Trump still uses his personal cell phone despite warnings and increased call scrutiny
Iran releases American student in prisoner swap, foreign minister says
Players pictured under controversial 'Black Friday' headline embrace
Ron Leibman, 'Norma Rae' and 'Friends' actor, dies at 82
12 protesters killed in Baghdad as cleric warns against 'foreign interference'
Elon Musk wins in 'pedo guy' defamation trial
A woman in India has died after being set on fire on her way to her own rape trial
Florida shooting is the last thing Saudis want
World Architecture Festival names Building of the Year
Outrage in the skies: Are airline passengers getting more unruly?
Boris Johnson is hiding from scrutiny. It might win him the election
A reality TV contestant had to watch her own alleged assault. Now Spain wants answers
Good Samaritans helped thousands at sea. Now they're on trial
Japanese island could become an unsinkable US aircraft carrier
Trump's former Russia ambassador: Putin is 'probably joyful' about claims of Ukraine meddling in 2016 election
Russian billionaire killed by vehicle while walking his dog in England
Newly released illustrations depict post-9/11 torture techniques
Greta Thunberg criticizes world leaders' climate actions as they meet at COP25 to discuss the crisis
UN says it has evidence that Iran was 'shooting to kill' protesters
In New Zealand, McDonald's new McVeggie burger is not strictly vegetarian
Armed secret police storm high court to re-arrest Nigerian activist and journalist Omoyele Sowore
Senior British diplomat in US quits with tirade over Brexit 'half-truths'
Analysis: What Biden's 'damn liar' exchange shows when it comes to his candidacy
Trump is so much closer to impeachment
3 dead and several injured in shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola
NYT: R. Kelly used bribes to marry Aaliyah when she was 15, charges allege
US pharma companies really do want Britain to pay more for drugs
UK broadcaster apologizes for misquoting Boris Johnson as saying 'people of colour'
Angela Merkel speaks of her 'deep shame' on her first visit to Auschwitz as Germany's leader
Polar bears crowd Russian village in search for food
'Anti-vaxxer' charged as Samoan government battles deadly measles outbreak
Christmas sweaters are adding to plastic pollution, environmental charity says
Facebook's plans to label state media are complicated — and delayed
Stunning footage as power station towers are demolished
A dentist was filmed riding a hoverboard while extracting a patient's tooth
Italian newspaper accuses critics of 'lynching' after headline race row
'Miracle' woman survives six-hour cardiac arrest
Taylor Swift releases Christmas song, complete with cute home movie compilation
Acrobatic daredevils perform on world's largest trampoline
Cardi B is set to perform for the first time in Nigeria and Ghana
India has a looming air con headache. Does antiquity hold the solution?
Boxing's 'Clash on the Dunes' overshadowed by 'sportswashing' concerns
New airplane seat design will make it easier to sleep in economy
Best places to visit in Europe in January 2020
Star student on a mission to clean up the world's water
Why Kodachrome was the Instagram of its time


Mueller report's resurgence gives Democrats new dilemma on impeachment
Hyderabad case: Police shoot dead four suspects in gang-rape and murder
A new Mulan live-action trailer is out and people seem excited. Except in Hong Kong
Bushfire rips through treetops near Sydney as firefighters run for their lives
Guatemalan boy who died in federal custody was on the floor for hours before anyone found him, video shows
Elon Musk's defense argues British caver Vernon Unsworth was not harmed by 'pedo guy' tweet
This woman wants to cancel Brexit. It turns out it's harder than she thought
Incest and affairs of Japan's scandalous penguins
Nancy Pelosi just wrote Donald Trump's name in the history books
Trump sets his sights on Senate as he comes to grips with impeachment
Hijacked UPS truck led Florida police on a massive chase that ended in a fatal shootout
More than 140,000 people worldwide died from measles last year, most of them younger than 5
Uber releases safety report revealing 5,981 incidents of sexual assault
Powerful Senate chairman moves toward sanctions crackdown on Turkey as talks over weapons purchase falter
US considers sending thousands more troops to Middle East to deter Iran
A 5-year-old boy's entire kindergarten class showed up for his adoption hearing
Tennessee murderer Lee Hall put to death by electric chair
Trump asks Supreme Court to block House subpoena for financial documents and take up case
Russia detains man accused of building fake border in the forest to trick migrants
FIFA and UEFA 'may as well have stood in stands' with racists, says ex-England star
US sanctions Russian cybercriminal group 'Evil Corp' over $100 million hack
Princess Anne's shrug to the Queen went viral. But it wasn't what it seemed.
