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Fox News fires anchor Ed Henry after sexual misconduct allegation
Local fairs are open for drive-up takeout this summer, so we ranked their 5 best classic foods
Trump campaign snips and cuts Democrats’ remarks in misleading ad on violence
Trump supporters hope to use conservative anger at Justice Roberts as energizing moment
Pay cuts for millions of U.S. workers worsen the pain of pandemic
Workers are getting laid off for a second time, as the virus’s surge puts reopenings on hold
Florida State just barred many employees from caring for kids while working remotely. Moms ask: ‘What am I supposed to do?’
New ‘Hamilton’ film is an epic translation of the acclaimed show
Inside the virtual fashion party scene, where supermodels may materialize and your clothes don’t matter
Why this 90-year-old man decided to come out as gay during the pandemic
The U.S. immigration agency needs a $1.2 billion bailout, and negotiations have put Democrats in a bind
Intelligence reports on Russian bounty operation first reached White House in early 2019
Trump’s Twitter feed reads like a local crime blotter as he stokes a culture war
Republican leaders now say everyone should wear a mask — even as Trump refuses and has mocked some who do
Protests probably didn’t lead to coronavirus spikes, but it’s hard to know for sure
Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind
Mississippi governor signs bill changing state’s flag, abandoning Confederate symbol
Listen: The child-care problem, why more women are affected by this downturn and more
Facebook removes hundreds of boogaloo accounts for ‘promoting violence’ in coordinated takedown
Stocks close out best quarter since 1998, clawing back most Q1 losses
Publication of explosive tell-all book by Trump’s niece temporarily blocked by New York state judge
For months, Trump allies hunted for tapes of Biden in Ukraine. Now they’re turning up.
Coronavirus FAQ: Pandemic trackers, health advice, financial guidance and more
Live updates: Fauci says new coronavirus cases could “go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around“
Jon Stewart and Rose Byrne want ‘Irresistible’ to make you laugh — and question the political industrial complex
Who’s the most galling, captivating character on our screens this summer? It’s Karen — and she’s everywhere.
Americans are living in a big ‘anger incubator.’ Experts have tips for regulating our rage.
Use of military contractors shrouds true costs of war. Washington wants it that way, study says.
The new corporate swag: Branded masks, sanitizer spray bottles and Zoom vanity light rings
Supreme Court says Montana program aiding private schools must be open to religious schools
Carl Reiner, TV comedy pioneer and probing straight man to Mel Brooks, dies at 98
Paycheck Protection Program nears end with $130 billion left unused, and lawmakers eye next steps
Joe Biden rises with a less-is-more campaign
China enacts Hong Kong security law, escalating confrontation with U.S.
Trump ‘white power’ tweet set off a scramble inside the White House — but no clear condemnation
As opioids flooded tribal lands across the U.S., overdose deaths skyrocketed
Police chiefs and mayors push for reform. Then they run into veteran officers, unions and ‘how culture is created.’
With abortion ruling, Roberts reasserts his role and Supreme Court’s independence
Exodus from Trump’s economic team continues despite fresh fears about new closures and coronavirus crisis
Millions track the pandemic on Johns Hopkins’s dashboard. Those who built it say some miss the real story.
Trump administration says the epidemic is under control despite surges in the South and West
Once an oasis of peace, Jericho now fears Israeli annexation
This coronavirus mutation has taken over the world. Scientists are trying to understand why.
Listen: A reprieve for abortion rights, surging coronavirus infections in the United States and more
The Supreme Court just delivered a major victory for abortion rights. Providers say it’s hard to celebrate.
Millions of homeowners face flood risks without realizing it, and climate change is making it worse
Caregivers on the front lines in nursing homes risk health, safety during pandemic
Man accused of being ‘Golden State Killer’ enters guilty plea
A harrowing portrayal of losing a loved one to coronavirus
Putin tells Russia coronavirus is in retreat. Critics face crackdowns for saying it’s far from over.
Is entirely contactless travel possible? I planned a trip to find out.
Reddit closes long-running forum supporting President Trump after years of policy violations
Fact Checker: Trump repeats false claim that he will ‘always’ protect those with preexisting conditions
Senate defense bill may challenge Trump on renaming military bases with Confederate names
Pelosi, Schumer call on McConnell to start negotiations on new coronavirus relief bill
Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to new federal death penalty procedure
Supreme Court strikes down restrictive Louisiana abortion law that would have closed clinics
Covid-19 treatment remdesivir priced at $3,120 for the typical patient
St. Louis couple point guns at peaceful crowd of protesters calling for mayor to resign
Trump says U.S. intelligence did not find reports of Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants credible
BET Awards: Five things to know, from Michelle Obama’s Beyoncé tribute to the ‘Fight the Power’ remix
5 myths about policing
Her pregnancy was already high risk. Then she gave birth on a ventilator.
College football players, long less powerful than coaches, finally have their voices heard
Some zoo animals are doing fine without visitors. But many are lonely without us.
Coronavirus limbo: College students are angry and anxious as they await news about the fall
Some Trump allies push for campaign shake-up to revive president’s imperiled reelection bid
Zuckerberg once wanted to sanction Trump. Then Facebook wrote rules that accommodated him.
Mississippi House and Senate vote to remove Confederate icon from state flag
As U.S. soars past 2.5 million coronavirus cases, Pence urges Americans to wear masks, social distance
Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants resulted in deaths of U.S. troops, according to intelligence assessments
Yes, you should still go to the dentist. But be careful.
Here’s one more economic problem unleashed by the government’s response to the virus: Zombie firms
John Bolton’s been a political brawler for decades, but his rumble with Donald Trump is extreme — even for him.
