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China struggles with skyrocketing rate of coronavirus as third case is confirmed in U.S.
SNL’s deranged cold open has Satan interviewing Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz on her podcast
Biden, Sanders break away among Democrats nationwide, Post-ABC poll finds
Death toll, infections surge as Chinese leader warns of coronavirus’s ‘accelerating spread’
How a team of prosecutors and historians exposed Nazis living in America
Chronic inflammation is dangerous — and you may not even know you have it
These are the women leading China’s wine revolution
Republicans dismiss impeachment as ‘boring’ — while blocking new witnesses and evidence
‘Music takes her back to her happy place’: A woman with dementia is lighting up the pop charts with a pitch-perfect tune
A deliciously diabolical suspense tale a la Patricia Highsmith
Trump’s lawyers open his defense by bashing Democrats and omitting facts
Video: Trump tells associates to ‘get rid of’ U.S. ambassador to Ukraine
Mike Pompeo’s blatant gaslighting attempt
Assessing the Trump team’s 6-point impeachment defense
Coronavirus outbreak underscores potential health risks in China’s wild animal trade
NPR reporter says Mike Pompeo cursed at her after interview, told her to point to Ukraine on a map
Meet Billie Eilish’s closest and most trusted collaborator: Her brother
What does ‘dangerous’ climate change really mean?
On Capitol Hill, one of the few remaining nonpartisan spaces is a barbershop
Trump reveals Space Force logo, and ‘Star Trek’ fans aren’t happy


A Civil War-era ‘witch bottle’ may have been found on a Virginia highway, archaeologists say
Surfing is coming to the Tokyo Olympics. For these women athletes, it’s the recognition they’ve been waiting for.
Why labeling food items with the exercise needed to burn off their calories is a bad idea
Impeachment trial live updates: Trump defense team poised to begin presentation
Hong Kong to close schools over coronavirus fears as death toll rises in China
Democrats focus on Trump’s character as they argue for removing him from office in impeachment trial
Trump’s defense team to target Bidens in counterpunch to impeachment charges
In unprecedented appearance, Trump rallies antiabortion activists at the March for Life
In Wuhan’s virus wards, plenty of stress but shortages of everything else
The selling of CTE: How the ‘Concussion’ doctor has built a career on distorted science
Here are 18 of the week’s best photos
Joe Biden unspools an endless supply of ‘Bidenisms’ on the campaign trail
What’s the best jarred salsa for your next party? We tasted and ranked 14 top brands.
Date Lab: Would his age make or break the date?
Lizzo, up for eight Grammys, exudes feel-good sound that goes to your bones
Pence ranges far from home — and far away from impeachment — on foreign trip
Will Davos save the world, or put it out of its misery?
Regional talk radio hosts are a secret weapon in Trump’s reelection bid
Recording of Trump calling for Yovanovitch’s ouster appears to corroborate Parnas’s account
Trump campaign tells debate commission the president may not participate if process is not ‘fair’
Listen: What reparations mean to one American family
Unprecedented Chinese quarantine could backfire, experts say
Americans still divided on Trump’s removal from office, but a strong economy is boosting his approval rating, Post-ABC poll finds
Peacocks, ducks and doomed hamsters: The wildest emotional-support-animal travel stories
‘Right matters’: Adam Schiff quotes Alexander Vindman in emotional trial plea
Pentagon says 34 U.S. troops were diagnosed with brain injuries after Iranian missile attack
Harvey Weinstein’s defense strategy is wretched
Coco Gauff’s grandmother has her own remarkable story to tell
The fastest-growing vegan demographic is African Americans. Hip-hop acts paved the way.


