republic will never be the same
Jeremy Hellickson will undergo MRI on Friday, could make a start next week
‘She is fierce’: Pint-size tap dancer reflects on getting Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’
Pratt & Whitney accused of using defective assembly process in whistle-blower suit
Analysis | Amazon is reportedly thinking about buying the Whole Foods of movie theaters. Is that a good idea?
As our media environment blurs, confusion often reigns
Manafort jury sends judge four questions, asks him to define ‘reasonable doubt’
‘Revoke my security clearance’: Bin Laden raid commander wants Trump to treat him like Brennan
Opinion | The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.
Opinion | Happy Hour Roundup
Opinion | Why aren’t the Democrats all over this by now?
Opinion | We need the Export-Import Bank to even the playing field for U.S. exporters
Washington Mystics are focused on finishing strong before WNBA playoffs
Walmart shares surge 10 percent after strong earnings report
Newseum to honor legendary black journalist with statue
Analysis | The inflated cost of Trump’s military parade could fund four and a half years of the Mueller investigation
Despite year-of-the-woman buzz, female candidates lag behind men in drawing in campaign cash
Feds probe Ohio State’s handling of abuse allegations against athletic doctor
Opinion | Cardinal Wuerl must go
Opinion | Thanks, Paul Manafort — for showing that the U.S. needs to crack down on dirty money
Opinion | Trump will get his absurd military parade — thanks to Republicans who indulge his egomania
Opinion | A crucial point made by John Brennan
Californians rally around couple who allegedly started deadly Carr Fire: ‘It could have happened to any of us.’
Relive 7 iconic Aretha Franklin performances, from Obama’s inauguration to ‘Blues Brothers’
HHS official: Agency not able to ensure safety of unaccompanied migrant kids after they leave its care
Omarosa Manigault Newman releases secret recording of $15,000-a-month job offer from Lara Trump
Analysis | Democrats’ post-Pelosi predicament: A younger leader or a black one?
Staffer for Rep. Rodney Davis arrested after altercation at opponent’s fundraiser
Perspective | Family Feud: Trump edition
Opinion | Trump just took us another step closer to the abyss
Opinion | The extraordinary bias of the judge in the Manafort trial
Opinion | Revoke my security clearance, too, Mr. President
Perspective | I’ve worn a hijab for decades. Here’s why I took it off.
Opinion | إصلاحات السعودية توسع المجال أمام النساء – لكنها لا تزال تحرمهن من أصواتهن المستقلة
Opinion | Ground Zero for the Democratic comeback: Midwestern gubernatorial races
Opinion | Stunning, shocking revelations of the president behind closed doors
Worker dies after falling into vat at plant that recycles Disney World food waste
Industrious fire ants reveal surprise secret to success: Selective laziness
The night Aretha Franklin brought the nation’s first black president to tears
Former police officer goes on trial for killing unarmed 15-year-old
Analysis | From giving birth at age 12 to ‘physical fights’: The difficult life and times of Aretha Franklin
If ‘hot, crispy and golden brown’ speaks to you, it’s time to give fritters a chance
Perspective | Summer movies were smarter than ever, with ‘Sorry to Bother You’ and ‘BlacKkKlansman’ leading the way
‘Operation Finale’ cast talks Nazism and current-day politics at the Holocaust Museum
TV highlights: ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ premieres on Netflix
Rapper Juelz Santana pleads guilty to airport gun charge
‘We have more that we’re planning to do’ if Turkey doesn’t release American pastor, treasury secretary says
Analysis | Trump has now fired or threatened most senior officials related to the Russia investigation
Opinion | Trump is frantically searching for new reasons to punish people
Opinion | D.C. fails as a sanctuary city
Do these Yankees-themed Notre Dame uniforms deserve a Bronx cheer?
Analysis | Elite CEO pay jumps to average of $19 million, as fears mount over the wealthy pocketing gains
Glenn Close is a six-time Oscar runner-up. Will she finally clinch the statuette for ‘The Wife’?