At least 58 people killed as boat carrying migrants sinks off Mauritania coast
'Black Friday': Italian newspaper sparks race row with front page
British caver suing Elon Musk gets emotional during his testimony about 'pedo guy' tweet
Princess Anne, the no-fuss royal who stayed out of trouble
Bushfire smoke wreaks havoc at Australian golf tournament
France, Germany and UK reiterate claim that Iran has nuclear-capable ballistic missiles
Australian police seize record-breaking $820 milllion methamphetamine haul
Trudeau's hot mic comments cause consternation in Canada
Archbishop Desmond Tutu in hospital treating 'stubborn infection'
As he scaled world's 14 highest peaks, Nepalese climber shocked by climate change effects
Berlin's 'cursed' Brandenburg Airport finally nears completion
King of confectionery: The man who created Hungary's birthday cake
Nadal, Barty, Djokovic and Gauff: Tennis' 2019 wrap
Stunning images from horse racing's photographer of the year


Democrats' new impeachment message: Expel Trump now
Trump's 'Rocket Man' comments 'displeased' Kim Jong Un, North Korean army chief says
Huawei sues US government over new FCC restrictions
George Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin's parents and others for $100 million
Biden campaign calls Trump 'a president the world is laughing at' in new video
A-peeling offer? Duct-taped banana work selling for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami
US sailor kills two employees on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam before fatally shooting self
Washington Post: Barr's handpicked prosecutor tells watchdog he doesn't have evidence Russia probe was a setup
Samoa measles outbreak: Government shuts down so everyone can get vaccinated
America's National Parks are being overrun by rats, cats and feral hogs
Intelligence agencies have tracked Iranian short-range ballistic missiles into Iraq, US official says
France looks to 1995 as it braces for pension reform strikes and protests
Air New Zealand is testing edible coffee cups on board
A man called a telecom company 24,000 times to complain. Now he's been arrested
Civil rights groups invited to Zuckerberg's home slam Facebook's 'lackluster response'
Motorola's One Hyper packs a lot into an under $400 phone
Cruise line sexual assault reports for third quarter jump by 67 percent from 2018
Russia and China's ominous new friendship
Amazon's cloud chief says Pentagon's contract decision is 'dangerous and risky'
Scientists show how to make airplane emissions less harmful
Ford is turning McDonald's coffee waste into headlights
Nissan will pause US operations for two days this January
Trump's very unhappy trip
LAPD officer allegedly caught fondling corpse
Japan's snow monkeys de-stress in hot springs
25 gifts travelers will actually want in 2019
NASA's mission to touch the sun is unraveling our star's mysteries
What this giant evaporating planet tells us about Earth's future
This Christmas commercial is warming hearts across the internet -- and it only cost $130 to make
Why world leaders seemingly joking about Donald Trump will drive the President crazy
Wall Street can forget its 2020 forecasts without a trade deal
Swastika found scrawled on police station wall in an area only accessible to officers and staff
Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie to get radical redesign after years of debate
Germany expels two Russian diplomats over murder of ex-Chechen fighter in Berlin
Body found in search for woman missing in Australian Outback
North Korea warns US to prepare for 'Christmas gift,' but no one's sure what to expect
A massive waterfall formed on Greenland's ice sheet. Here's why it matters
'UK's largest gold nugget' found in a Scottish river
Elon Musk testifies that 'pedo guy' tweet was meant to be an insult, not a statement of fact
A polar bear was spray-painted with graffiti. Experts fear it won't survive
Want to sell that phone in Russia? Install these apps first, Putin says
A woman lied on her resume to land a $185,000-a-year job. Now she's going to jail
A mother in Kentucky was arrested for selling her baby for $2,000, police say
For a year, Catholics have pleaded for this bishop to resign. He finally did
Cruise Critic picks world's best cruise ships for 2019
Boris Johnson sticks with UK digital tax plan despite the risk of US tariffs
The world's most beautiful streets
Indian student creates a brick made from recycled plastic
8 houses built in impossible places
A tiger went on an 800-mile odyssey in search of food, a mate, and a place to call home
Israel Folau feels 'vindicated' after Rugby Australia apology
Nintendo Switch is coming to China
How a poop on Everest inspired a toilet that could save lives (and your dignity)


A grave charge and a momentous turn in the Trump impeachment inquiry
A challenge from China could be just the thing to pull NATO together
