One-two punch of protests, coronavirus playing havoc with mental health in Hong Kong, study finds
Protesting Indonesian students write to Chinese ambassador threatening to deport workers
China sentences another Canadian to death for drug trafficking
Coronavirus: Singapore uses pilotless drones for social distancing monitoring
Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong, Nathan Law among 24 charged over roles in banned June 4 Tiananmen Square vigil
Hong Kong third wave: testing options eyed as Covid-19 leaves some students behind in scramble for secondary school placements
Hong Kong man accused of indecently assaulting opposition lawmaker by kissing her blames protesters for incident
Chinese giant pandas stuck in Canada as fresh bamboo supplies run low
Pakistan’s new Kashmir map links it to China, fuelling India’s fears of war with both
Korean war criminal’s bid to get military pension touches raw nerve in Japan
Hong Kong’s MTR Corp takes HK$334 million hit as rail giant posts worst performance since it went public in 2000
Chinese peacekeepers deliver emergency medical help in Lebanon after Beirut port explosion kills 135
Philippines plunges into recession as coronavirus devastates economy, GDP plummets
China’s bank regulator moves to rein in small lenders as Beijing fears financial risks
Nudists run amok, Concorde cancelled, and Elton John draws MP’s ire: headlines from 40 years ago
Coronavirus: US health minister must wear mask for historic Taiwan visit
US court hearing for 17-year-old accused Twitter hacker was hacked with porn
Cambodians, activists cheer Thai court’s move to allow lawsuit against Asia’s largest sugar firm
American pilot arrested in Hong Kong after being sent one live bullet and 9,000 rounds of blank and spent ammunition in the post
US offers US$10 million reward for 2020 election interference information
US lawmaker calls on Trump administration to review stimulus loans to China-linked firms
Coronavirus latest: India reports deadliest day as Asian governments grapple with surge in cases
Hong Kong third wave: government lashes out at opposition politicians over ‘smear campaign’ against Covid-19 support team from mainland China
South China Morning Post strikes gold at prestigious international infographics awards
China agrees for its fishing boats to be supervised by Ecuador in ecologically vulnerable waters off Galapagos
Emergency aid lands in Lebanon as world responds to Beirut blasts
China’s migrant workers facing end of an era as the world’s factories winds down amid coronavirus, US-China trade war
Coronavirus: could cells that fight common cold help people beat Covid-19?
How Malaysia’s tech hub in Penang will help economy rebound from coronavirus pandemic
Are Asian countries choosing US or China for the Covid-19 vaccine?
Google pulls 2,500 China-linked YouTube channels over disinformation on video-sharing platform
Hong Kong third wave: how worried should you be about the wet market Covid-19 clusters, and do they really compare to Wuhan or Beijing?
Twitter blocks Trump campaign account over ‘virtually immune’ kids post
Beirut bride happy to be alive after massive explosion cuts short wedding video
Pakistan approves US$6.8bn railway upgrade, its most expensive project under China’s belt and road plan
Can China’s ‘community of shared future’ grow amid Malaysia’s internal trust deficit?