Watermelon and basil turn water into a party-worthy thirst-quencher
Animal Collective wants to do their own thing and that means saving coral reefs
Tape: Omarosa offered $15K a month to be ‘positive’
Beyond ‘The Walking Dead,’ Lauren Cohan is ready for change
Senate confirms 25th appellate judge as GOP reshapes court at record clip
Analysis | Why former government officials keep their security clearances
Opinion | Trump and Republicans don’t think inequality is a problem. Democrats do.
Opinion | Republicans are barking up the wrong tree
The RPO was born in high school and took over college. Now it’s the NFL’s favorite play.
Searchers find the sunken stern of a doomed World War II destroyer off the coast of Alaska
FDA approves first generic version of EpiPen
From Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama, Aretha Franklin was the soundtrack for presidents
Aretha Franklin’s music rise on charts following her death
Analysis | John Brennan has gotten a lot more outspoken about Trump and Russia over the past year
Analysis | Trump is not the political asset that he seems to think he is
Perspective | Can the Toddler-in-Chief be handled?
Perspective | Productivity and wages: What’s the connection?
Perspective | This legal tactic can keep neo-Nazi protests out of your city
Perspective | Five myths about 3-D printing
Opinion | D.C. and Congress can help families in financial straits. Here’s how.
Opinion | Virginia’s endangered species need the strongest protection possible
Opinion | A cashless bookstore opened in Bethesda. I won’t be shopping there.
Opinion | George Washington University Hospital will bring a health system to Wards 7 and 8
Opinion | You’re paying more in America than you would in Europe
Opinion | The world has forgotten Egypt’s Rabaa massacre. I can’t.
Opinion | We need a space force. There is literally nothing more pressing.
Opinion | ‘The Captain’ shines a light on the lies, and evil, we accept to get along
Opinion | Afternoon links: Conservatives and criminal-justice reform
Opinion | The one thing Unite the Right marchers should remember
Opinion | How America stopped prosecuting white-collar crime and public corruption, in charts
Analysis | Fantasy football 2018: This is what the perfect draft looks like
Ray Knight after Nats’ second straight walk-off loss: ‘This has been a messed up season’
Kevin Sheehan’s departure spells the end of ‘Cooley and Kevin’ on The Team 980
Analysis | Derrius Guice’s ACL tear is latest example of the injury bug devouring the Redskins. Again. And again.
Capitals goaltending director Mitch Korn follows Barry Trotz to the Islanders
Dwight Howard wants to play until he’s 40: ‘It’s either evolve, adapt or get left behind’
Early trip out West and a ‘home game’ in London highlight Wizards’ 2018-2019 schedule
Tesla forms special committee to consider going private
Smartphone season is upon us. People don’t seem that excited.
Turkey’s currency plunge fans fears of new global financial crisis
‘Please do not switch me off!’: An experiment with a begging robot shows people hesitate to pull the plug
How close are we to the end of the gaming console?
Fax machines may be vulnerable to hackers, new report finds
Bayer stock plunges after jury awards man $289 million in Roundup cancer trial
Perspective | Health savings accounts: What you need to know
What do companies really have to reveal when a CEO is ousted?
Just one sexual harassment claim can tarnish a company’s image
Perspective | Cheese. Cosmetics. Cat Treats. Are those monthly subscription boxes actually saving you money?
Perspective | Retire early or keep on working? How to prepare for either choice.
Perspective | What do your parents owe you when they die?
FCC chief Ajit Pai testifies on Capitol Hill after agency was found to have misled public about cyberattack
Perspective | Black Americans Get Fewer of the Job Gains Under Trump
Analysis | Italy Bridge Tragedy Calls for Cooler Heads
Fire up your peaches for a bright summer salsa
Trump responds after hundreds of newspaper editorials criticize his attacks on the press
The Museum of Ice Cream took over your Instagram feed. Now it wants to take over your life.