Impeachment trial live updates: Democrats turn to obstruction charge against Trump
Mitch McConnell doesn’t care what you think. He just wants to win.
Live updates: Coronavirus death toll rises as new infections spread
This reboot tackles family separation. Is it empathetic or exploitative?
Healthy young man dies of coronavirus in China; new cases in Japan, South Korea
Sanders tells supporters to cool it — but they don’t always listen
Trump’s sanctions on Iran are helping fuel a new refugee crisis — in Turkey
The 34 best political movies ever made
Science ranks grow thin under the Trump administration
Canadians welcome Harry and Meghan to stay a while. They just don’t want to pay for them.
You swiped right but it doesn’t feel right? Try Tinder new panic button.
Environmentalists want Coca-Cola to ditch its plastic bottles. The company says people like them too much.
Getting sober changed my life. I wasn’t prepared for how it affected sex.
Democrats lay out their abuse-of-power case against Trump
Trump, Democrats keep their distance as GOP moderates face crucial impeachment votes
Bloomberg gets under Trump’s skin as he ramps up spending on 2020 ads
Trump creates new hurdles for pregnant women seeking U.S. tourist visas
Listen: ‘Hello MBS.’ How the world’s richest man was hacked.
Guy Ritchie returns to his raunchy, rambunctious roots with ‘The Gentlemen’
In marathon impeachment trial, senators walk to stay focused or pass the time with a fidget spinner
U.S. military to maintain expanded Mideast presence, for now at least, following Iran strikes
Justice Dept. concedes it had ‘insufficient’ cause to continue monitoring former Trump campaign adviser in Russia probe
A 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy speaks again, with some high-tech help
Stock markets brace for economic impact of coronavirus outbreak
Jim Lehrer, low-key PBS news anchor and presidential debate moderator, dies at 85
That text you got about a FedEx package? It’s a scam.
Doomsday Clock is 100 seconds to midnight, the symbolic hour of the apocalypse
Khashoggi documentary could take film world — and U.S.-Saudi relations — by storm
Impeachment trial live updates: Democrats to focus on Trump’s alleged abuse of power
Trump promised his mileage standards would make cars cheaper and safer. New documents raise doubts about that.
A local’s guide to New Orleans


Quarantine expands as Chinese fear authorities withholding information about coronavirus
New to the country, veterans of the land: Immigrants reinvigorate U.S. farming
International court orders Myanmar to prevent genocide against Rohingya
As Democrats unfold their case against Trump, Republicans unload
Listen: House managers present their case against Trump, a new strain of coronavirus and more
On Australia’s Kangaroo Island, a fight to stay alive
As families tell of pneumonia-like deaths in Wuhan, some wonder if China virus count is too low
U.S. readiness for a viral outbreak has improved, but there’s a long way to go
In reelection bid, Trump’s donors are different
The hidden world and overlooked problems of acting in video games
Sondland hoped to stay ‘out of the spotlight’ with Trump’s trial. His plan has already failed.
Much of Trump’s base agrees: He’s broken the law, but it doesn’t matter
Zion Williamson is a national phenomenon. In New Orleans, he’s a ‘third wheel.’
TikTok users are challenging each other to eat cereal — out of someone else’s mouth
Giants announce Eli Manning will retire after 16 seasons
Penn State fraternity chapter suspended after report of sexual assault
Workers are fired up. But union participation is still on the decline, new statistics show.
Zookeeper who killed tigers and tried to have rival murdered is sentenced to 22 years in prison
How Helene, a Jewish Holocaust survivor, became Leila, the matriarch of a Palestinian Muslim clan
Republican state lawmakers push bills to restrict medical treatments for transgender youth
Trump appears open to overhauling Social Security and Medicare, in break from 2016 campaign pledge
U-Haul’s no-smokers hiring policy tests the boundaries of corporate wellness
This photographer hopes his work ‘offers a new way of looking at and thinking about the American Dream’
Duchess of Sussex’s estranged dad calls his daughter and Harry ‘lost souls’ turning the monarchy into ‘a Walmart with a crown on it’
Terry Jones, charter member of Monty Python comedy team, dies at 77
Senate press restrictions have an ugly goal: Putting distance between the public and Trump’s impeachment trial
U.N. ties alleged Bezos phone hacking to Post’s coverage of Saudi Arabia


