London Stock Exchange rejection ‘shows Hong Kong can’t make it alone’
Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan pledges to speed up infrastructure works to boost job opportunities and revive economy
American vapers seek relief from nicotine addiction in – wait for it – cigarettes
Small group of Taiwanese gathers in Taipei to sing songs in support of Hong Kong anti-government protesters – with more rallies planned
HSBC chairman Mark Tucker condemns violent protests in Hong Kong
Trade war between US and China follows Huawei to Africa
Tunisia heads to the polls in tightly fought presidential contest, with personalities taking precedence over politics
Hong Kong’s ‘revolution’? Not quite, but the days of property hegemony may be numbered
World’s most aged society just got older – Japan sets new records
Chinese man’s test of girlfriend’s fidelity ends with three people charged with troublemaking
Hong Kong International Airport posts biggest monthly drop in travellers since 2009, with 851,000 fewer passengers in August amid anti-government protest crisis
When North Korea and the US restart nuclear weapons talks, the ‘bold decision’ might be to compromise
In Japan, rising numbers of parents are harming their children. Why?
Could Democrat Elizabeth Warren beat Donald Trump in 2020 race that will no doubt turn nasty?
Beijing bans kites, pigeon flying in preparation for China’s 70th anniversary parade
Causeway Bay shops close as thousands kick off illegal march in Hong Kong's busy shopping hub
Will Texas, long a Republican stronghold, be won by Democrats in 2020?
Hong Kong police officer who pointed shotgun at protesters is featured on Chinese state television’s prime-time news show Xinwen Lianbo
Chinese bus driver beaten unconscious for letting pregnant woman exit via front door
Are Singaporean ‘tourists’ in North Korea actually eyeing ‘last untapped market’
Hong Kong should focus on encouraging workforce of future to learn practical skills, says VTC boss
European nations ‘determined to stay relevant’ in Asia-Pacific, South China Sea
China’s restaurant industry is booming as young professionals stay hungry amid trade war, slowing economy
Defiant Boris Johnson likens himself to the Incredible Hulk as he prepares to fight UK ban on no-deal Brexit
Xi Jinping’s biggest headache isn’t Hong Kong. It’s the price of pork in China
How bad is it in Hong Kong? Depends where you are when asked, Singapore business survey finds
MTR chief Jacob Kam takes heat for plan to use Gurkhas as railway enforcers because they do not know Cantonese curse words
China’s women still waiting for an end to getting groped on public transport
Tropical Storm Humberto dumps rain on already hurricane-hit Bahamas
West African leaders come together to pledge US$1 billion to fight Islamist threat
Trump ‘strongly condemns’ drone attacks on Saudi Aramco oil facilities in call with Saudi crown prince
Lawmaker from Boris Johnson’s Conservative party defects to Liberal Democrats over Brexit
Louvre Hotels Group, owned by China’s Jin Jiang, to open two hotels in war-torn Damascus as air strikes kill civilians
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi dismisses corruption allegations from entrepreneur as ‘sheer lies and defamation’
Remains of more than 2,000 unborn babies found at home of US abortion doctor
Man arrested after 18-carat solid gold toilet stolen from English stately home Blenheim Palace
Receipts for medical treatment, including one post-dated, found following scuffles between rival protesters in Hong Kong
Trump discusses ‘mutual defence’ treaty with Benjamin Netanyahu three days before crucial Israeli elections


Hong Kong protests: skirmishes and fist fights across the city as rival camps clash but day passes without scenes of major violence
Hong Kong police search latest pop-up location of protester-friendly hardware store – but nothing illegal found
Hong Kong protests: hundreds of pupils hold peaceful rally in Central as parents, teachers and opposition lawmakers offer support
Should Europe share US and Australian fears about academic partnerships with China?
