US coastguard to deploy fast-response craft as counter to China’s ‘illegal fishing, harassment’ in western Pacific
Is Germany about to lose patience with Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn?
China leads the industry that powers electric cars by a country mile. What will it take for global battery makers to catch up?
Bach, whisky, and bed – quarantined musicians of the Hong Kong Philharmonic put a brave face on their Covid-19 isolation
Lack of jobs in Hong Kong, more than national security law, main reason for sharp fall in expats arriving, observers say
Trump-Biden final debate offers some pointers for US policy in Asia
As Thailand’s protests snowball, rattled royalists would rather blame a hidden foreign hand than look inward
Brazil approves import of Chinese coronavirus vaccine that Jair Bolsonaro had previously refused
China-US relations: Beijing’s Korean war propaganda ‘out of date’, observers say
Amid rising xenophobia, Chinese-American communities on both coasts look out for themselves
Five decomposed bodies found in fertiliser shipment from Serbia to Paraguay
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urges an end to fighting in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict but no signs of progress
Trump’s China adviser suggests Beijing’s Xinjiang activities are a ‘crime against humanity’
Demonstrators take to Poland’s streets to protest against near-total ban on abortion
Donald Trump moves to end Sudan’s terror listing amid push for Arab nation to normalise ties with Israel
Police in UK recover stolen Chinese Ming-dynasty vase worth £2.5 million
Tesla recalls 30,000 US-made Model S and X vehicles in China, as local challengers chip away at its market share
Pollen could play a role in reducing spread of coronavirus, Dutch study finds
Performance anxiety: Hong Kong Philharmonic says it may not play without new guidelines to prevent another mass quarantining
US-China relations: Xi Jinping ups rhetorical ante as Donald Trump and Joe Biden both compete to talk tough
Eating rats and snakes to survive: the brutal toll of Myanmar’s second coronavirus lockdown
National University of Singapore admits mishandling lecturer’s sexual misconduct case
Malaysia’s Anwar cries foul as embattled PM Muhyiddin said to eye bid for emergency powers
Hong Kong national security law: man who challenged detention will have to foot government’s bill for adopting wrong legal procedure
Chinese leaders call for more international scientific cooperation
China’s foreign exchange reserves have been remarkably stable. Puzzled economists wonder why
Former Hong Kong community worker jailed for a year for slashing reporter and passer-by during protests
Coronavirus latest: France records 1 millionth case as Europe battles new wave
Chinese President Xi Jinping says nation will never be divided
Hong Kong battling potentially deadly superbug authorities say could have spread because isolation facilities are being used in fight against Covid-19
Pompeo’s Indonesia visit to focus on Muslim youth group and engaging with ‘humanitarian Islam’
Hong Kong rejects Taiwan’s proposal for official meeting to hand over evidence, sort out travel for murder suspect
Coronavirus: US approves use of remdesivir for treating Covid-19 despite WHO doubts
China takes issue with British visa policy for Hongkongers, threatens to stop recognising BN(O) passports
US dollar-yuan exchange rate: China sees currency rise as ‘relatively moderate’ despite concerns
Libya’s warring factions reach ‘historic’ ceasefire to end conflict that divided country
Hong Kong, Shenzhen start cross-listing of ETFs, setting a milestone in the financial integration of the Greater Bay Area
Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival moves online for first time as coronavirus pandemic forces event overhaul
Hong Kong teen jailed for 30 days for assaulting police officer during protests, after appeal court overturns original sentence of probation
Mainland Chinese professors from Tsinghua University named for top roles at University of Hong Kong