Toxic air and gridlock: India's tech cities are choking on their success
Former official says Trump often refused to believe his intelligence briefings
Fresh intelligence points to Iranian threat against US forces and interests in Middle East, officials say
Doctors 'reanimate' heart for first-of-its-kind transplant in US
After hitting a dog with his car, a Canadian man drove it to safety. Turns out it was a coyote
Dog starts house fire by switching on microwave
Newspaper apologizes over cartoon making fun of the deadly Samoa measles outbreak
How life survived Snowball Earth, the planet's most severe ice age
Jaguar's sporty F-Type gets a sleek new look
AirAsia opens an airplane food restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
Exclusive: Inside the innovative Disney ride that's key to its Star Wars strategy
Inside Dubai's $10 million VIP camel hospital
Vintage photos capture the passion and restlessness of East Germany's youth
A 'blue zones' diet: Live longer from what you eat
Google co-founder Larry Page stepping down as CEO of Alphabet
Huawei is facing a backlash in China when it can least afford it
Five keys to understanding Latin America's turmoil
Trump says he doesn't know Prince Andrew. Photos tell a different story.
Democrats release impeachment report: Trump 'placed his own personal and political interests' above the nation's
Kamala Harris poised to withdraw from 2020 presidential race
New legislation to clamp down on unruly airplane passengers from 2020
Brad Pitt cries more than he used to
15 people killed, dozens injured in Sudan factory fire, doctor's union says
Trump announces G7 to be hosted at Camp David
1 sentence that perfectly explains Donald Trump's ostrich-like approach to the presidency
The most visited cities in the world 2019
Belgian parade to give up UNESCO listing over 'anti-Semitic' floats
Pirelli's 2020 calendar is out and it retells the story of Shakespeare's Juliet
Keeping up with China: US Navy orders $22 billion worth of submarines
New GOP report defies reality with Trump exoneration
UK government taken to court over refusal to issue gender neutral passports
One of the worst crackdowns in decades is happening in Iran. Here's what we know
Donald Trump and Prince Charles have developed a 'good working relationship', source says
12 children killed in 'bloodiest of days' in northwest Syria
Bangladesh is deliberately blocking Rohingya refugee children from education, report says
Why airlines want you to go by train
Boris Johnson encouraging racism in football? Yes, says UEFA president
Festive hot drinks revealed to contain up to 23 teaspoons of sugar
Russia switches on gas mega-pipeline to China as Putin touts closer ties
A shocking gang-rape and murder of a woman is raising familiar tough questions for India
Tiger Woods says his kids don't talk about his Masters win
Why you should go to the world's least-visited countries
Check into a growing crop of vegan hotels
Nicosia International Airport: The Cypriot airport abandoned for 44 years


NATO leaders gathering in London brace themselves for Trump 'fireworks'
Typhoon Kammuri forces Manila airport closure as heavy rains hit the Philippines
Trump is becoming politically radioactive
Warming temperatures put women at risk of giving birth early, study says
1 in 5 US adolescents is now prediabetic, study says
Shark knocks 7-year-old Florida boy off his surfboard
Homeland Security wants to use facial recognition on traveling US citizens, too
Samoa to shut government to deal with deadly measles outbreak
A teaser of the new James Bond movie 'No Time to Die' has been released
That smart TV you just bought may be spying on you, FBI warns
Highlights from the Fashion Awards 2019
Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre says he was 'raining' sweat while dancing at nightclub
India's crashed lunar lander site is spotted on the moon
Lionel Messi wins sixth Ballon d'Or, one more than Cristiano Ronaldo
Elon Musk heads to court for defamation trial over 'pedo guy' tweet
The plague probably didn't wipe out the Roman Empire and half the world's population, new study suggests
Internet cat sensation Lil BUB has died at the age of 8
Scientists used speakers to make dead coral reefs sound healthy. The fish came back
Ex-FBI lawyer targeted by Trump breaks silence
'Free, Melania' offers new details about the life of a private first lady
Decked with $15 million of jewels, this may be the world's most expensive Christmas tree
Amazon pulls Christmas ornaments showing Auschwitz concentration camp
China bans US military visits to Hong Kong in response to Washington's support for protesters
Robert De Niro defends Anna Paquin's role in 'The Irishman'
A flight had to return to the airport after a passenger faked an illness to get a better seat, police say
Trump renews tariff threat on Brazil and Argentina
Could Asia's passion for tofu help solve the plastic crisis?