Trump confirms death of al-Qaeda heir Hamza bin Laden, son of Osama bin Laden
Former British PM David Cameron, who called the Brexit referendum, says he’s ‘sorry’ about the consequences
Football fans use Hong Kong Premier League game to make political point over bloody clash at MTR station
US whistle-blower Edward Snowden tells life story and why he leaked in new memoir
Beijing is making Hong Kong’s property tycoons sweat bricks – it was long overdue
Singapore haze reaches worst level in three years as Indonesian forest fires rage
Thousands gather in Zimbabwe for former president Robert Mugabe’s state funeral
China ‘expels trespassing’ US Navy destroyer from waters off Paracel Islands
Catholics in Thailand are excited to see Pope Francis, none more than his second cousin
Are Chinese companies using Cambodia to evade US tariffs?
Attacks reported at ‘Lennon Walls’ in Hang Hau and Fortress Hill as pro-government groups retaliate against Hong Kong protesters
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte hates gambling, but money talks and he won’t throw away his big chip in Chinese online casinos game
Family releases name of Australian woman detained in Iran
Hong Kong protests: fighting breaks out between rival camps amid singing and waving of Chinese flags
‘West can’t solve your problems,’ China’s Communist Party tells Hong Kong protesters
Law that allows Malaysian king to keep child offenders in jail indefinitely is unconstitutional, activists say
Drone attack sparks fires at Saudi Arabia’s largest oil facilities
Donald Trump vets candidates to replace fired national security adviser John Bolton
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam needs to be the public’s punchbag to quell anti-government protests, says former Legislative Council chief Jasper Tsang
Taiwan ‘ready to move quickly’ to seal deal on purchase of F-16 fighter jets from US
In the line of fire: well-connected Hong Kong neighbourhood Prince Edward bears the brunt of anti-government unrest
Beijing targets Haiti as bid to isolate Taiwan from its diplomatic allies heads to the Caribbean
Will Thailand Plus take away Vietnam’s spoils in US-China trade war?
After Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas drowns in flood of donations, including expired food, soiled clothing
Cutting-edge glasses for short-sighted children under project from Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tung Chung: another Hong Kong district turned into a front line for anti-government protests
Why soaring pork prices are a touchy problem for China’s leaders
Hong Kong government to sell off site on top of West Kowloon station seen fetching record US$11.5 billion
Chinese University scheme aims to bring young and old together in Hong Kong
In Myanmar, marriage between Buddhists, Christians and Muslims is taboo. For these couples, love found a way
China’s diners must pay more for their favourite meat or forgo pork at mid-autumn as swine fever decimates supply
Hong Kong’s cleaners, in tears as they pick up the mess left by protests, need better protective gear to safeguard their health
Top Canadian intelligence official and East Asia expert Cameron Ortis arrested on spying charges
Can the Lands Resumption Ordinance offer a way out of Hong Kong’s housing crisis and quell protests?
Murder trial of Chinese-born heiress Tiffany Li hits major snag after key witness jailed
Single mum in legal fight for China’s unmarried mothers
After ‘deafening silence’, Harvard opens review of Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to university
New Zealand man Joshua Jack feared he might be fired, so he brought an emotional support clown to work
Showdown with Beijing looms as more US lawmakers back Hong Kong democracy law
US needs a trade deal more than China does heading into 2020, says MUFG economist
Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman jailed for 14 days over US college admissions scam
Supermassive black hole at centre of our galaxy is getting hungrier, say scientists
How a deadly US epidemic is fuelled by Korean mental health taboo
Eddie Money, singer of Two Tickets to Paradise, dead at 70
Donald Trump explains his distinctive orange hue: it’s the light bulbs
Hong Kong protesters take the high ground as human chains form on The Peak and Lion Rock during Mid-Autumn Festival
US sanctions North Korean hackers behind WannaCry, Sony cyberattacks


Chinese fighter jets seen in skies over Beijing as preparations for National Day parade step up
UK teen accused of hacking music stars, selling unreleased songs for cryptocurrency
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and legal bodies condemn ‘unfounded’ attack on local judges by Beijing loyalists
Hong Kong police’s anti-violence WhatsApp hotlines are suspended after only three days for violating operator’s terms of service
Duterte exonerates fired prisons chief, as Senate hearing into release of drug offenders continues
Why global warming may not mean more typhoons, according to new study
Russia sanctions should remain until peace restored, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky says
Carrie Lam denies reports of talks with state firms on buying up Hong Kong
Is China’s police chief playing a new part in Beijing’s handling of Hong Kong?