Cambodia breaks up anti-China protest in capital over alleged military base
Soaring coronavirus cases trigger pneumonia vaccine shortage in Europe
Lunar newsletter: Gender equality wish lists, Chinese sex toys and more
Five key takeaways from Xi Jinping’s Korean war anniversary speech
In Nagorno-Karabakh, drones rain death but won’t bring quick end to war
How a burger brand got caught in a geopolitical storm amid Turkey-Saudi Arabia tensions
A shrunken bowl of wonton noodles and the true value of a Hong Kong restaurant
Singapore, Germany agree to start ‘green lane’ for business travellers amid pandemic
China’s state media calls for animal abuse to be illegal after cat and unborn kittens killed by boiling water
US man arrested with van full of guns plotted to kill Joe Biden, court documents show
Key takeaways from final Trump-Biden presidential debate: Covid-19, Lincoln and ‘thug’ Kim
Philippines cancels centuries-old ‘Black Nazarene’ parade over coronavirus infection fears
Sri Lanka rolls back reforms aimed at curbing authoritarianism in vote to boost president’s powers
Cathay pilots union tells Hong Kong-based members not to sign new pay-slashing contracts
Japan signs first post-Brexit trade deal with Britain, but UK-based Japanese firms still nervous
Hong Kong’s four new Covid-19 cases have all been traced, source says, as social-distancing rules relaxation allows larger tours, wedding ceremonies
China ‘ready to fight’ Xi Jinping says in Korean war address aimed at US
Goldman Sachs cuts US$174 million of pay for current and former executives, taking them to task for bank’s role in 1MDB fraud
Killer of beheaded French teacher was in ‘contact’ with jihadist in Syria
Hong Kong hospital offers free health care training to laid-off aviation workers following Cathay Pacific jobs cull
Taiwan“s UMC hopes to conclude US trade-secret lawsuit soon with US$60 million settlement
South Korea vaccine death toll grows to 25 amid denials flu shot linked to teen’s demise
US policy toward North Korea under Joe Biden: pageantry out, pragmatism in
Voluntary drug tests for Hong Kong police officers working in sensitive units
Gilead’s Remdesivir is first coronavirus drug to get US Food and Drug Administration approval
Thailand protests: meet the street food vendors cashing in on the front lines
Blood plasma of recovered coronavirus patients fails to reduce deaths, study finds
Australia ‘sextortion’ suspect tricked 112 underage girls to send nudes by impersonating teen social media star, police say
Scientists say some coronavirus vaccines under trial need screening for raising HIV risk
One year on, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s tug of war over murder suspect who sparked extradition bill furore has no end in sight
Who will miss Donald Trump? The world leaders with the most to lose if Joe Biden wins US election
Taiwan’s shrinking population forces government to woo overseas talent, retrain workers
Mute buttons at the ready for final Donald Trump-Joe Biden debate on coronavirus, race and climate change
US accuses China of aiding North Korea cyber thefts
Canadian MPs will investigate ‘safe haven’ plan for Hongkongers fleeing national security law
After election, US dialogue with China on Taiwan must resume, analysts say
How the next WTO chief can ensure the Covid-19 crisis doesn’t go to waste
Fashion stores increase security, fearing US election unrest amid warnings from experts and police
Donald Trump posts ‘60 Minutes’ interview he cut short after questions on health care, Whitmer
Goldman Sachs Malaysia pleading guilty in 1MDB case in US, with US$2.9 billion settlement reached
Dragon’s gold: Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific likely to retain axed subsidiary’s routes, sources say, but push for transparency ongoing behind scenes
China’s Mr Renminbi says Beijing must dismantle capital controls to create a more globally accessible yuan
China’s yuan exchange rate: is 6.66 a new sweet spot for the currency against the US dollar?
Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell denies finding underage girls to have sex with Prince Andrew
Britain announces new class of visa for Hong Kong BN(O) passport holders as first step in new track to earning citizenship
Hong Kong to raise typhoon warning signal No 3 after midnight as Saudel edges closer to city
K-pop fans turn their collective focus on the protests in Thailand, raising money and awareness about the movement
Taiwan’s new US arms can reach mainland China: ‘a first but just a deterrent’
Taiwan insisting on meeting with Hong Kong police before arranging visa for murder suspect, sources say
China-US relations: Beijing slams Washington for classing media firms as foreign missions
Hong Kong lawyers can soon earn qualification to practise in Greater Bay Area under new pilot scheme
Mainland journalist assaulted in last year’s Hong Kong airport protest says he didn’t provoke attackers and was only being ‘sarcastic’
Hong Kong secondary school pupils rank third among students from 27 regions surveyed for global awareness, cultural diversity
Hong Kong magistrate among judges accused of misconduct in protest hearings cleared of wrongdoing
China’s retail sales rebound, but a shift in consumer habits makes the economic outlook fuzzy
Why are demonstrators against Indonesia’s Omnibus Law in awe of Thailand’s protesters? It’s all about perseverance
After surviving massive lay-offs, remaining Cathay staff face dilemma over new contracts offering lower pay, fewer perks
Taiwan groups to rally in support of Hong Kong fugitives held in Shenzhen, as part of global campaign calling for 12 to be freed
China revises national defence law to enhance security
Saad Hariri becomes Lebanese prime minister for the fourth time, promising reforms
US’ Panda Express says it’s black and white: eaterie bearing resemblance in China is fake
Hong Kong lawmaker calls on Legco president to investigate whether opposition’s stalling violates national security law
China-US relations: 300 foreign exchange students ‘interrogated’ as they left America, Beijing says
Man gets 12.5 years in jail for dousing ex-wife with drain cleaner in Hong Kong mall
Hong Kong slaps a record fine of US$350 million on Goldman Sachs’ Asia unit for its role in underwriting 1MDB’s bond sales
North Korea’s Kim Jong-un honours Chinese war dead as both sides highlight strong ties
Girl, 6, attacked with orange paint outside Hong Kong school in suspected revenge assault for business feud involving her grandfather
Blockchain allowed 17 million people to travel between Guangdong, Macau amid coronavirus pandemic
China’s Liu He says foreign hostility spurring nation’s push for hi-tech independence
Beijing and the Vatican renew controversial bishops deal
Will UK PM Boris Johnson survive Brexit, resign or be booted from Number 10?
Japanese fishing boats told to look elsewhere for catch as Chinese ships take over traditional grounds
Taiwan welcomes latest US arms deal, says no intention of weapons race with Beijing
Cathay Pacific job cuts will hit Hong Kong housing market as axed pilots, cabin crew move away or downsize, say analysts
Face masks block up to 90 per cent of coronavirus but can’t stop transmission entirely, Japan study finds
Singapore ‘staying open and being connected’ as it seeks more trade deals amid pandemic: minister
Malaysian beauty salon says sorry for model’s deadly liposuction treatment
South Korea flu shot deaths grow to 13, but officials refuse to suspend vaccination programme
Chinese border deaths, BA rounds on Hong Kong government, and drug kingpin freed: headlines from 40 years ago
Coronavirus: overseas infections to feature highly as Hong Kong expects 10 new cases
US election 2020: Republican Mitt Romney didn’t vote for Donald Trump
HSBC’s iconic lions, Stephen and Stitt, to make public reappearance after first phase of restoration works since New Year vandalism
US election: Americans in Hong Kong cast their ballots early amid pandemic
Thailand protests: PM Prayuth given three days to resign, or face ‘higher demands’
Rudy Giuliani only ‘tucking in his shirt’ in ‘Borat’ movie bedroom scene
Cathay Dragon’s 35-year run comes to an end as coronavirus claims one more victim
US uncovers ‘email threat’ plot, warn Iran and Russia interfering in 2020 election
Boom time for rural Vietnam as Apple, Samsung supply chains shift amid pandemic, US-China trade war and rising Chinese labour costs
Can slimmed-down Cathay Pacific still protect Hong Kong’s status as global aviation hub?
South Korea’s Asean strategy needs sturdy pillars of understanding to succeed
US State Department approves potential arms sales to Taiwan worth US$1.8 billion
Donald Trump: biography, facts, wealth, health and presidency
Thailand protests: parliament to hold special session, with business community wary of further economic fallout
App to detect early dementia raises hopes of better care for Hongkongers
Why China playing bystander to the trouble in Eurasia is not ideal
China names former mayor of eastern city as its new ambassador to Ethiopia
Have US-China rivalry and coronavirus tipped the balance of power in Asia?
