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Is Mount Everest shrinking? Nepal is on a mission to find out.
Destructive Dallas tornado lifts debris 20,000 feet high
Ohio counties, drug firms reach $260 million settlement in opioid epidemic case, averting trial
U.S. has begun reducing troops in Afghanistan, commander says
Live updates: Republicans seek censure of Schiff
Johnson presses ahead with October departure from E.U.
‘A life-threatening situation’: Dallas tornado devastates homes, leaves thousands without power
Why Americans turn to conspiracy theories
Lily Lines: Women of all ages have this intimacy issue
How a crumbling road in Syracuse is sparking a conversation about reparations
Women are more than twice as likely as men to suffer from PTSD. Studies are underway to find out why.
Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him
How a globe-trotting, adventure-seeking socialite became the first American woman in uniform captured by the Nazis
Cruise company bans passenger for life after she ‘recklessly’ stands on railing for a photo
This nurse worked more than 30 years at the same hospital. Then the pension plan went bust.
Historian Ibram X. Kendi has daring, novel ideas about the nature of racism — and how to fight it
‘You’ve got to let them fight’: Why Trump’s advice doesn’t work for kids
This Emmett Till memorial was vandalized again. And again. And again. Now, it’s bulletproof.
As waters rise, so do concerns for sports teams along coast
Five myths about vaping
Chronic pain is a huge problem nationwide. Fresh approaches are on the way.
She was living in a van with 300 pet rats. Then the community stepped in to help.
Kurdish forces withdraw from key town as part of cease-fire with Turkey
United has a new tool to help you make tight connections. They say it’s saved 50,000 missed flights.
Mulvaney continues to back away from quid pro quo, as Pompeo defends Giuliani’s role in Ukraine
Get ready for the 19-hour flight: Airline sets record with ultralong route


How the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa made it the world’s most famous painting
Rebuilding the village: How one school system is tackling poverty so its students can succeed
The world’s top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors
Adam Rippon’s path to becoming ‘America’s sweetheart’ was not all fun and (Olympic) games
‘They are livid’: Trump’s withdrawal from Syria prompts rare public criticism from current, former military officials
Police blast mosque with water cannon as tens of thousands protest in Hong Kong
Trump: Doral golf resort won’t host next year’s G-7 summit
Trump: Doral golf resort in Miami will no longer host the G-7 next year
An actor left Hollywood to fight ISIS. Now he’s a man without a country.
Facing unbearable heat, Qatar has begun to air-condition the outdoors
Mysterious disappearances in El Salvador resurrect a Cold War nightmare
In Kentucky, a governor’s Trumpian personality is on the ballot
Impeachment brings confusion, caution to Staten Island
Black high school security guard fired after telling student not to call him the n-word
Video: A coach disarmed a student with a gun. He then wrapped him in a hug.
Trump’s season of weakness: A president who covets strength faces a feeble stretch
Inside Joe Biden’s brawling efforts to reform Ukraine
‘They looked at us like an easy target’: Inside West Virginia’s opioid battle
‘Watchmen’ is a fantastic riff on race and justice — and an excellent reason to keep HBO
Ronan Farrow’s dark memoir puts the media at the center of intersecting conspiracies
Sanders holds first rally since his heart attack as Ocasio-Cortez makes endorsement
As Trump reels, Democrats wonder which of their candidates can beat him
Video giant Twitch pushes Trump rallies and mass violence into the live-stream age
The dummy’s guide to buying a smart TV
GOP congressman who said he’d consider impeaching Trump announces retirement
Tourists keep getting stranded in this Italian village. The culprit turns out to be Google Maps.
He had been homeless for decades. Then old friends saw his photo in a newspaper.


Tropical Storm Nestor threatens Florida with rain, potentially dangerous storm surge
Not every Leonardo is in the huge Louvre exhibition. What’s there, though, is brilliant.
No, the Kurds aren’t more threatening than ISIS: Fact-checking Trump’s recent comments
‘Some outside force is holding my body down’: How I experience anxiety
Boris Johnson faces historic Brexit vote in Parliament
Giuliani pressed State Department, White House to grant visa to former Ukrainian official
Growing number of Republicans struggle to defend Trump on G-7 choice, Ukraine and Syria
In admitting then denying quid pro quo, Mulvaney turns harsh impeachment spotlight on himself
Hillary Clinton suggests Putin has kompromat on Trump, Russia will back Tulsi Gabbard third-party bid
Forget rock star. Was Bruce Springsteen born to be a filmmaker?
In experimental new football league, fans call the shots
From Apple to wineries, California companies turn to solar amid outages
13 of the week’s best photos
The Golden Age of airplane food is over. The future: Snacks and sustainability.
State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information
Mitch McConnell: Withdrawing from Syria is a grave mistake
Socialism doesn’t work? An emerging middle class of Bolivians would beg to differ.
How to concoct frighteningly good Halloween cocktails
Date Lab: He worried that he sounded a little too excited about a fantasy novel
Trump to nominate Energy Dept. deputy Dan Brouillette to succeed Rick Perry as secretary
Listen: Trump awards a massive government contract – to himself
Trump says he’ll host G7 summit at cost at his resort — but provides few details
Text messages show Boeing knew in 2016 of problems that turned deadly on 737 Max
The tale of the Arabian princess and the Trump International Hotel
The odyssey of two women trying to reach the U.S.
More work, more sleep: New study offers glimpse of daily life as a millennial