Taiwan says local business leader has been missing in mainland China for 14 months
New ‘Saturday Night Live’ hire Shane Gillis uses anti-Chinese slur in resurfaced video
At least 10 dead as fire sweeps through hospital in Rio de Janeiro
Hong Kong court overturns Ventus Lau’s by-election ban and declares winner was not duly elected
At least half of services at Hong Kong’s first Chinese medicine hospital will be subsidised by government, says health bureau
Hong Kong court upholds ban on Uber drivers without hire-car permit, saying new modes of transport do not outdate old traffic laws
In Malaysia, does the ‘marriage’ of Umno and PAS pose a threat to Mahathir’s Pakatan Harapan?
Chasing China, Japan looks to Africa for trade and global influence
Hong Kong protesters mark Mid-Autumn Festival with human chains and public gatherings
London Stock Exchange unanimously rejects Hong Kong’s US$36.6 billion surprise takeover bid
Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing hits back at ‘unwarranted’ accusations he condones crime and caused city’s housing crisis
Choose Beijing over Taipei, Solomon Islands task force recommends amid changing tides in Pacific
Filmmaker Coppola is not happy that Boris Johnson is a fan of ‘The Godfather’
Will the Philippines go through with Duterte’s idea to drop UN ruling on South China Sea?
Hong Kong dog owners warned to be vigilant around water after new disease strain discovered
US Marines ‘remind China of America’s military edge’ with Asia-Pacific drills
Beijing campaign sends 650 boxes of Maxim’s mooncakes to Hong Kong police in show of support over protests
Office workers join singing flash mob on their lunch break as part of Hong Kong protests throughout Mid-Autumn Festival holiday
Hong Kong protests: cleaner gets 80 hours of community service order for vandalising police station wall, in first sentence against a demonstrator during months-long unrest
Hong Kong riot suspect in court in connection with extradition bill protest outside Legislative Council complex in June
Japan lodges protest with North Korea after boat crew threatened to fire at its coastguard
Hong Kong ‘not a trade issue’ says Mnuchin ahead of US-China talks
University of Hong Kong student leader flees city after bus stop attack left him fearing for his life
Philippines arrests 277 Chinese accused of online investment scam in Manila
Meet the Saudi women rebelling against religious dress code and ditching the niqab
Woman who suffered eye injury during Hong Kong protest can take police to court in warrant fight, judge rules
Singapore photography festival captures closer ties between locals and migrant workers
Hong Kong school will not interfere with views of teacher accused of targeting police officers and their families over anti-government protests
Manila traffic jams take deadly toll as patients die in ambulances stuck in gridlock
Hong Kong developers who are ‘hoarding land for profit’ should have it seized by government, says article in Beijing mouthpiece People’s Daily
What next for Hong Kong protesters left in limbo in Taiwan?
Hong Kong’s ‘unwise policies’ fuelled protests, unrest in city, Hang Lung Properties chairman Ronnie Chan says
Malaysia’s China-backed US$10.5 billion East Coast Rail Link back on track, foreign minister says
India’s South China Sea policy has not changed. Now, as before, there’s no appetite to challenge China
China’s lead negotiator puts ‘trade balance’ at top of agenda as Trump flirts with idea of ‘interim deal’
Democratic front runners Biden, Sanders and Warren finally square off in primary debate
How much is enough? Chinese student’s plea for more pocket money a lesson in the true cost of education
Hong Kong protesters launch series of legal challenges and ask city’s judges to remove riot label from early clashes with police
Indonesia set to choose Japan over China to get second rail mega-project on track
US raises the stakes by flagging its Huawei 5G network security concerns to Gulf allies
Philippine fast food giant Jollibee has ambitious plans to expand in US and China
China, Malaysia seek to resolve South China Sea disputes with new dialogue mechanism
China expands access to public services for travellers from Hong Kong and Macau
Hong Kong protests: three months on and the anti-government activists want their enemies to burn with them. Is there any end in sight?