Barack Obama stumps for Joe Biden, launching blistering attack on Donald Trump
South China Sea missile drills to blame for Taiwanese plane being turned back at Hong Kong, source says
US Homeland Security will pull 1,100 OPT permits from international students
Trump security adviser accuses China of stealing coronavirus vaccine research, casting rival as threat of the century
China-India border conflict will not stop Oppo from investing in India, president of global sales says
Volunteer in Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine test dies in Brazil
US urged to strengthen military and economic ties with Taiwan by a prominent think tank
Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro shoots down plan to buy coronavirus vaccine from China’s Sinovac
Spain becomes first EU nation with 1 million coronavirus cases
US designates six Chinese media outlets as foreign missions
OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma to plead guilty, pay US$8.3 billion over opioids
Chinese, US scientists still working together despite Trump hostility
Donald Trump promised a tough China trade policy, but few think it has worked
Hong Kong protests: chief secretary decries reported German asylum offer to alleged rioter in meeting with consul general
Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions in new documentary
Junius Ho facing disciplinary hearing by British legal body over remarks suggesting Hong Kong independence advocates should be killed ‘mercilessly’
‘Like we’ve lost a home’: Cathay Dragon employees surprised, shaken by decision to axe Hong Kong airline
Hong Kong women are set to overtake men in new cancer cases, government data shows
US-China tech war: can Washington take a leaf out of Beijing’s plans on strategic technologies?
Malaysian PM Muhyiddin Yassin counting on Umno’s support as part of ‘political ceasefire’
Mainland journalist tied up, beaten at Hong Kong airport last year tells court protesters’ behaviour ‘disappointed’ him
As Uygurs exit Indonesian jail, China-Turkey repatriation tussle brews
China overhauls military education, modernising troops to be ready to fight
Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific offers remaining pilots a deal they can’t refuse – major salary and benefit cuts, or termination
Beijing’s man in Hong Kong urges city to capitalise on Greater Bay Area opportunities or risk ‘historic regret’
Climate change: China’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2060 will cost US$15 trillion, report says
Beijing diplomats brush away K-pop Korean war controversy, saying China-Korea relations are harmonious
Hong Kong jury shown security footage of frenzied stabbing that ended woman’s life aboard double-decker bus
Coronavirus Malaysia: more heat on Muhyiddin after minister escapes punishment for breaking quarantine rules
Ex-Google AI chief Fei-Fei Li among Chinese honoured by US Academy of Medicine
Hong Kong teachers and pupils punished over bullying of police officers’ children, reveals education authorities
US will expand arms sales to ‘like-minded nations’ to counter China, Russia, defence chief says
Hong Kong justice minister slams personal attacks on judges
Thailand protests: PM Prayuth Chan-ocha will lift state of severe emergency to ‘de-escalate’ unrest
UN Security Council meeting: China promotes platform for talks in Gulf to ease concerns over Iran
Hong Kong lawmakers, pastor call for greater transparency, accountability after homeless man dies in jail
Taiwan throwing up obstacles stopping murder suspect from surrendering, Hong Kong security chief says
Hong Kong teenager arrested in connection with firebomb, acid attack on Maxim’s outlet during January protest
China’s US dollar debt market showing cracks from US sanctions and prospect of more
Singapore jails man for forcing underage girl to perform sex act on him
Five South Koreans die after getting flu shots, stirring coronavirus vaccine fears
US-China relations not doomed for a ‘dead end’ under Biden presidency, says prominent Chinese academic
Hong Kong government draws flak from all quarters for considering a pause on HK$2 ride scheme for the elderly
Donald Trump’s cash woes mount as Joe Biden laps him
Japan’s PM Yoshihide Suga cites South China Sea concerns in push for closer Asean ties
Australian writer detained in Beijing told supporter he was a former Chinese spy