Aretha Franklin’s family says ‘We have felt your love’
Perspective | Here’s how Trump’s Space Force is being ridiculed by cartoons
Review | Nico Walker is a convicted bank robber. ‘Cherry’ proves he’s also a must-read author.
Perspective | Seven movies all parents should watch with their teens
Ruby Rose leaves Twitter after criticism that she isn’t ‘gay enough’ for Batwoman


Analysis | Democrats cautious about judging one of their own amid misconduct allegations
Opinion | The Brunson saga signals Turkey’s frightening exit from the West
Opinion | Once again, Trump blows up his own lies
Opinion | Republicans allow attacks on dissent at their own peril
DJ Durkin should be fired as Maryland football coach, Jordan McNair’s father says
Analysis | Walmart Just Put Amazon on Notice
Perspective | Aretha Franklin’s voice was the sound of an America we’re still trying to become
Aretha Franklin dies at 76: Hillary Clinton, Carole King, Diana Ross and more pay tribute
Style Invitational Week 1293: Constitutional unconvention
Perspective | How cartoonists are joining today’s #FreePress campaign protesting Trump’s attacks on media
Opinion | If Republicans face a choice between democracy and power, well, guess what?
Opinion | There can only ever be one Aretha Franklin
Opinion | Google’s censored search engine could actually help Chinese citizens
Opinion | Evil walked the earth in Pennsylvania
Opinion | Possibly Trump’s stupidest tweet ever
Now a hero in Ethiopia, exiled runner Feyisa Lilesa is invited to return home again
Elon Musk’s next big idea: A tunnel to Dodger Stadium
Mortgage rates move lower for second week in a row
Fresh summer tomatoes take classic Southern red rice to the next level
Pete Davidson talks to GQ about love and Ariana Grande
Madonna is the Queen of Pop and a soccer mom, too
Aretha Franklin, music’s ‘Queen of Soul,’ dies at 76
Analysis | The Energy 202: Internal squabbling over Trump's fuel standards may boost lawsuits
Analysis | The Finance 202: Elizabeth Warren takes on corporate giants as she lays 2020 marker
Trump accuses Andrew Cuomo of a ‘meltdown’ as the two feud on Twitter
Perspective | Donald Trump’s compelling argument for revoking the security clearance of . . . Donald Trump
Fantasy football 2018: Use these tiers to ace your draft
Johnny Manziel placed in concussion protocol; medication also might be causing his symptoms
Analysis | Kingfisher Needs to Shine Even Without the Sun
Perspective | Not all unkindness is bullying. Here’s why we need to teach kids to differentiate.
Review | Shots ring out, and a daughter’s world is forever changed in ‘Pieces of Her’
Analysis | The Daily 202: The U.S. economy is thriving. Can Republicans ride that to a midterm upset?
Analysis | The Health 202: Senators to grill HHS official on agency's alleged failures to keep tabs on unaccompanied migrant kids
Analysis | Trump blurts out another Lester Holt moment
Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: Here's what Democrats want to know about the FCC's bogus cyberattack claims
Opinion | Morning Bits: The ‘best’ people give Trump fits
Gun violence hits home again for Redskins running back Kapri Bibbs
Fantasy football 2018 draft cheat sheet
Analysis | New York law curbing Uber may spread — and return focus to congestion pricing
Perspective | This is how you know you’re living above your means
Microsoft and Amazon made their voice assistants into friends. Here’s how that relationship works.
A quiet neighborhood near Tysons and the Silver Line braces for growth
Analysis | Insurers Need to Stop Worrying and Love Amazon
The murals on Belfast’s ‘peace walls’ offer an illustrated history of the Troubles
Brennan says Trump’s claims of no collusion with Russia are ‘hogwash’
Analysis | Republicans and Democrats are more polarized on immigration than parties in the U.K. or Australia. Here’s why.
Analysis | This may be the craziest fringe theory to date about the Russia investigation
Will the NFL’s new rules save the kickoff from extinction? The league sure hopes so.