Australian MP Gladys Liu accused of failing to declare US$30,000 donation as scandal over Chinese links grows
Two Chinese tourists kidnapped in Philippines after losing US$140,000 at Okada casino
Defaults among lower tier government-backed bond issuers in China could rise as US$560 billion matures in next two years
A Bubble Tea Summit brings together pro-Hong Kong and pro-China protesters in Vancouver
Dolphins in English Channel carrying ‘toxic cocktail’ of chemicals, some banned for decades
Sun Hung Kai’s hotel, shopping mall businesses take a drubbing as tourist numbers plunge amid Hong Kong protests
Speaker John Bercow vows to stop Boris Johnson breaking the law on Brexit
After pro-China camp suggest taking gun and machetes to deal with Vancouver’s ‘trash’ Hong Kong protesters, police ask questions
US lawmakers ask Pentagon for list of companies owned by Chinese military ‘to combat economic espionage’
Donald Trump claims John Bolton was ‘holding me back!’
Case of the telltale hotpot: Chinese police literally sniff out fugitive in Jiangsu
Hong Kong keeps top spot as world’s freest economy but Canadian think tank again warns over ‘interference from China’
Marshall Islands on mission to create its own cryptocurrency to reduce reliance on US dollar
Mourners of Robert Mugabe injured in stampede to view ex-Zimbabwe president’s body
At least six hurt in Hong Kong as drain cleaner thrown from building at protesters singing songs and shouting slogans after anti-government rally
Donald Trump’s team rushes to find escape hatch for China tariffs as trade war goes on
US man in gay marriage sues Japan’s government for same rights to long-term visa as heterosexual foreign couples
Tiananmen Square Tank Man photographer Charlie Cole dies in Bali
Star Alliance invites travellers on seamless journeys around the world
Police ban rally for fear of more violence and chaos as Hong Kong braces for citywide protests at weekend
Philippine VP slams Duterte for ‘reckless’ suggestion to set aside South China Sea ruling over Beijing gas deal


‘Communication problem’ led to Hong Kong police officer telling paramedics there were no casualties in MTR station on night seven people were hurt, fire service says
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House
Hong Kong gets moving on vacancy tax bill to target developers hoarding new flats
Hong Kong Companies Registry website falls victim to glitch as ‘hardware problem’ brings down electronic registration service
Teens who designed English lessons for less privileged students win inaugural youth award at Spirit of Hong Kong awards
US passes Uygur Human Rights Policy Act calling for sanctions on Chinese officials over Xinjiang camps
Hong Kong’s bold bid for LSE faces the scrutiny of global regulators, adding kinks to its arduous approval process
Pro-government demonstrators demand resignation of Hong Kong Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma over ‘lenience’ shown to democracy activists
US Navy’s improved littoral combat warships in Asia to be armed with radar-evading precision missiles
Washington sees no distinction between Huawei and Beijing: top US cyber security official
National security law has contributed to Macau’s success, next leader Ho Iat-seng says, after Beijing’s praise for city sparked comparisons with protest-hit Hong Kong
Saudi crown prince’s sister gets suspended jail sentence in France for ordering bodyguard beat up plumber
National Day fireworks on 70th anniversary of People’s Republic of China could be cancelled over protests crisis, Hong Kong government source says
Hong Kong police confirm video showing officer swinging baton in station is authentic, but say it is not relevant to issuing of weapons this week as it was filmed last year
Pedestrian dies after Hong Kong shuttle bus mounts pavement in Kowloon Bay
Northern Ireland court dismisses claims no-deal Brexit would damage peace process
Donald Trump’s tariff delay ‘adds momentum’ before trade talks – but is a deal likely?
