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‘Here in El Paso, we’re just a family’: Thousands show up to help widower mourn his wife’s death
A high school football star made his college choice. Then he died during ACL surgery.
What should you keep in your freezer? Rachael Ray, Christopher Kimball and more experts weigh in
‘They’re clogging up the system’: How 59 Iowans see the 2020 Democratic field
Captured ISIS fighters get short sentences and art therapy in Syria
Taylor and Kanye: How two superstars, four words and 15 seconds of TV influenced a decade of pop culture
No more green tea, vaping or drinks ending in ‘-ccino,’ Mormon Church tells members
Lightning missed a man by feet, and it was all caught on camera
Warning or threat? Democrats ignite controversy with Supreme Court brief in gun case
Israel escalates a rift with Democrats, as once-untouchable relationship becomes partisan issue
Peter Fonda, star of ‘Easy Rider’ and scion of Hollywood royalty, dies at 79
Officials are investigating nearly 100 mystery lung cases linked to vaping
Customs computer outage causes slowdowns at airports nationwide
12 of the week’s best photos
Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit could lead British lambs to slaughter
For Joe Biden, some lessons from Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign?
Ricotta Toasts With Peaches and Pistachios is the summer snack you didn’t know you needed
Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy concludes his death was a suicide by hanging
Listen: A non-binary journey to motherhood and celebrating the Queen of Soul
Meet Rashida Tlaib’s grandma: ‘Who wouldn’t be proud of a granddaughter like that?’
Trump wants to buy Greenland. How much would it cost?
New York child sex abuse law opens a year-long window. Is it enough?
Trump wants asylum seekers to find refuge in Guatemala. Guatemala isn’t ready.
The ‘Angry Birds’ sequel is, uh, actually pretty good
A teen walked out with a $2 beer. The store clerk fatally shot him.
Philadelphia standoff ended with no fatalities. That wasn’t the case in 1985.


Trump plans Friday meeting to make arrangements for withdrawal from Afghanistan
Hot-selling items in Hong Kong: Gas masks, respirators, goggles
After ban, Israel approves humanitarian request from Tlaib to visit grandmother in West Bank
Leaving Paradise: Life after one of America’s deadliest wildfires
‘He’s rattled’: With 2020 in mind, Trump worries about economy
Governing by grievance, Trump wields official powers against political enemies
Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator lived a low-key life in a tony seaside town in New England, neighbors say
CNN says ‘orchestrated’ setups are targeting its journalists
The story of Donald Trump’s feud with his one true nemesis: Windmills
Leaving Paradise: Life after one of America’s deadliest wildfires
Trump aides look into U.S. acquiring Greenland after president’s directives
Researchers just created a robotic lens that can be controlled by the eyes
Tiffany & Co. launches men’s line, hoping diamonds are a dude’s best friend
FDA’s proposed new cigarette warnings are scary. That’s the point.
Jay-Z can’t say he stands with Colin Kaepernick and partner with the NFL. It’s hypocritical.
‘Blinded by the Light’ is the feel-good movie of the summer
Earnhardt Jr. and wife taken to hospital after plane crash in Tennessee
Listen: The rush for small-money donors, training to be an audiobook voice and more
A goal for Democrats: Make the White House boring again
9 key countries are on the verge of recession, driving fears the U.S. could follow
Meet Maddy Freking, the first girl in the Little League World Series since Mo’ne Davis
How Woodstock — the bird — was inspired by the 1969 music festival


