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Firms that planned for a no-deal Brexit in March must now postpone - Stay of execution | Britain
A shortage of staff is the biggest problem facing the NHS - Doctors, ordered | Britain
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Business this week | The world this week
KAL’s cartoon | The world this week
Why big tech should fear Europe - The future of big tech | Leaders
The Vision Fund needs more governance - Too close to the Son | Leaders
The new face of terror, much like the old - White nationalism after Christchurch | Leaders
Economics is uncovering its gender problem - Women and economics | Leaders
Is insectageddon imminent? - Plague without locusts | Leaders
Letters to the editor - On Florida, water, biomass energy, El Cid, Joan Baez, clowns | Letters
Big tech faces competition and privacy concerns in Brussels - Europe’s beef with GAFA | Briefing
Europe’s GDPR offers privacy groups new ways to challenge adtech - Whose business is your data? | Briefing
Chicago’s troubled police force gets federal oversight - Watching the watchmen | United States
Why legacy places should be abolished - Exorbitant privilege | United States
Democrats raise doubts about Georgia’s election for governor - Was it stolen? | United States
The Supreme Court rules that ICE can deport green card holders - Kafkaesque justice | United States
New York’s proposed bottle bill may actually hurt recycling - A rubbish idea | United States
Bet on O’Rourke - Lexington | United States
Voters are cooling towards Justin Trudeau - Trudeau’s woes | The Americas
Why Prosur is not the way to unite South America - Bello | The Americas
Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s strongman, resigns - Long-service leave | Asia
Are Japan’s ubiquitous personal seals endangered? - For the chop | Asia
Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s president, is challenged by a former underling - Splittists | Asia
North Korea’s propaganda outlets are changing their style - Deity in a T-shirt | Asia
Fatal bridge collapses are common in Mumbai - Crumbling | Asia
The Christchurch massacre has challenged New Zealanders’ self-image - Banyan | Asia
India’s election campaign is racked by dirty tricks - No tactic is too underhand | Asia
China’s strong-arm approach to drug addiction does not work - Old habits die hard | China
A hit TV series in China skewers cranky old parents - Conflicted Confucians | China
China’s leaders should study James Bond films - Chaguan | China
Protests are making a comeback in the Arab world - Talk of spring | Middle East and Africa
Benny Gantz must convince Israelis that he can protect them - The man who would be prime minister | Middle East and Africa
Why are Ebola clinics in Congo being attacked? - An epidemic of violence | Middle East and Africa
Tropical Cyclone Idai may have killed more than 1,000 in Mozambique - Beira’s battering | Middle East and Africa
An ex-colonel in the Lord’s Resistance Army goes on trial in Uganda - Trial and terror | Middle East and Africa
Syriza, Greece’s ruling party, is headed for electoral defeat - Twilight of Tsipras | Europe
Italy’s plan to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative ruffles feathers - Not so silky | Europe
A young liberal is poised to win Slovakia’s presidency - If the Caputova fits | Europe
Lithuania starts to pay respect to its murdered Jews - To life | Europe
Health care in Ireland leaves much to be desired - On second thoughts | Europe
The difference between Italy and Spain - Charlemagne | Europe
Theresa May asks the EU to extend the Article 50 deadline - Brextension time | Britain
Firms that planned for a no-deal Brexit in March now plan for June - Stay of execution | Britain
A shortage of doctors is the biggest problem facing the NHS - Doctors, ordered | Britain
What next for the Liberal Democrats? - Hope for the hopeless | Britain
Relocation shows reflect poms’ enduring fascination with the antipodes - G’daytime television | Britain
Britain’s tower blocks, once symbols of poverty, are now for the rich - Of plonkers and planners | Britain
Marching has returned as a force in British politics - Bagehot | Britain
Why white nationalist terrorism is a global threat - Far right and very wrong | International
Masayoshi Son prepares to unleash his second $100bn tech fund - Clouded vision | Business
Drivers wanted - Bartleby | Business
A two-wheeler reflects the stops and starts of Indian capitalism - From Czechoslovakia, with love | Business
Are security concerns over Huawei a boon for its European rivals? - Ericsson and Nokia | Business
Regulatory capture may be responsible for Boeing's recent problems - Flying too closely | Business
Business takes on the baddies - Schumpeter | Business
FIS’s $43bn takeover of Worldpay - Terminal velocity | Finance and economics
Why book value has lost its meaning - Buttonwood | Finance and economics
Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank start discussing a merger - Urged to merge | Finance and economics
A dispiriting survey of women’s lot in university economics - Academic sexism | Finance and economics
Alan Krueger, natural talent - Free exchange | Finance and economics
The insect apocalypse is not here but there are reasons for concern - Cry of cicadas | Science and technology
A way to charge pacemakers using the heart’s own muscle - Medical devices | Science and technology
High-potency cannabis, or frequent use, raises the risk of psychosis - Strong pot is hot | Science and technology
What came first: all-seeing gods or large societies? - Big people, big gods | Science and technology
Satire is flourishing in Ethiopia - Wax and gold | Books and arts
The comical, true-life story behind “Our Man in Havana” - Spies like us | Books and arts
Salvatore Scibona’s exhilarating new novel - You only live twice | Books and arts
A doctor’s hopes for digital medicine - The AI will see you now | Books and arts
Britain is in the midst of a Victorian-style statue mania - They could be heroes | Books and arts
Economic growth does not guarantee rising happiness - Happiness and growth | Graphic detail
Obituary: Atta Elayyan was killed on March 15th - Darting, seizing, winning | Obituary
Economic data, commodities and markets | Economic Indicators