Chinese air force deploys English and aerobatics in video rallying cry
Filipino helper in Hong Kong facing jail after being found guilty of assaulting young boy in her care
Chinese report ‘names and shames’ Fortune 500 firms for mislabelling its territories
Chinese suppliers ready to provide tear gas to Hong Kong as other sources dry up
US Huawei problem goes far beyond trade, security official says
New Hospital Authority chief Henry Fan must learn about frontline operations, Hong Kong medical experts say
Video shows Chinese teacher enforcing make-up ban by wiping girls’ faces with towel and water from a bucket
22,000 missing in Nigeria because of Boko Haram, Red Cross says
China mulls granting local governments greater autonomy to make their own laws
Kashmir dispute and India’s Himalayan war games jeopardise prospects for Modi-Xi summit
Incoming EU chief under fire over migration official’s job title that appears to borrow from xenophobic, far-right rhetoric
Casino queen Pansy Ho makes pro-Beijing case on Hong Kong protests at United Nations in Geneva
Hong Kong’s forex reserves drop in August due to ‘technical classification’, monetary authority says
Hongkongers bilked out of millions in fake celebrity investment scams found on Facebook and other social media
Protesters occupy Argentina capital Buenos Aires amid food crisis
A missing film star, UFOs in Hong Kong and a denture-snatching thief: headlines from 40 years ago
Indonesia’s Joko Widodo hails BJ Habibie as ‘true statesman’ as nation goes into three-day mourning
China’s ‘heartbroken’ pig farmers torn apart by pork price spike and African swine fever
Hong Kong customs uncovers 11 cases of traders trying to cheat consumers using short-weight malpractices
Press associations call on Hong Kong police to curb attacks on journalists covering anti-government protests
China sees red after mining company paints bare hillsides green
University of Hong Kong gets seven-year-high rank on global chart, but four other local institutions drop by four to 16 places
Airbus’ new line of aeroplanes will track how long you use the toilet
Hit West End musical Matilda postpones one month of Hong Kong dates
China welcomes Donald Trump’s ‘goodwill’ act of postponing US tariff increase until after National Day
Hong Kong protests: pro-Beijing and anti-government camps attempt to outsing each other at IFC Mall in Central
Lawyers for woman injured in Hong Kong protest accuse police of going ‘behind her back’ to get medical records because they knew she would challenge warrant
Police issue letter of objection to rally planned for Sunday on the 15th straight weekend of Hong Kong protests, citing safety concerns
Air New Zealand faces backlash over ‘cultural appropriation’ after trying to trademark Maori greeting
South Korea’s complaints about Rising Sun ‘war crime flag’ fall on deaf ears in Japan
US officials tell Solomon Islands not to be pressured into severing links with Taiwan in favour of Beijing
US$1,834: how much a foreigner will pay to shoot elephants in Botswana
Roy Cho, alleged Enigma Network mastermind of Hong Kong’s biggest fraud case, claims trial as he pleads innocence
Looking back at Hong Kong’s iconic trams through the decades
Terry Gou quits KMT and could run for Taiwan presidency as an independent
Masked man steals more than HK$60,000 from Hong Kong branch of Standard Chartered Bank in daring daylight robbery
How Indonesia’s Lippo empire fought back from the brink after being crippled by debt
China’s central bank to stick to its guns by lowering interest rates despite soaring pork price, analysts say
MTR cancels traditional overnight service for Mid-Autumn Festival over safety fears linked to violent anti-government protesters
Load of bull: has UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson lied to the queen?
Gladys Liu scandal: Australian PM condemns ‘grubby smear’ against MP with links to China’s ‘propaganda arm’
Why India’s relationship with Russia is so special
Cathay Pacific swings axe in response to sharp drop in passenger numbers, with flights to Dublin, New York and Paris all hit, and a freeze on spending
Mission over: Russia terminates its ‘Fedor’ space robot
Former Hong Kong civil servant jailed for nine months for failing to declare HK$510,000 payment from his lover, whose aviation applications he handled
Meet the motley crew Donald Trump is eyeing to replace John Bolton
Indonesian activists decry plan to clip wings of anti-corruption agency
Japan’s new environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi wants to scrap nuclear reactors
China should know that Hong Kong is not Macau, and neither is Taiwan
Ocean Park workers mistook Hong Kong student for fellow employee and failed to prevent his death in haunted house accident
Wheelock’s new flats in Tseung Kwan O get tepid reception as protests keep chipping away at sentiment
China expected to allow green bonds to fund clean coal projects in potential blow to climate change fight
US Supreme Court allows Trump’s sweeping asylum restrictions to take effect
Donald Trump delays tariff rate hike to avoid escalating trade tension on China’s National Day
Hong Kong police and government IT team rush to investigate cyberattacks targeting Hospital Authority and Correctional Services Department
Did Foxconn boss Terry Gou just use mooncakes to announce his run for the Taiwan presidency?