With few rules in place, airlines, airports adopt their own strategies for combating the coronavirus
How to set (and stick to) a vacation budget
1 dead after man shoots into crowd at Breonna Taylor protest in Louisville
Behind the scenes of a drive-in concert: ‘I’ve never been more grateful to be honked at’
In Brazil, the death of a poor black child in the care of rich white woman brings a racial reckoning
The data is in: Fox News may have kept millions from taking the coronavirus threat seriously
She woke up from surgery with her hair braided. Her black doctor did it.
In Philippines, a child alleges abuse by a Catholic priest — and tests Vatican promise of a global reckoning
Congressional Black Caucus seizes on push for racial justice to wield greater influence
Live updates: U.S. coronavirus cases near 2.5 million as global infections surpass 10 million
1 fatally shot at Breonna Taylor protest park in Kentucky
This Italian hilltown is covid-free. But as it reopens to visitors, will it lose that status?
NASCAR’s top series has had just two black full-time drivers. Can Bubba Wallace change that?
The future of travel, according to guidebook writer Rick Steves
As ‘Hamilton’ becomes a movie, suddenly we’re all in the room where it happens
The 20 books to read this summer
With Trump leading the way, America’s coronavirus failures exposed by record surge in new infections
Car repairs, haircuts and belated weddings. We’ve entered the coronavirus catch-up phase.
D.C. protesters dig in for the long haul after nearly a month of demonstrations
After landmark Supreme Court ruling, transgender workers stand up for their rights
In some states, families can start visiting nursing homes again
Princeton says it will remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus buildings
Idled by the virus, a bagpiper uses his Brooklyn street corner to honor the dead
‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ isn’t just another true-crime docuseries. It’s a brilliant look at how the genre pulls us in.
How Robert F. Smith helped thousands of minority-owned small businesses secure urgent pandemic aid
Making men feel manly in masks is, unfortunately, a public-health challenge of our time
In-flight dining was already losing its luster. The pandemic could be its demise.
Workers removed thousands of social distancing stickers before Trump’s Tulsa rally, according to video and a person familiar with the set-up
Coronavirus live updates: Florida, South Carolina and Nevada hit new highs in daily cases
Intensely personal images show how a Bangladeshi family copes during the covid-19 pandemic
Mississippi governor says he would sign bill to remove Confederate emblem from state flag
A woman is infertile, so her mother is carrying her baby for her
Young people are driving spikes in coronavirus infections, officials say
Russian operation targeted coalition troops in Afghanistan, intelligence finds
The NCAA has lots of rules. Players’ parents wonder why it has none for coronavirus.
As support for mask-wearing grows, so do political risks for forgoing them
From migration to trade, the disruption created by covid-19 is eating away at globalization
After decades of waterfront living, climate change is forcing communities to plan their retreat from the coasts
Violence rises in Minneapolis, as debate over role of police rages
Let these baked chicken nuggets and tahini potato salad power your next picnic
Daters say they don’t tolerate racial bias. Their actions say they do have racial preferences.
Everything is fine and normal. Just ask the mannequin at the next table.
Here are 14 of the week’s best photos
As America struggles to reopen schools and offices, how to clean coronavirus from the air
Kamala Harris once went after Joe Biden, but now there’s only bonhomie as the vice presidential tryouts continue
After announcing modest police reforms, Trump pivots quickly to a law-and-order message in appeal to his base
Policing the black imagination
After losing her job, a single mom knew she couldn’t rely on unemployment
Europe prepares to reopen to foreign travelers, but Americans don’t even figure into the discussion
Airlines tried social distancing on board. For many, that experiment is ending.
Facebook will label violating posts from public figures going forward
Pence puts positive spin on surging coronavirus cases in South, West
Lightning strikes kill nearly 120 in India
I was anxious to go back to a restaurant. But once I did, I remembered the real reasons I love them.
My brother was killed by police. Now I ask, who does George Floyd belong to?
When tech companies want to fix their race problem, the work often falls on unpaid employee groups
Governments eye new taxes on cigarettes, homes and tech giants to pay for budget shortfalls
Mary Trump’s book describes a ‘nightmare’ of family dysfunction
Coronavirus live updates: States pause reopening plans as new cases hit single-day record
Almost one-third of black Americans know someone who died of covid-19, survey shows
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare
For black women, self-care isn’t a buzzword. It’s an act of resistance.
New research explores how conservative media misinformation may have intensified the severity of the pandemic
The future of the performing arts is digital. Marquee TV has a major head start.
Will Ferrell dials down the crazy in run-of-the-mill rom-com ‘Eurovision Song Contest’
New planets discovered orbiting a star 11 light-years away
Trump administration wants drilling on more than two-thirds of the largest swath of U.S. public land
Atlanta’s mayor becomes a leading voice in the national debate over race and policing
Are the police trying to stop you from taking that cellphone video? Check your First Amendment rights.
Soldiers’ cases highlight reach of white supremacy in U.S. military
Police chiefs are cracking down on misconduct — including brutality and overt racism — and losing their own jobs, too
How Arizona ‘lost control of the epidemic’
Reopenings, record cases and full hospitals: America’s dissonant response to the pandemic
The Fed is cracking down on big banks to guard against risk posed to the financial system from the coronavirus pandemic
Tamir Rice’s mother on the trauma of loss
Court in New York rejects effort to block book by President Trump’s niece
White House intensifies effort to install Pentagon personnel seen as loyal to Trump
Disney’s Splash Mountain is getting a new theme following petitions over its original inspiration
Disney delays California park reopenings after surge of coronavirus cases in the state
Trump’s pick for Manhattan U.S. attorney refuses to say he would recuse from probes of president’s associates
House poised to pass broad police reform legislation in wake of George Floyd’s killing
Live updates: Texas governor halts reopening as coronavirus cases surge
Trump homes in on Wisconsin as advisers fear Michigan may be Biden’s to lose