Taiwan visit will ‘strengthen cooperation’ says US Health Secretary Alex Azar
Hong Kong third wave: urgent Covid-19 testing of city’s domestic helpers needed, says expert, as he warns of Singapore-type outbreak
Innocent man released in China after record 9,778 days in prison
Vietnam cracks down on illegal entries from China as Covid-19 cases flare up
Hong Kong tourism in distress: restaurant, retail and hotel bosses try to reinvent themselves digitally as pandemic keeps visitors away
China tech titan Shenzhen should get higher status amid Greater Bay Area push, academics say
TikTok to spend US$500 million on first EU data centre in Ireland
US to press for UN vote on extension of Iran arms embargo
Hongkongers fear for their jobs as Covid-19 pandemic sucks the life out of the economy: Standard Chartered survey
Investigation launched into cause of deadly Beirut blast amid public anger
Japan marks 75th anniversary of WWII Hiroshima atomic bomb attack
Sniffing out the coronavirus: how dogs are helping in the fight against Covid-19
Beijing’s defence of national security in Hong Kong should be open and above board
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urges US app stores to remove ‘untrusted’ Chinese-owned apps
East Asians have Toronto’s lowest coronavirus infection rate. But other Asian groups are suffering badly
WHO coronavirus team to help South Africa cope with massive health crisis
Coronavirus: let rich Americans into New Zealand if they want to build houses, former PM says
In countering China, the US must not lose its knack for nuanced diplomacy
Facebook launches its own TikTok rival, Reels, inside Instagram
Italy threatens to ban Ryanair over ‘repeated violations’ of coronavirus rules
Tribunal postpones verdict in Lebanese prime minister Hariri’s assassination case in wake of Beirut blast
US presidential candidate Joe Biden will not appear in person at Democratic convention over coronavirus concerns
Chinese academics divided on idea to turn Kashgar into a municipality under Beijing’s control
Trump campaign sues Nevada to block mail-in ballots, claiming fraud ‘inevitable’
South China Sea: avoid siding with US or China, Malaysia urges Asean
China ready for US talks at ‘any time, any issue and any level’
More Chinese nationals searched at US customs, government data shows
No sign of big mutations in coronavirus strains, study finds
Mike Pompeo set to tour Europe to discuss more US troop moves, officials say
As China’s dream of ‘aircraft-carrier-sized’ investment banks takes shape, it must not repeat US mistakes
Hong Kong third wave: schools with cross-border pupils, kindergartens expect more dropouts amid suspension of face-to-face teaching
‘Only one aggressor here’: Australian rivals clash on US-China fallout, trade and Taiwan
Soft power, hard cash: the seductive China-Hollywood tango comes into sharper focus
More Vietnamese fishing boats in Chinese waters, Beijing think tank says
Coronavirus: Scottish shorthair, Yorkshire terrier latest Hong Kong pets to test positive for Covid-19
China to feel the pressure as negotiators prepare for trade deal temperature check, Beijing adviser says
Hong Kong third wave: passage from India a struggle, as government red tape leaves residents stranded and unable to fly
Hong Kong police bust loan shark syndicate that targeted Filipino domestic workers with interest rates as high as 195 per cent a year
Coronavirus Singapore: migrant worker’s self harm raises concerns over mental health toll
Coronavirus: Hong Kong’s LGBT community more depressed, anxious amid stay-at-home arrangements, survey finds
Hong Kong’s national security law violates arbitrary detention protections, lawyers argue in first constitutional challenge to legislation
Sri Lanka heads to polls amid pandemic as China-friendly Rajapaksa brothers seek to consolidate power
Mainland deploys more amphibious weapon systems along coast in mission to reunify with Taiwan
US-China relations: militaries carry out missile tests as tensions continue to simmer
Hong Kong authorities intercept illegal cigarettes hidden in speakers at Shenzhen border crossing
1MDB scandal: Hong Kong, Shenzhen also harbouring fugitives, Malaysia police chief says
Hong Kong protests: opposition activist Agnes Chow convicted of inciting siege of police headquarters
Hong Kong authorities seize top-shelf booze, clothing as pandemic-fuelled smuggling continues to surge
China omits US dollar from forex trading fee waivers in bid to bolster yuan
Two Filipinos killed in Beirut blast along with one Australian citizen
India PM breaks ground on Ayodhya temple as militants mark Kashmir anniversary with attack
Hangzhou eye clinic patients asked to come forward after student tests positive to coronavirus
China, Russia likely to veto US bid to extend arms embargo on Iran, US envoy to UN says
Japan, Britain rush to seal post-Brexit trade deal
Hong Kong third wave: city should expect 85 new Covid-19 cases, source says, as fears of wider outbreak linked to wet markets remain
Coronavirus: Singapore to welcome more business visitors to salvage tourism sector
Spain’s republicans struggling to capitalise on former king’s exile
Coronavirus latest: Australia suffers deadliest day of pandemic so far; New Zealand warns of second wave
Hong Kong third wave: fear over spread of Covid-19 at wet markets increases among shoppers and vendors
Global coronavirus death toll hits 700,000 as infections surge
Trump campaign mum after aide confirms he’ll debate Biden three times
Hong Kong government could fuel public distrust with Legislative Council elections delay, warns international group
Beijing’s fury expected as US Health Secretary Alex Azar heads for Taiwan
Glimmer of hope for coronavirus cure as Eli Lilly antibody drug trials advance
Pakistan claims all of Kashmir in new map, upping tension with India
‘Corpses everywhere’: apocalyptic scenes in Beirut
Australian PM says no evidence of TikTok abusing user data
Trump claims US generals feel Beirut blast was likely an ‘attack’
China’s US$68 billion Greater Bay Area rail plan for faster, easier city links
China’s services sector expanded at slower pace in July, weighed down by falling export orders and job losses
Taiwan sends marines to reinforce South China Sea outpost amid reports of major PLA landing drill
Korean K-dramas and Hallyu films are #Alive and well, but Bollywood hits rock Bellbottom amid coronavirus slump
Why the new US ‘China scare’ is big on pressure, short on vision
Can China succeed in its attempts at vaccine diplomacy?