‘Very minimal effect’ on Hong Kong whether US lawmakers succeed in bid to ban sale of tear gas and anti-riot gear to city, says police association chief
UN chief Antonio Guterres warns West Bank annexation by Israel would be a ‘serious violation’ of international law
Taiwan steps into trade war breach for US, saying it will buy US$3.6 billion in American agricultural products
Hurricane Dorian aftermath: at least 2,500 people registered as missing in the Bahamas as oil spill spreads to drinking water supply
Hong Kong’s domestic helpers earn average of HK$5,000 per month, survey shows, up 3 per cent from last year
John Bolton’s exit ‘a win’ for North Korea in Trump-Kim denuclearisation talks, say experts
Explainer: Why Beijing cut the tax rate on rare earths amid the escalating US-China trade war
Vaping crackdown: Trump administration announces plans to ban flavoured e-cigarettes in the US
China still not doing enough to woo foreign investment, with local governments accused of harming progress
Outraged protesters take to the streets again as anger mounts over Japan’s ‘outdated’ rape laws
Scientists discover water, temperature conditions right for life at planet called K2-18b outside solar system
‘We’ll see what happens’, Trump says about possible easing of Iran sanctions
Mar-a-Lago intruder Zhang Yujing found guilty on both counts, Florida jury decides
Dutch doctor acquitted in landmark euthanasia case
Grounded 737 MAX could be ‘phased’ back into service by regulators, Boeing’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg tells investors
Incoming EU chief Ursula von der Leyen vows to ‘define’ relations with increasingly assertive China


America vows to never forget 9/11 attacks, 18 years on
Taiwan became top chip manufacturer with US help. Can it stay there?
Why Beijing won’t get too excited about John Bolton’s sudden White House exit
Hong Kong Airlines postpones public debut of new US$229 million training centre, citing ‘recurring issues’ in city
Hong Kong pressure group calls on Chief Executive Carrie Lam to take back all of Fanling golf course and reconsider Lantau island plan amid protest turmoil
US tear gas sale ban for Hong Kong draws sarcastic response from China
Duterte’s South China Sea U-turn: illegal climbdown, or clever gambit for oil?
China aims to become self-sufficient in pork production despite African swine fever
Malaysia detains dozens of minority Shiites Muslims sparking fears of a crackdown
Singapore’s PM Lee ‘will testify in court’ if defamation suit against The Online Citizen editor goes to trial
‘It all started from Hong Kong’: two of Southeast Asia’s richest men on early success and the belt and road plan’s future
Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage offers Boris Johnson no-deal election pact
Social unrest won’t stop Hong Kong playing a key role in China’s belt and road strategy, say business leaders
Philippines to allow Chinese state-owned China Telecom to build cell towers on military bases
Hong Kong barber has shears confiscated after chopping off stranger’s ponytail on bus
China’s internet regulator orders online AI algorithms to promote only ‘mainstream values’
Former Indonesian president B.J. Habibie dies at 83
Anti-government movement takes singing protest to Hong Kong malls
China should continue using food imports as chip in US trade talks, says former leading agriculture negotiator
Hong Kong protests spook owners of co-working space operator The Executive Centre, who drop planned US$750 million sale
Eight spared jail in Hong Kong over 2016 protest against Beijing’s interpretation of Basic Law
The haze is back. Can Malaysia and Indonesia clear the air?