Wander Suero is beginning to look like a future Nationals bullpen staple
Children who lived with smokers are more likely to die of lung disease as adults, study says
Analysis | Trump administration plans to reorganize agriculture research offices, alarming some scientists
Roof decks are ideal for enjoying cool evenings, but adding one won’t be a breeze
Analysis | Knowing your ‘attachment style’ could make you a smarter dater
Travel deals: Sale fare to Hong Kong and two-for-one Broadway tickets
How to design a home entry that makes a statement
Grime star Stormzy launches scholarship for black students
Analysis | Surprise: This new index shows that U.S. elections were better run in 2016 than in 2012.
Spain’s La Liga to begin playing regular season matches in United States
Urban Meyer is under fire for handling domestic abuse claims. But what about the police?
Analysis | CEO pay jumps to $19 million annually, as fears mount over the wealthy pocketing gains
This season’s most disgusting ‘America’s Got Talent’ act was finally eliminated
Perspective | The challenge of modeling shared household duties when Mom works at home
Australian filmmaker goes on trial in Cambodia
Analysis | Who is Bruce Ohr and why does Trump keep tweeting about him?
Analysis | How Freaked Out Are Italian Investors? Very.
Analysis | In the Circular Economy, It’s Take, Make, Use, Reuse
Analysis | Lenovo’s Sharp Knife Is Behind Those Meaty Profits
Nationals’ fourth straight loss makes a bad situation even more dire
Wayne Rooney strikes again — twice — as D.C. United beats Portland
TV and radio listings: August 16
Perspective | Ask Amy: Family worries about a father’s criminal past
Perspective | Hints From Heloise: A bunch of banana facts
Perspective | Miss Manners: Shutting down a snobby supermarket sommelier
Perspective | Carolyn Hax: To have another child or not? Either way, you’ll have regrets and joys.
Nightmare 6th inning a new low for the Orioles
Facebook turns to artificial intelligence to fight hate and misinformation in Myanmar
Pentagon’s chief spokeswoman is under investigation for allegedly mistreating employees
Benches clear after Braves’ red-hot Ronald Acuna drilled on first pitch by Marlins’ Jose Urena
Citizenship service conspired with ICE to ‘trap’ immigrants at visa interviews, ACLU says
Ryan Zinke blames California wildfires on ‘environmental terrorist groups’
Perspective | ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is more than Asian enough
Was Smokey Bear wrong? How a beloved character may have helped fuel catastrophic fires.
Christine Hallquist wins Vermont primary, becoming first openly transgender major party nominee for governor
George Conway, husband of Kellyanne, tweets on Trump’s ‘false and misleading’ statements
‘He’s a priest. I trusted him’: One of the 1,000 victims of alleged Pennsylvania clergy abuse tells his story
L.A. begins body-scanning metro riders, with a promise of no ‘anatomical detail’
Uber’s losses narrow as it makes ‘big bets’ in new segments
Trump’s lawyers prepare to fight subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court
Opinion | What would Jesus do? Clean house in the Catholic Church.
Opinion | The sprawling, intrusive administrative state is keeping you unwell
Opinion | Democrats have a chance to shape politics for a decade
Opinion | Trump is right to push Turkey. He’s just doing it wrong.
Opinion | How to prevent another rogue flight in a stolen plane
Opinion | A football player died on Maryland’s watch. Something needs to change.
Opinion | Happy Hour Roundup
Uber’s losses narrow as it makes ‘big bets’ in new segments
Jack Dorsey says he’s rethinking the core of how Twitter works
Analysis | It’s a Lovely Trade War for China’s Property Firms
FCC shuts down Alex Jones’ pirate flagship radio station
Opinion | Two decades in Israel: Growing settlements and a shrinking path to peace
Opinion | There’s no nostalgia for these horrors
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Trump boasts about ‘great new trade deals.’ So far, he hasn’t finalized any.
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The Trump administration said weaker fuel standards would save lives. EPA experts disagree.
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