Hong Kong’s security chief rejects calls to request return of 12 city fugitives held in mainland China, warns of copycat offending
US deaths about 300,000 higher since coronavirus pandemic began
Think tank urges China to release Canadian employee Michael Kovrig
Coronavirus: Brazil embraces Covid-19 vaccine from China despite president’s resistance to ‘that other country’
Singapore woman jailed for six months for beating Indonesian domestic worker
Why Donald Trump seized on dubious ‘Hunter Biden emails’ story
Hong Kong thieves make off with HK$1.5 million worth of mobile phones stolen from parked truck
‘To hell with this corona’: the mask slips for India’s Covid-19 sceptics
Coronavirus: Thailand welcomes 39 Chinese tourists; New Zealand sees two community cases
Cathay Dragon staff to bear brunt of job cuts, as boss says focus must be on ‘world-leading’ Cathay Pacific
Tax records reveal Trump’s bank account, business dealings in China: report
Singapore Airlines to resume direct flights to New York, as optimism for air travel grows
India returns ‘stray’ soldier to China troops in disputed border region
Hong Kong on standby to record eight new Covid-19 cases, all with traceable sources of infection
Nude on Zoom: Jeffrey Toobin and other embarrassing video meetings
China, Taiwan and Vietnam successfully contained coronavirus, now they are the poster boys for global trade
Televangelist predicts Donald Trump win, end of world from asteroid strike
Malaysian model’s death after bungled liposuction puts spotlight on risks of visiting shady salons
Watch US Navy stealth destroyer Zumwalt fire off missile for first time
US bans China sweetener products, claiming breach of forced labour law
China’s nightmare scenario of an ‘eastern Nato’ starts to take shape. Donald Trump isn’t the only reason
Donald Trump cuts short ‘60 Minutes’ interview after 45 minutes, threatens to scoop CBS
‘If it weren’t so sinister, we’d laugh’: probe of China researcher raises fears in New Zealand
Hong Kong mega bridge finally hooks visitors as anglers give police bumper catch
US universities ‘massively under-reporting’ funding from China, Russia, other ‘foreign adversaries’, says Trump administration report
South Korea sees dramatic leap in foreign direct investments in Q3 as confidence returns
Hong Kong residents overseas ask: why can’t we vote from abroad like Americans do?
Are UK Asian gangs secretly exploiting cockle pickers as coronavirus kills jobs?
Cathay Pacific to eliminate 8,500 job posts in HK$2.2 billion restructuring, 5,300 redundancies in Hong Kong
Vending machines enjoy a boom in Hong Kong as coronavirus drives sales of face masks, instant meals
IP theft? China’s tougher patent law brings payouts, pharma dispute fix
Coronavirus: Hong Kong Philharmonic reviews infection controls as quarantined musician criticises previous ‘inconsiderate’ approach
India-China relations: neutrality takes a back seat as New Delhi seeks new friends
Ex-Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy pleads guilty to illegal lobbying over Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal
Coronavirus: it will be the biggest, fastest vaccine distribution plan ever – but can it work?
China’s P2P ‘financial refugees’ face never ending wait to recover lost US$120 billion
Low-interest rate loans from China are attractive to African countries, says Senegalese president
China unleashed ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy on Canada. It may have backfired
Nasa spacecraft diving to asteroid in search of keys to Earth’s history
Is China trying to displace US as top global power? Two analysts differ
US and Russia appear set to extend ‘New Start’ nuclear pact
In banning Huawei and ZTE, Sweden calls China a national security threat
Jamal Khashoggi’s fiancée sues Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman in US over journalist’s murder
US’ China policy must balance targeted curbs with multilateral cooperation in a ‘goldilocks approach’
Melania Trump cancels rare campaign appearance due to ‘lingering cough’ after coronavirus infection
US hits Google with biggest antitrust lawsuit in two decades
Hong Kong engineer on trial for stabbing his girlfriend 30 times over sex tape fight claims mental illness-induced blackout
Primary education without compromise
US-China decoupling: Is Beijing ramping up its diversification away from the US dollar?