COP25 really is the 'point of no return' in the climate emergency. Here's why
Donald Trump is the man no one in Britain wants to dance with
Facebook just killed a misleading election ad. Here's why
4 generations of a family killed on a hunting trip when their plane crashes in South Dakota
An evacuation slide fell off a plane and landed in man's yard


Lewis Hamilton 'redefining' Formula One
Dramatic storm photo wins Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award
Thousands evacuated as rare December typhoon expected to bring heavy rains to Philippines
NATO is showing its age as the alliance turns 70
Sperm whale found dead with 220 pounds of trash in its stomach
Can Leicester City upset the odds and win another Premier League title?
She filmed sharks for 'Jaws' -- then she dedicated her life to protecting them
Woman dumps remains of her bushfire-ravaged home outside Australian parliament to protest climate change
China is rolling out facial recognition for all new mobile phone numbers
How Budapest became a fine dining force to be reckoned with
Indian Navy welcomes its first woman pilot in major milestone for armed forces
Mohe, China's northernmost city, now has a major highway
Berlin's Stasi Museum looted days after Dresden jewelry heist
Dutch star Vivianne Miedema scores six as Arsenal breaks WSL record with 11-1 win
Tracee Ellis Ross on the power of fashion, beauty and self-love
Bloomberg could be the Democrats' backstop
Malta's prime minister to resign amid investigation of a journalist's killing
How a Maine lobsterman got over Trump's China trade war
How to travel without destroying the planet
'Masters of distraction': The spontaneous art of street photography
The impeachment process is starting to get very real
Climate crisis 'forcing 20 million people a year from their homes'
'Only God's hand has kept us safe': Migrants describe kidnappings and other dangers at the Mexico border
Two storms leave 50 million under winter alert as travelers return from Thanksgiving
Huawei CEO says his daughter should be proud she became a 'bargaining chip' in the trade war
'World first' cell phone detection cameras rolled out in Australia
10 suspected cartel members, 4 police killed in shootout in northern Mexico
Boris Johnson is trying to avoid a one-on-one meeting with Trump. Here's why
Shooting on the edge of New Orleans' French Quarter leaves 10 injured
Why murdered Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is back in the news
A man was shot to death by the handmade device he made to protect his home
'Frozen 2' nabs highest-grossing weekend in Thanksgiving history
The Coast Guard searched for a kite surfer for 16 hours. Then, the missing person called them on the phone
Movie theater evacuates after a package of 'highly contagious' urine samples is delivered to wrong address
Hundreds of former jihadis are set to be freed from jail. London terror attack shows the risks
A University of Cambridge graduate was killed in the deadly stabbing near London Bridge, reports say
Irish 'ISIS bride' Lisa Smith in custody in Dublin
Trump's week: from 'ordained by God' to dethroned by a judge
Mikhail Gorbachev warns Russia and US must avoid 'hot war'
After another K-pop death, spotlight turns to difficulties faced by industry's 'perfect' stars
'Loud bang' in London was sonic boom, authorities say
German Catholics' celibacy debate could lead to schism with Vatican
Catholic diocese denies gay Michigan judge communion
I was 'fighting against my own government' in drug war, Philippines President Duterte says
Intelligence Committee members can review impeachment report on Monday
Leonardo DiCaprio responds after Brazil's President blames actor for Amazon forest fires
9 dead in South Dakota plane crash
Wildlife is flourishing in these demilitarized zones
Lewis Hamilton wins Abu Dhabi GP as Formula 1 season comes to an end
Arsenal continue win-less streak despite new caretaker manager