Cathay Pacific suffers 38 per cent plunge in passengers travelling to Hong Kong in August as busy holiday month hit by anti-government protests
Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing’s appeal for leniency for protesters gets cool reception from Chinese media
Singapore and Chongqing seal deals on trade, telecoms and ties during visit by Chinese megacity’s top boss Chen Miner
HKEX makes US$36.6 billion surprise bid to take over London Stock Exchange to grow into a global financial marketplace
Scottish court rules British PM's suspension of parliament ‘unlawful’
Commerce minister warns of headwinds of US-China trade war and the damage protectionism could do to Hong Kong
Netanyahu’s land grab plan would ‘kill all chances for peace’ between Israel and Palestine, Muslim leaders warn
Philippine minister refuses to grant UN access to investigate war on drugs, saying it is prejudiced
Is Shinjiro Koizumi being fast-tracked as Japan’s next leader, following in his father’s footsteps?
Vaping turns deadly: the mystery illness that’s causing alarm in America
Chinese man who scattered US$14,000 in street after bad day at work pleads for his money back
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang praises ‘harmonious and stable’ society in Macau at appointment of city’s new leader Ho lat-seng
Second referendum? UK MPs want to revive Theresa May’s Brexit deal
China ‘working proactively’ towards launching live pig financial futures contracts as pork prices soar
Canada sails warship through Taiwan Strait for second time in three months
MTR Corporation set to cancel overnight train services during Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations over fears of protest violence
Japan’s ‘economic sanctions’ against South Korea will backfire: Chinese ambassador to Seoul
Chinese school sparks sexism row after urging boys to grow ‘heroically’ and girls to be ‘tranquil’
SCMP denies publishing report that Hong Kong government will respond to another protest demand
China grants tariff exemptions to 16 types of US goods ahead of trade war talks
Canada election 2019: PM Justin Trudeau faces tight race as campaign begins
Gladys Liu, Hong Kong-born Australian MP, under pressure to explain links to Chinese foreign influence groups
Suspected Russian CIA asset hid with family in plain sight in suburbs near Washington after disappearing on holiday in 2017
Hong Kong will overcome present challenges to play key role in China’s trade strategy, city’s leader Carrie Lam tells annual Belt and Road Summit
Shinzo Abe’s cabinet reshuffle marks the start of ‘open race’ to pick Japan’s next prime minister
How Cambodia’s outdated laws make it harder to tackle cybersex trafficking
Taiwanese man missing after entering Hong Kong ‘being investigated by mainland’
Scientists identify the largest flying animal in history: a plane-size reptile dubbed the ‘frozen dragon of the north wind’
Anbang sells luxury hotels to South Korea's Mirae for US$5.8 billion, ending Chinese asset buyer’s foray into hospitality
Robert and Tiffany Williams went on a spending spree after bank deposited US$120,000 in error. Now it’s payback time
Why Donald Trump and John Bolton parted ways
Woman who suffered eye injury during Hong Kong protest going to court to stop police reading her medical records
US lawmakers introduce bill to stop tear gas sales to Hong Kong
As Japan-South Korea dispute rages on, can Christians make a difference?
Sun Hung Kai Properties bows to slumping market, pricing flats near protest-hit Sham Shui Po at 2017 rates
Two British-Australian women detained at Iran’s Evin prison
Hong Kong protests: ex-head of Ontario police watchdog dismisses concerns about suitability to join probe into force’s handling of unrest and defends his impartiality
Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong
Rental charges at Hong Kong’s ultra-luxury abodes fall by 30 per cent as expatriates and mainland Chinese renters stay away
Veteran Hong Kong businessman Henry Fan surprise pick to take charge of city’s ailing Hospital Authority
China and India try to set differences over Kashmir aside to focus on economic cooperation
What is Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy after shutting down parliament?
With Prada out, can Hong Kong’s Russell Street outshine Fifth Avenue or Champs-Élysées as the world’s costliest retail strip?
Rocket blast at US embassy in Kabul on 9/11 anniversary
Hong Kong anti-government protests could ‘negatively impact’ city’s declining suicide rate, local expert warns
The world watches but will it stand with the Hong Kong protesters?