Indonesia and Japan pledge to strengthen security, economic ties as Suga continues Southeast Asia visit
Arrested publisher Geng Xiaonan is paying the price for supporting me, says dissident law professor
Hong Kong opposition activists to hold online rally in support of 12 fugitives held in mainland China
Coronavirus: Hong Kong jobless rate climbs to 6.4 per cent, highest in nearly 16 years
Coronavirus: sharing too much information on pandemic may have a negative impact on family relationships, Hong Kong survey finds
Retired Taiwanese military officers under investigation over alleged spying activities
Hong Kong bystanders come to aid of robbery victim, subduing suspect accused of snatching US$500,000
Thailand protests: court orders shutdown of news site linked to former PM Thaksin Shinawatra
China promises to sell Covid-19 vaccines at ‘fair and reasonable’ price around the world
Hong Kong woman who lost her legs and fingers in right hand to sepsis after botched experimental therapy says she was not told of deadly side effects
Hong Kong is heading for a ‘cataclysmic recession’ as city’s runaway debt service ratio imperils economy, research firm says
Danish submarine killer Peter Madsen escapes prison before being recaptured by police
Singapore’s easing of coronavirus restrictions hinges on higher usage of contact-tracing app: minister
China’s coronavirus recovery gathers steam, but young jobseekers face being left behind
China to curb ‘chaos’ in semiconductor industry and hold bosses accountable for risky, loss-making projects
Taiwan looks to legal action against mainland China ‘to get justice’ for worker hurt in Fiji row
Huawei sanctions shrink founder Ren Zhengfei’s wealth while Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun’s net worth doubles
Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble: tourists could spend US$600 on four Covid-19 tests
Xi Jinping invokes China’s ‘Korean war spirit’ as 70th anniversary approaches
Mother of victim in Taiwan murder case calls on Hong Kong security chief to boot killer from safe house, secure his surrender
Hong Kong protests: judge rejects construction worker’s claim that nude photos blackmail scheme forced him to firebomb police station
Indonesia rejects US request to let spy planes land, avoiding taking sides in US-China tensions
Cathay Pacific ‘to axe 6,000 staff and Dragon brand’ in bid to stay afloat
China digital currency: Shenzhen consumers spend 8.8 million yuan in largest trial of digital yuan
Malabar naval drills: it’s Australia, India, the US and Japan challenging China, analysts say
‘This is historic’: Tibetan political leader meets new US special envoy
Transport industry players call for revamp of Hong Kong’s ride-hailing market, upgrade of taxi fleet
Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal: Goldman Sachs set to pay US$2 billion to US authorities
Hong Kong gang suspected of HK$1.5 million crime spree arrested
Carrie Lam says remarks on Shenzhen’s rise taken ‘out of context’, touts Hong Kong’s key role in Greater Bay Area plan
Why are there protests in Thailand and what will happen next?
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam will not let recession or property slump delay controversial Lantau Tomorrow Vision plan
New Yorker suspends Jeffrey Toobin after exposing himself in Zoom meeting
Philippines drug war: Duterte says he can be held responsible for killings
Banks advised to report transactions suspected of violating Hong Kong’s national security law, HKMA says
Coronavirus: Argentina the fifth country to surpass 1 million cases
Coronavirus: China, Japan set to resume business travel; Manila cuts curfew hours
Jack Ma leads the pack as Chinese billionaires’ 2020 fortunes grow by the size of Russia’s economy
Why protesters paralysed Africa’s biggest city Lagos, Nigeria
International Space station crew use tea leaves to find elusive air leak
China ‘unsurprisingly’ keeps loan steady for sixth straight month amid economic recovery
Coronavirus: Hong Kong to relax social-distancing rules around local tours and weddings, as city faces fewer than 10 new cases of Covid-19
Myanmar election: Arakan Army militant group admits abducting three NLD candidates
US election 2020: Florida once again has both sides guessing in home stretch
South China Sea: Japan boosts security ties with Vietnam as it ramps up pressure on Beijing
China-Australia cattle trade continues despite tensions
China’s Ant Group wins green light in Hong Kong for one of the world’s largest initial public offerings
A survivor’s guide for simultaneous dual listings in Hong Kong and mainland China’s markets
India-China border dispute: Stray PLA soldier should be returned in ‘timely manner’
US election 2020: microphones to be muted in final Trump-Biden debate
Chinese tech firms eye Singapore base amid US-China tensions, coronavirus border closures