Investigators believe five poultry companies violated immigration law, warrants say
Everybody had an opinion about ‘The Hunt’ before anybody saw it. That’s a problem.
In MLB, the knuckleball is quickly going extinct
Netanyahu appears poised to block Omar, Tlaib from entering Israel ahead of a planned weekend visit
U.S. moves to block release of Iranian supertanker held in Gibraltar
Epstein autopsy finds broken neck bones, deepening questions around his death
‘I don’t feel safe anymore’: In Trump chant, some see a prelude to murder
Bystander in chief: Trump’s hands-off response to Hong Kong fits a pattern
USWNT breaks off mediation talks in equal pay dispute with U.S. Soccer Federation
Riots, sexual assault, death: Woodstock wasn’t how we remember it
A Taliban target during Afghan elections: Schools
Trump is clearly scared about the economy — and he’s already picked his fall guy
Inside the messy race to tap into Epstein’s $559 million estate
Local’s guide to Barcelona: Leave El Gótico and explore the leafy upper neighborhoods
The world’s best player skipped the World Cup in protest. She has no regrets.
IRS analyst pleads guilty to leaking Michael Cohen’s financial records
Everything travelers need to know about Boeing 737 Max developments
Multiple police officers wounded in active Philadelphia shootout, officials say
135,000 people sign a petition to rename Fifth Ave. in front of Trump Tower ‘Obama Avenue’
Listen: Life after Michael Brown’s death, a ‘recession death grip’ arrives and more
Blackwater guard sentenced to life for role in 2007 shootings of unarmed Iraqi civilians
Rep. Steve King says humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest
New antibiotic approved for drug-resistant tuberculosis
Pint glasses, skateboards and milk crates: How people worldwide have thwarted mass attacks


Banks are paying people to borrow money. That’s alarming for the global economy.
Stocks tank as another recession warning surfaces
Swedish court finds rapper A$AP Rocky guilty of assault
Same-sex penguin couples keep adopting eggs, and this zoo is celebrating
‘Home Alone’ is getting a reboot. We catalogued all the travel plot points that wouldn’t hold up today.
Rapper A$AP Rocky found guilty of assault by Swedish court
Hong Kong protesters face tipping point in battle for hearts and minds
A Border Patrol agent called migrants ‘subhuman.’ Then he purposefully hit one with his truck.
America’s hot spots: Where extreme climate change has already arrived
How a McConnell-backed effort to lift Russian sanctions boosted a Kentucky project
‘He gets it’: Evangelicals aren’t turned off by Trump’s first term
Epstein subplot throws two of America’s most famous attorneys into war
Trump finally acknowledges his tariffs could hit consumers
It’s been 5 years since a police officer killed my son, Michael Brown. Nothing has changed.
Trump is trying to turn Biden’s gaffes into a major liability
‘People are fed up’: After El Paso and Dayton shootings, gun-control groups seize momentum
‘All they want is ... a better living’: After ICE raids, citizens apply for jobs but fear for immigrants
The best travel hacks on Reddit — from the ideal plane pants to the right credit card
Listen: For many Americans, dramatic climate change has already arrived
States and cities sue Trump EPA over rollback of climate regulations aimed at coal plants
Tumblr, once bought for $1.1 billion, just sold again for $3 million. What happened?
Justice Dept. reassigns warden of jail where Epstein died, puts two staffers on leave
CBS, Viacom reunite, hoping to take on Disney and Netflix
A ‘growing concern’ nationwide: Whether to ban pet pigs
Why aren’t there any left-handed quarterbacks in the NFL?


Bernie Sanders focuses on Medicare-for-all, making it the defining issue of his campaign
How a rescheduled flight turned into a private jet experience for one lucky traveler
White House delays some new China tariffs until Dec. 15, reflecting concerns of trade war’s effect on the economy
Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein under new scrutiny following resurfaced allegations, suicide
U.S. businesses are taking down job listings as Trump’s trade war grows
CNN’s Chris Cuomo threatened to throw a man down stairs for calling him ‘Fredo,’ comparing it to the n-word
Hong Kong airport cancels flights for second day as protesters reoccupy terminal
Harris, Warren ignore DOJ report to claim Michael Brown was ‘murdered’
From race to plastic straws, Trump dials up culture wars in divisive play for votes
Child size, pink and bulletproof: The booming business of everyday ballistic gear
Epstein’s case will be dismissed, but his death has far-reaching legal consequences
For many Democratic voters, combating sexual harassment isn’t a top election priority
Hackers were told to break into U.S. voting machines. They didn’t have much trouble.
Why adults long for another day with Mister Rogers
This Social Security scam is devastating
Three dogs played in a pond. Toxic algae killed them.
When athletes kneel, the rotten U.S. Olympic regime has no moral standing to object
Newark begins giving residents bottled water amid ongoing lead problems
Some bears have mastered breaking into homes. One punched through a wall to escape.
Walmart faces calls to remove pro-gun merchandise from website after El Paso shooting
How schools are failing black girls who say they were sexually assaulted
Ebola no longer ‘incurable,’ scientists say, after discovery of highly effective drugs
A glimpse inside the Central Processing Center, at the heart of the border crisis
Friend of Dayton shooter helped him assemble weapon, bought him body armor, FBI says
Listen: Cory Booker on gun control, a look at the Epstein fallout and more
How an unarmed 65-year-old stopped a gunman from attacking a Norwegian mosque
Trump weakens the Endangered Species Act
He got 2 million people to say they’d storm Area 51. Now he’s planning an alien festival.
Attorney general rips ‘failure’ of prison officials to keep Epstein alive