D.C. attorney general sues Trump inaugural committee over $1 million booking at president’s hotel
U.N. calls for investigation of Saudi crown prince’s alleged involvement in targeting Bezos
Live updates: Trump says he can ‘live either way’ on witnesses in impeachment trial
With his mind on impeachment, Trump prepares to wrap up Davos visit with foreign policy focus
Nine dead as Chinese coronavirus spreads, despite efforts to contain it
Most Americans want abortion to remain legal, but back some restrictions
Brawl in Kansas-Kansas State game spills off the court, nearly involves a chair
The U.S. is pushing allies to send their Cuban doctors packing — and several have
Republicans ease some restrictions as Trump impeachment trial kicks into gear
Senate Democrats privately mull witness trade in impeachment trial: A Biden for Bolton
He’s a vulnerable Republican in a state that’s trending blue. So why won’t he defy Trump on impeachment?
As candidates fight, Democrats fear a rupture that will help Trump
Trump threatens Europe with fresh tariffs, deepening rift with longtime U.S. allies
The audacious effort to reforest the planet: How trees can fight climate change
Millennials’ share of the U.S. housing market: Small and shrinking
Relic hunters plan to retrieve Titanic radio that relayed ship’s final pleas for help
Lions are starving to death in a Sudan park. A worldwide campaign is underway to save them.
Drinking deaths more than doubled in the past two decades — with a faster rate for women
Women outweigh men in the workforce. It’s time to help working moms.
Listen: The impeachment rules of engagement, ‘A Very Stable Genius’ and more
Jeter falls one vote shy of becoming baseball’s second unanimous Hall of Fame selection
One of Giuliani’s fixers in the Ukraine saga is talking. The other is nowhere to be seen.
Harvey Weinstein defense team can cite ‘loving emails’ from accusers in opening statements, judge rules
First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state
How Mitch McConnell’s proposed Senate trial will work
First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state
Awkwafina’s TV show doesn’t bring the big laughs, but it does know how to chill
Their gender didn’t help other female presidential candidates. Will Elizabeth Warren’s help her?
The Daily 202: Senators plead for volunteers in Iowa to step up as the impeachment trial pulls them away
Amtrak tried charging two passengers in wheelchairs more than $25,000 for $16 tickets
‘Bernie just drove me crazy’: Hillary Clinton skewers Sanders in documentary
Prince Harry joins Meghan in Canada, without the half-in, half-out royal deal they wanted


Impeachment live updates: Senators brace for spirited debate over rules governing Trump’s trial
Religious-schools case heads to a Supreme Court skeptical of stark lines between church and state
Hillary Clinton savages Bernie Sanders: ‘Nobody likes him’
Iran confirms two Russian-made missiles hit Ukrainian airliner
Chinese officials urge people not to travel in and out of city at center of virus outbreak
Trump takes victory lap at Davos, crowing about U.S. economy and ignoring impeachment
Surge in new cases of mysterious Chinese virus raises international concerns
Trump’s lawyers, Senate GOP allies work privately to ensure Bolton does not testify publicly
As Puerto Ricans still await Maria relief, earthquakes rattle island
Against the odds, this American survived Ebola. Then his life fell apart.
Surgery training is primitive. Video game tech is changing that.
From middle-school dropout to unlikely celebrity: How Tfue became a gaming sensation
Pentagon feels pressure as it weighs troop reduction in Africa
Don’t be a jerk when you see your doctor. It may affect your care.
Can you change your metabolism?
What to do when pests become homewreckers
Why I’m addicted to watching wolves: They’re nature’s real-life soap opera
TSA caught people trying to fly with more guns than ever in 2019. Experts have questions.
U.S.-bound migrants clash with Mexican forces at Guatemala border
Survival of a subspecies: Hope for the northern white rhino
Listen: A crumbling bridge and restorative justice
Weapons, flags but no violence at massive pro-gun rally in Virginia capital
Lev Parnas’s feverish text messages show his wide reach among Ukraine’s oligarchs and political elite
White House urges quick Senate acquittal of Trump in ‘rigged’ impeachment
In impeachment brief, White House to urge swift Senate acquittal of Trump