Solid policy gains expected in financial services, technology for Hong Kong, with Lam flanked by relevant ministers at Beijing talks
Travel bubble with Singapore: How the Hong Kong government got it wrong
China passes first biosecurity law in wake of Covid-19 pandemic
Evo Morales says he will return to Bolivia after ally’s election victory
Coronavirus measures: Europe, North America should learn from Asia, says WHO expert
US lawmaker Adam Schiff urges hiring of Mandarin speakers to keep up with China challenge
Donald Trump slams Anthony Fauci ‘and all these idiots’, says people are tired of hearing about coronavirus
China-Australia relations: coal, cotton curbs could violate trade rules, lawyers say
Biden’s America must abandon Trump tactics and rethink US-China policy
Angela Merkel says German companies should diversify to Asian markets beyond China
US charges Russian hackers with sweeping campaign of cyberattacks
Tests show coronavirus vaccine by China’s Sinovac is safe, says Brazil’s Butantan Institute
Hong Kong protester says she was granted asylum in Germany
Nokia to build moon’s first mobile network for Nasa
What the national security law has done for Hong Kong
China, EU step up to carbon cut challenge as US exits Paris climate deal
Hong Kong residents face paying HK$6 more for each taxi ride under industry’s insurance surcharge application
Thai protests: heckling of royalty in ‘motorcade moment’ reveals escalating showdown
Beijing accuses Canada of being anti-China over envoy’s Hong Kong ‘threat’
China boosts its attack range with launch of mysterious new hypersonic cruise missile, insiders say
Pakistan lifts ban on Chinese app TikTok after being assured ‘immoral’ content will be blocked
Greater Bay Area: Hong Kong leader floats joint policies with Shenzhen to create hi-tech and innovation regional hub
Hong Kong pro-independence figure denies slapping police officer at Sheung Shui protest last year
Japan, Vietnam to step up defence and economic ties amid China’s growing influence
Chinese state body lands US$54m Saudi surveying contract in latest sign of warming ties
China’s economic rebound shows upside to ‘stringent lockdowns, testing, tracking’, analysts say
Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong leads calls for global support for Thai pro-democracy protests
As US election looms, European governments worry about possibility of disputed result
India-China border dispute: PLA soldier apprehended in Indian-controlled territory
Barriers put up to protect Hong Kong police stations from protesters finally coming down amid waning unrest, insiders say
National Security Law: Jimmy Lai takes Hong Kong police to court seeking return of materials seized during raid of office
China’s uneven coronavirus economic recovery stirs protest in Beijing
Indonesian President Joko Widodo urges caution to ensure coronavirus vaccine is halal
China’s rapid GDP growth shows why coronavirus controls must trump reopening economy
Global Impact newsletter: US election result crucial to US-China relations ahead
Global coronavirus cases surpass 40 million as pace of pandemic picks up
China-India border dispute: PLA troops in Tibet seen preparing for Himalayan winter
Race to be Joe Biden’s secretary of State already under way
Twitter boast of sex with underaged ‘goddaughters’ sparks police investigation in northeast China
Coronavirus vaccine projects in Japan hit by cyberattacks; India’s death rate slows
Coronavirus: Hong Kong tourism almost non-existent, with visitor numbers for September down 99.7 per cent from last year
Hong Kong protests: district councillor who doxxed police officer, family ‘thankful’ after getting suspended sentence
Flu vaccines: as demand rises amid Covid-19 fears, Hong Kong’s private doctors already struggling with shortages
Cathay Pacific ‘optimistically’ predicts flying less than a quarter of pre-coronavirus flights for next eight months, and lack of a vaccine could change that
Japan could be stabilising influence in US-China relations, says ambassador
Taiwan denounces mainland China for ‘brutal and irrational actions’ after spat in Fiji ends with worker in hospital
Billionaire James Dyson sells Singapore’s priciest penthouse at US$8 million loss
US presidential election 2020: how the Electoral College picks the winner
Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan under fire as thousands protest to demand his removal
Hong Kong facing 15 new Covid-19 cases ahead of meeting between health minister and private doctors to discuss how to force people to get tested
US election 2020: Donald Trump attacks ‘stupid’ Republican critics in final stretch
HKUST to launch DBA program for senior executives interested in applied business research
Have Chinese investments in Indonesian and Malaysian industrial estates brought long-term gains?