Trump administration tightens rule that could deny green cards, citizenship to immigrants who need public assistance
15 percent of the pharmacies handled nearly half of the opioid pills
‘Alexa, delete what I just said’: How to manage your smart device’s voice recordings
Trump administration to penalize immigrants who use public benefits
Angry and fearful, Americans struggle to talk about guns and race
The UAE’s ambitions backfire as it finds itself on the front line of U.S.-Iran tensions
Trump tops 12,000 false or misleading claims in under 950 days
That adorable goldendoodle isn’t actually his: Online daters are being ‘dogfished’
Biles completes historic triple-double en route to sixth U.S. gymnastics championship
Lily Lines: What happens next in the Jeffrey Epstein case
Protesters bring Hong Kong airport to a standstill as fears grow of Chinese crackdown
Biden is running on his ‘friendship’ with Obama. What was their relationship really like?
The Trump appointee who’s putting white supremacists in jail
The indie movie studio breaking Hollywood rules: ‘No A24 film is like any other’
‘Female humor does exist’: In the age of Me Too, Russian women find a punchline
Paramount and paranoid: China’s Xi faces a crisis of confidence
One way to improve your relationship: ‘iFences’
5 myths about corn
No, Lyme disease is not an escaped military bioweapon, despite what conspiracy theorists say
Officers watching Epstein were on overtime, union president says
Epstein’s accusers call her his protector and procurer. Is Ghislaine Maxwell now prosecutors’ target?
The brand label that stokes Trump’s fury: ‘Racist, racist, racist.’
New York eased a gun law. The Supreme Court hasn’t dropped the Second Amendment case.
The makeup and spices were meant to be good for their daughter — not dangerous
Who is Race Imboden? Meet the fencer who protested over Trump and gun control.
I’ve seen plenty of beautiful artworks. But the Matisse Chapel overwhelmed me.
Acting Border Patrol chief on Mississippi ICE raids: ‘These aren’t raids’
The best meteor shower of the year will peak early this week


Iowa is awash in candidates but don’t expect clarity until the very end
American fencer kneels on medal stand during anthem, tweets about Trump and gun control
South Africa’s ‘moral compromise’: Why more than 300 apartheid-era atrocities remain unsolved
The Bookstagrammers and BookTubers changing the way we read
ICE Air: Shackled deportees, air freshener and cheers. America’s one-way trip out.
A chronic illness upended my life. I’m still trying to find a new normal.
America is turning against guns
What does it take to be a ‘travel influencer’? Psssst: It’s more work than it looks.
The escapes of Jeffrey Epstein: For 30 years, at every turn, the late sex offender slipped away
‘What do you girls want to do?’ After witnessing El Paso massacre, devastated soccer players weigh returning to the field.
We took our cats on a beach vacation. Here’s what happened.
Trump’s ‘social-media summit’ may have made divisions worse
After shooting, national spotlight is thrust upon El Paso congresswoman
An unfortunate ‘big business’ in America: ‘RIP’ shirts
Her rape kit sat untested for decades. She’s fighting to end the backlog.
The U.S. sent these asylum seekers to Mexico. Then, they say, they were kidnapped.
‘I have questions for the person up above’: Mass shooting was only the latest tragedy for Dayton
The summer of 1969: When Elvis made his true comeback
How to save big bucks on school supplies
‘Ellie and the Harpmaker’ plucks the heartstrings
These vivid, nostalgic photos show what Tokyo looked like in the 1970s
‘We need answers’: What’s next after Jeffrey Epstein’s death
Universal cancels satirical thriller about ‘elites’ hunting ‘deplorables’ in wake of shootings
Democrats descend on Iowa — with renewed anxiety
Armed man who sowed panic at Walmart said he was testing Second Amendment rights, police say