US tech chief: China is threatening America’s lead in the global artificial intelligence race
China turns to Argentine soy meal in fresh blow to US farmers
Zhang Yujing acted ‘weird’ at Mar-a-Lago, prompting receptionist to call Secret Service
Peer pressure: 60 science groups call for end to Washington’s crackdown on foreign-born researchers
US billionaire Michael Bloomberg pledges US$160 million to fight vaping as death toll rises to six
Iran’s ‘Blue Girl’ Sahar Khodayari dies by self-immolation after being arrested for attending soccer match
Benjamin Netanyahu vows to annex West Bank’s Jordan Valley if re-elected
Protesters’ newest theme song, ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, echoes through city’s shopping malls as crowds gather for peaceful rallies
Prominent US senators back Hong Kong human rights and democracy act in wake of protest at city US consulate
Trump wants US businesses to cut all ties with China: why that’s a lose-lose plan
Donald Trump fires national security chief John Bolton
In countdown to trade war talks, China ready to sweeten deal by buying American goods, source says


Stampede kills at least 31 pilgrims at major shrine in Iraq
At least two members of Hong Kong theme park staff should have prevented death of youth at haunted house, trainer tells inquest
Will pork imports from Denmark and Brazil save China’s bacon after African swine fever hits supplies?
Hong Kong unveils plans to repair damage inflicted by protests on its image as a financial hub
Students continue protests outside schools as their deadline for Hong Kong government to meet demands looms
Amazon sellers feeling the heat of US-China trade war contrary to Donald Trump’s claims, survey shows
Singapore moots increasing public housing supply as it looks to make it more affordable
China blasts Germany after foreign minister meets Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong at human rights event
Algerian PM to resign, paving way for elections after months of protests
Environment becomes a trade-war victim as China ramps up industrial production to offset economic slowdown caused by commerce conflict
Hong Kong credit rating at risk of further downgrade if protests continue, Fitch warns
Beijing deploys drones for South China Sea surveillance
India opens cross-border pipeline with Nepal, as it seeks to counter China’s influence in the country
Chinese national anthem booed before Hong Kong v Iran World Cup soccer qualifier as protests enter the sporting arena
Berlin zoo says it will keep politics out of naming panda cubs after German public votes for Hong and Kong
Russia plays down US reports about spy in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle
Najib was ‘briefed’ to say Jho Low had no role in 1MDB, former aide testifies
British man ‘spent children’s inheritance’ fighting US$123 speeding ticket
China Daily newspaper criticised over claim Hong Kong protesters planned 9/11 terror attack
Chinese parents struggle with Teacher’s Day gift etiquette
Capital outflows amid Hong Kong’s protests could have caused record drop in forex reserves, analysts say
Subsidised body checks, cancer screening and flu jabs for all Hongkongers under think tank Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre’s HK$7.8 billion proposal
China scraps QFII and RQFII investments quota to allow unrestricted access to world’s second-largest capital market
Philippine news group Abante hit by arson attack as armed intruders set fire to printing plant
Nigeria urged to free thousands of children detained over Boko Haram ties
Singapore economy shows some signs of hope as US-China trade war drags on
Hong Kong protests and US trade war no longer China’s top priorities as spiralling pork prices dominate agenda
Hong Kong police investigate foul play after woman found dead alongside unconscious boyfriend in Tuen Mun
Sea goddess Mazu lets train take the strain on tour of eastern China
1,000 firefighters battle massive bush fires raging in eastern Australia
Hong Kong police get green light to carry extendable batons while off duty following recent knife attack on officer
Who is John Bercow and why does his resignation as UK Commons speaker matter?
Explained: what is dengue, and why is there a surge in cases in Asia this year?
Hong Kong rail operator MTR Corp releases images of station clashes in attempt to end online rumours that 3 protesters died in tussle with police
A sweaty Donald Trump Jnr models Trump Organisation’s ‘new camo’ line of merchandise
New Zealand politician Simon Bridges defends Beijing visit and interview with Chinese state media as criticism mounts
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam unmoved by tycoon Li Ka-shing’s call for ‘mercy’ on anti-government protesters
Businessman beaten in Hong Kong home invasion as robbers take HK$2.75 million, but leave HK$700,000 behind
‘Sharpiegate’ twist: Donald Trump’s commerce secretary faces calls to resign
Japan struggles to elude Trump’s auto tariff threat in final US trade agreement
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