Hong Kong’s young jobseekers face uncertain future as city grapples with coronavirus pandemic and recession
Hong Kong’s pre-owned home sales dry up, forcing many owners to settle for losses as capital shifts to new abodes
China increasingly worried about ‘losing face’ as Japan bankrolls exodus of firms
Disney’s Mulan will not see big screen release, set for September streaming launch
Hong Kong third wave: universal Covid-19 testing tougher than it sounds, say health experts, who urge targeted screenings, continued social distancing
Philippines’ fresh coronavirus lockdown maroons dozens at airport, broke and helpless
China bans squid catch in some overseas waters with overfishing in spotlight
Virgin Atlantic files for US Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection in bid to shield assets
Music streaming app NetEase walks a fine line as it cracks down on ‘emotional’ listeners during a pandemic
China’s earthly concerns take priority over ‘space race’ with US
White House condemns foreign military presence in war-torn Libya
More than two million left without power as Topical Storm Isaias smashes US east coast
US announces major clinical trial of coronavirus antibody treatment
Malaysia police raid Al Jazeera office, seize computers, over migrant documentary
Dozens feared dead as twin explosions rock Lebanese capital Beirut
Canada should drop Meng Wanzhou case, shaking free of US coat-tails
Woman stopped at German airport with husband’s bones in luggage
South China Sea: why did Duterte bar Philippine military from US exercises?
Forced TikTok sale in US is compared to ‘robbery’ in China but ByteDance has few options, experts say
Coronavirus: WHO gears up for main mission into China to hunt for the origins of Covid-19
Hong Kong third wave: three labs picked to help mainland China medical team conduct mass Covid-19 testing in the city
Donald Trump claims coronavirus under control ‘as much as you can’ in US
Hong Kong elections: ex-justice minister slams Bar Association’s ‘political’ criticism of poll delay, says Beijing input needed given ‘emergency’ situation
Beijing won’t rule out targeting US journalists in Hong Kong over visa curbs on Chinese reporters
‘It’s not something I stand behind’: Swedish singer Zara Larsson cuts ties with Huawei
Hong Kong police arrest suspected counterfeiter wanted in connection with 17 cases involving fake banknotes
Ostriches on the run as Metro Manila goes into coronavirus lockdown
Indonesia, Singapore stay neutral on US-China dispute despite Pompeo’s South China Sea outreach
Thailand’s PM ‘begs’ student protesters not to create chaos after calls for reform
Hong Kong third wave: education officials to look at mass Covid-19 testing for schools, priority return of face-to-face teaching for some students
Hong Kong police arrest three in connection with firebomb attack at local secondary school
Police hunt two robbers after man slashed and has HK$200,000 watch stolen in Hong Kong railway station
Sailors stranded on Pacific desert island use giant SOS to attract rescue
Could Donald Trump start war with China over Scarborough Shoal to win re-election?