62 killed in mosque bombing in eastern Afghanistan
Impeachment inquiry shows Trump at center of Ukraine efforts against rivals
Live updates: White House, Perry face deadlines for subpoenas
NASA’s all-female spacewalk makes history: ‘One giant leap for WOMANkind!’
Surge of Mexican migrants is new challenge for Trump border crackdown 
Fighting continues in Syrian border town despite Turkish agreement to halt offensive
Trump’s acting chief of staff admits it: There was a Ukraine quid pro quo
Mulvaney’s admissions could deepen Trump’s legal predicament
ISIS eyes breakout opportunity as Turkish forces batter Kurds
Elizabeth Warren faced sexism, shed a husband and found her voice teaching law in Houston
Cummings’s legacy: champion for Baltimore, force of nature in Congress
In Turkey’s president, Trump seems to have found a soul mate
Don’t call her Cory Booker’s ‘actress girlfriend.’ Rosario Dawson is so much more than that.
How the baby food industry hooks toddlers on sugar, salt and fat
Megyn Kelly seems ready for her TV comeback. That’s controversial.
Meet the ‘blob:’ It’s a brainless mystery organism that can solve mazes
The world’s ecosystems are being fundamentally transformed in the human era
NOAA calls for mild winter but one with big mood swings
Listen: Facebook’s approach to political speech comes under fire, Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68 and more
Facebook’s Zuckerberg defends allowing politicians to lie in ads
3 women on how climate change directly affects their lives
Trump awards next year’s G-7 to his Miami-area resort
Envoy says Trump outsourced Ukraine policy to Giuliani


Excessive brain activity linked to a shorter life
Economists identify an unseen force holding back affordable housing
Live updates: Sondland set to testify in impeachment inquiry
Pence arrives in Turkey as U.S. seeks to halt Erdogan’s Syria offensive 
Rep. Elijah Cummings, Democratic leader and regular Trump target, dies at 68
Johnson says ‘great new’ Brexit deal reached with E.U.
Rep. Elijah Cummings has died. The Maryland congressman clashed with President Trump as head of the Oversight and Reform Committee.
Teen suicides are increasing at an alarming pace, new report says
In Chicago, 25,000 teachers on strike and 300,000 children out of the classroom
McConnell tells Senate Republicans to be ready for impeachment trial of Trump
As Warren becomes perceived Democratic frontrunner, moderates sustain second day of attacks
Hasty retreat from Syria is a searing moment in U.S. withdrawal from the Middle East
How the Nats won D.C.’s heart — and what that tells America about Washington
Years after Obama used Facebook to help him win the presidency, Silicon Valley is under Democratic fire
Amid impeachment probe, Sondland’s residence gets $1 million redesign officials call unnecessary
Earth is having the second-warmest year ever recorded
A terrible pandemic is killing pigs around the world — and the U.S. could be next
All these dudes running for president? Women have seen them before.
Postmaster general who was target of Trump’s ire announces retirement
House passes resolution condemning Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. military from northern Syria
Archaeologists discover more than 20 sealed coffins just as the ancient Egyptians left them
Autoworkers, GM reach tentative deal to end massive strike
Autoworkers, GM reach tentative deal to end massive strike
For the first time, workers are paying a higher tax rate than investors and owners
Southwest’s plan to conquer the airline industry, one joke at a time


Europe and Britain edge closer to Brexit deal
Live updates: Trump steps up attack on impeachment inquiry
Aborted Sanders campaign hire highlights pitfalls of quest for digital dominance
Your phone takes amazing selfies. They could help stalkers find you.
The Democratic debates haven’t changed much? Oh, yes they have.
Warren faces first sustained attack in debate that begins with unified condemnation of Trump
Winners and losers from the October Democratic debate
The Nationals are going to the World Series — and a city’s baseball scars have healed
Sen. Bernie Sanders to be endorsed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an influential voice among young liberals
Mulvaney emerges as a key facilitator of the campaign to pressure Ukraine
Student tracking, secret scores: How colleges rank you before you even apply
High-profile trial over who should pay for the opioid crisis begins Wednesday
Why ‘microhotels’ are becoming a big trend
October Democratic debate live updates
Who’s talking the most during the Democratic debate
Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a top priority of Turkish president
‘I can’t even look at the atrocities’: U.S. troops say Trump’s Syria withdrawal betrayed an ally
LeBron James usually gets it right. On Daryl Morey, he was the one who was ‘misinformed.’
Here’s the cold, hard truth about boozy canned coffee: Most of it is terrible
House Democrats focus on Mulvaney, Bolton after key witness testimony in impeachment inquiry
It’s never been easier to avoid walking. A cargo-carrying robot might change that.
Listen: How colleges secretly rank students, a refugee becomes a gaming CEO and more
Trump administration proposes expanding logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest
Trump’s decisions on Syria bear all the hallmarks of his ‘America First’ foreign policy
Once he was a refugee. Now he’s a CEO making video games for peace.
More than 150 teens have fallen ill from vaping. Is it enough to make their peers stop?
This photographer wrangles his pet cats to create surreal family vacation photos
Lasers, rabbits and new Nikes: How the 2-hour marathon barrier was broken
A British family on vacation accidentally drove into the U.S. They’ve spent days detained with their 3-month-old baby.
A couple digging a grave for their baby found another infant buried alive
Teens find circumventing Apple’s parental controls is child’s play
Nevada gaming regulators move to ban casino mogul Steve Wynn