China GDP: economy grew by 4.9 per cent in third quarter of 2020
Churches burn as Chile protest anniversary rallies turn violent
Singapore blogger Amos Yee faces child porn charges in US
Coronavirus: Can Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland survive as they woo residents to make up for millions of missing visitors
Alibaba Group to pay US$3.6 billion to take control of China’s biggest hypermarket operator from French billionaire Mulliez family
Déjà vu as Carrie Lam backs plan to let Hongkongers on mainland vote in Legco elections
Will Shenzhen swallow Hong Kong as booming mainland city wins more economic freedoms?
How US newsletter site Substack took inspiration from China’s WeChat to give content creators a voice
Britain could rewrite lawbreaking Brexit bill as part of EU deal
Italy tightens rules as Europe surges past 250,000 coronavirus deaths
Why are so many Vietnamese in the US pro-Trump and anti-China?
Plan to retrieve Titanic’s iconic radio spurs debate on human remains
Twitter deletes Trump coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas’ claim that masks don’t work
Saudi Arabia restarts prayers at Mecca’s Grand Mosque in relaxation of coronavirus curbs
Pair arrested after HK$3.7 million Lamborghini slams into side of Hong Kong flyover
Shocked France rallies in solidarity after teacher beheaded over cartoons of Prophet Mohammed
Bishop who spoke out on Hong Kong protests elected as city’s next leader of the Anglican Church
From China to Greta Thunberg, the coronavirus is held up as a climate wake-up call
Cathay Pacific board expected to back ambitious revamp requiring job cuts within days
Are Hong Kong’s teachers radicalising youth? Ex-leader and lawmaker clash over accusation
US power advantage over China declines in wake of coronavirus pandemic: Lowy Institute
US-China tech war: Beijing counters restrictions with new law to curb sensitive exports
Shenzhen given new powers to attract key foreign workers and develop new financial market tools under plans to develop role as China’s tech hub
Thailand protests continue for fifth day as demonstrations stretch beyond Bangkok
After 20 years, there’s more than mere economic exchange in China’s trade relationship with Africa
Hong Kong protests: Greta Thunberg backs global Twitter campaign for release of 12 city fugitives detained in mainland China
China must loosen capital curbs to boost international use of yuan, says former bank executive
Coronavirus: China will fulfil its promise to make its vaccines a global public good, foreign minister says
South China Sea: Beijing will need more than charm to win over Asean, observers say
Hong Kong cannot afford to say ‘I don’t mind’ to being overtaken by Shenzhen, President Xi’s ‘miracle’ city
China’s military moves targeting Taiwan are more about intimidation than invasion, analysts say
Covid-19 time bomb: pandemic takes ‘deep toll’ on Hongkongers’ mental health, former justice minister says
China’s outbound shipping container volume extends October gains
Hong Kong has nothing to fear from surging Shenzhen, officials say, though city must remain proactive, seize opportunities
India fears Diwali celebrations will bring surge in coronavirus
How Hong Kong engineers used lessons from Sars to solve new Covid-19 challenges for hospitals
Mexico’s defence chief was also a major drug dealer known as ‘Godfather’, US says
Coronavirus: living samples found on frozen food packaging in east China’s Qingdao, CDC says
Hong Kong politics: more women can lean in only if barriers are removed
Hong Kong customs arrests 22, seizes HK$20 million in high-end fruit, frozen meat during raid on barge used as ‘mobile warehouse’
Slow boat to nowhere: coronavirus leaves exploited fishing crew members stuck on the high seas
Salaries of Hong Kong foreign domestic workers top HK$5,000 for first time, but Covid-19 piles on pressure from families back home
Vietnam army barracks hit by landslide, 22 soldiers missing
Coronavirus: New York stops ‘wedding with 10,000 guests’
South Korea’s kimchi disaster: extreme weather wipes out cabbage fields and prices soar
Coronavirus: Hong Kong health minister cautions over coming fourth wave, as city expected to record four new cases
As US hones its Indo-Pacific strategy, South Asian nations come into focus
In challenge to US, Iran declares UN arms embargo lifted
Coronavirus: New Zealand loses Covid-free status again; Australian state eases restrictions
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