Japan boosts East China Sea radar, signals and patrol capacity to fend off China’s claims to islands: US report
China’s economy is turning inward, but will weak domestic demand undermine Xi Jinping’s vision?
India’s PM boosts Hindutva agenda with Ram temple ceremony amid coronavirus
Myanmar“s Aung San Suu Kyi to run for re-election in November
Hong Kong protests: magistrate cites weak prosecution evidence in declining to accept teen’s guilty plea
Australian university backs tweet deletes after Chinese social media backlash
South China Sea: Chinese air force steps up combat-readiness drills
Hong Kong mechanic whose repairs resulted in deadly garage explosion in Wong Tai Sin says he was only following employer’s instructions
Hong Kong flat bursts into flames, sending residents fleeing from ageing housing block
Thai Red Bull heir could face drugs charges in 8-year-old hit-and-run case
Hong Kong elections: Beijing yet to decide whether four opposition lawmakers barred from seeking re-election can serve in a Legco provisional term, sources say
Trump Organisation investigated for fraud as New York prosecuter cites reports of ‘criminal activity’
Customs officers seize shipment of protected wood worth HK$1.8 million at Hong Kong port
Jailed in Iran for spying, Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert ‘well’ after consular visit, officials say
Singapore man arrested after hiding US$21,823 worth of drugs in pumpkins
No chance of recovery for Hong Kong’s stricken retail sector this year, says operator of Sogo department stores
English Channel migrants: risking death for a new life in the UK
Apple rebuffs US$1.4 billion patent lawsuit filed by Chinese artificial intelligence company
Coronavirus: China positions itself for ‘vaccine diplomacy’ push to fight Covid-19
Stranded by coronavirus, New Zealand honeymooners hitch ride from Falkland Islands on Antarctic boat
Hong Kong third wave: city expecting 80 new coronavirus infections, as another elderly patient dies
Japan warns of response if South Korean court seizes Nippon assets for forced labour compensation
Hong Kong national security law: suspect’s release bid first test for city’s judges on defendant’s rights versus new legislation
The ‘accidental Joan of Arc’ taking on the strongman of Belarus
Typhoon hits coastal China with winds up to 136km/h and is headed towards Shanghai
Burglars snatch HK$700,000 in cash and valuables from Hong Kong home while woman sleeps
American hunter Aaron Raby now PETA target after elephant’s prolonged death in video
Hong Kong’s global reputation weakened by Legislative Council elections move, European Union says
China-Japan ties: Coronavirus and US tensions cloud hopes for ‘new era’
Virgin wants to revive supersonic jet travel, but faster at Mach 3
Coronavirus latest: Australia’s Victoria deploys army, imposes hefty fines to enforce isolation
North Korea ‘probably’ has miniature nuclear warheads, UN report finds
Dinosaurs got cancer too, 76-million-year-old tumour shows
Covid-19 time bomb: Hong Kong jobs crisis sparks rise in serious emotional and mental health problems, experts warn
Class debate in China over high-achieving ‘left-behind child’ who chooses to study archaeology at university
Hong Kong’s plan to add more car parks won’t resolve shortage, exorbitant prices of spaces in near term analysts warn
Indonesian police probe bondage mummification case at Surabaya university after #gilangbungkus goes viral
Young Thais ‘cast a spell’ for democracy in ‘Harry Potter’ protest
Brazilian miner Vale looks to satisfy China’s appetite for iron ore with new deep water port
Donald Trump says TikTok will be ‘out of business’ in US unless sold by September 15
India imposes ‘full curfew’ in Kashmir ahead of clampdown anniversary
Donald Trump is a bigger threat to the US than coronavirus or China
Trump blasts Deborah Birx after she warns US coronavirus pandemic is ‘extraordinarily widespread’
Spain’s ex-king Juan Carlos going into exile amid corruption scandal
China’s ByteDance looking at relocating TikTok HQ amid threat of Trump ban
Luckin Coffee asked to reverse boardroom changes after co-founder’s ouster, as China prepares to wield big stick for accounting fraud
Dairy Farm launches yuu rewards club to go digital-first
Coronavirus outbreak on Norway cruise ship sparks fears of wider spread
National security law: France halts ratification of extradition treaty with Hong Kong
Coronavirus: WHO warns of long road ahead, may never be a ‘silver bullet’
Chinese soccer commentators fired for thanking Covid-19 for infecting rival Super League player
Ramp up China-US defence talks to stabilise rocky relations: expert
Philippine coronavirus: Manila braces for lockdown, Duterte accuses doctors of seeking ‘revolution’
China’s ‘Sars hero’ Zhong Nanshan in line for country’s top honour over role in coronavirus fight
China claims harassment as US refuses bail to scientist Tang Juan
Sharp increase in US surveillance of South China Sea observed in July
Hong Kong third wave: plans for at least two temporary Covid-19 hospitals and expanded makeshift facilities will boost capacity by 2,400 beds
China corn video stokes public food security fears amid coronavirus, flooding and drought
Northern Ireland Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume dies
National security law: Beijing suspends Hong Kong’s extradition treaty with New Zealand in tit-for-tat move
India’s Amit Shah has Covid-19 – and little sympathy from social media
British woman jailed in Malaysia for killing husband, avoids death sentence
Coronavirus: researchers from Hong Kong, Macau hope to start clinical trials of vaccine in months
Top aide to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen quits after family linked to corruption investigation
Knife attack after bout of staring leaves three locals of northern Hong Kong village in hospital, one with life-threatening injuries
China’s economic future depends on closing its wealth gap otherwise new domestic strategy won’t work
‘Can China help?’ In Kashmir, anti-India militancy and calls for self-rule continue
China gives its 160 million individual investors the green light for class action lawsuits in historic reform after scandals involving Luckin Coffee, Kingold Jewelry
Hong Kong third wave: face-to-face teaching ban extended at schools but lessons can be held online
China’s biggest beer festival goes ahead as coronavirus cancels out Oktoberfest
Malaysian minister says no funds for tech to screen for child porn in airports
Hong Kong restaurant takings fall 26 per cent as Covid-19 bites sector
Japan coronavirus: Okinawa governor fears ‘collapse’ of health care system, declares new state of emergency
More than 2,500 HKU students, staff, and alumni sign petition against dismissal of Hong Kong legal scholar Benny Tai
China promises state support to keep BeiDou satellite system at cutting edge
Japanese man who miraculously survived Nagasaki atomic bomb fights on for disarmament
Hong Kong police chief taken to court as man accuses officers of abuse of power over ID card request
Coronavirus: vandalism of Mong Kok shop linked to a cluster of infections prompts manhunt
HSBC boosts bad loan provisions, sees second quarter profit plunge as coronavirus crushes global business activity
Hong Kong elections: Beijing sends top official to discuss postponement of Legislative Council vote
TikTok owner ByteDance blasts Facebook for ‘plagiarism and smears’ amid threat of US ban
Hong Kong third wave: death toll climbs as source says new hospital to be built near city’s airport
Hong Kong elections: Article 23, barred lawmakers and voting rights – some of the thorny issues awaiting the next Legislative Council
Former pope Benedict ‘extremely frail’, biographer says
How can study of social sciences and humanities help overcome global crises such as Covid-19 pandemic?
Coronavirus cases worldwide pass 18 million
Singapore’s shopping hub Orchard Road buckles under coronavirus as economic pain grows
Switzerland says West will respond to China’s move away from openness
Hong Kong property deals expected to fall 10 per cent in August, with second-hand home sales plunging by a fifth, as Covid-19 risk rattles buyers, sellers
Hong Kong barristers have ‘serious doubts’ over legality of postponing Legislative Council elections
Can coronavirus testing be sped up? Spirit of Hong Kong Awards nominee is on a mission to do so
Australia coronavirus: Melbourne braces for more business closures as stricter curbs bite
China’s small factory activity strengthened in July to highest level since January 2011
Grounded by pandemic: Hong Kong, Singapore on list of 10 airports with the most parked jets
In South China Sea, Philippines is stuck between a pebble and a hard place
Does the ghost of a conflict lie at the bottom of a Tibetan lake?
Build & Wish team’s work bringing hand sanitiser to disadvantaged communities amid Covid-19 earns Spirit of Hong Kong nomination
Can pets catch Covid-19? Hong Kong’s City University begins testing animals for coronavirus amid owners’ concerns
Even amid coronavirus, Thailand’s international schools eye rosy post-pandemic future
Brazil Amazon fires surge in July, worrying experts
US ‘follows China’s path’ in Africa by funding Mozambique liquefied natural gas project
Biden eyes major foreign policy shifts if he beats Trump
China clung to US dollars in 2015 as its stock market crashed and capital flowed out, SAFE figures show
Why fears of communism, anti-China sentiment are a potent mix in Indonesia
Hong Kong third wave: 115 new Covid-19 cases emerge and elderly patient dies
Chow Tai Fook foundation plans to support more underprivileged women in Hong Kong as recession bites
Hong Kong third wave: officials to prioritise next round of testing for Covid-19 as first experts from mainland China arrive to help with fight
How coronavirus helped Shopee and Lazada bring China’s live-stream shopping craze to Southeast Asia
State of disaster and curfew declared in Australia’s coronavirus-hit Victoria
US-China relations: Mike Pompeo urges Hong Kong to reverse decision to suspend elections
Hong Kong elections: set up polling stations for locals based in Greater Bay Area to cast votes, pro-establishment heavyweight urges
From Singapore to India, urban farms sprout up as coronavirus leaves Bollywood celebrities with thyme on their hands
China’s young jobseekers struggle despite economic recovery
Hong Kong third wave: Financial Secretary Paul Chan warns government handouts won’t last, even as Covid-19 piles more pressure on economy
Taiwanese airlines offer fun flights to Japan, but don’t expect to land
Between the US and China, new trade roads lead to Afghanistan – and fierce competition
Mainland Chinese medical team is here to help Hong Kong fight Covid-19 – but it’s not so simple
Coronavirus: WHO team lays groundwork in China for investigation into animal source
China’s economic recovery under threat from fresh coronavirus outbreaks and floods, analysts say
Britain should shed its China obsession to seize the moment in the Indo-Pacific
TikTok faces Australian security investigation as Donald Trump threatens US ban
Coronavirus: Manila to go back on strict lockdown as cases in Philippines top 100,000
TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance ‘prefers independent spin-off over Microsoft sale’ as Donald Trump threatens ban
Red Bull heir crash: Thailand orders second autopsy of key witness
China’s J-20 carrier-based jet fighter influenced by US – not Soviet – thinking, designer says
China tells US businesses they’re still welcome in country
Thousands in Germany protest against coronavirus restrictions
Hong Kong cash handout: the new immigrants struggling to ride out the Covid-19 crisis without HK$10,000 government payment
Coronavirus: 87 per cent of Hong Kong employees suffering work stress during Covid-19 pandemic, survey finds
India coronavirus: Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan recovers, Home Minister Amit Shah hospitalised
Ferry sinks in Thailand; survivor recounts how strong current swept him away
Pelosi accuses Trump, Birx of spreading misinformation about coronavirus
German minister Michael Roth urges EU to resist China’s ‘divide-and-rule tactics’
Donald Trump to move soon against TikTok and ‘countless’ other Chinese software companies operating in the US, Mike Pompeo says
Three killed, 24 injured in Afghanistan attack, shattering calm of ceasefire
White House moves to shut down Donald Trump’s musings on delaying US election
Nasa astronauts make historic splashdown after return to Earth on SpaceX’s ‘Endeavour’ capsule
Angela Merkel can ‘run circles’ around Donald Trump, says president’s niece
Donald Trump the deal maker may look to North Korea for US election ‘October surprise’
Mexico arrests ‘El Marro’, cartel boss blamed for surge in drug violence
The next US-China battleground: Chinese dams on the Mekong River?
Japan’s ‘body-shaming’ manga adverts fuel online outrage, but maybe that’s the point
Grim times: without jobs, some in Hong Kong tighten belts, deplete savings as they face an uncertain future