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Ukraine's comedian president will face serious challenges
Washington Post: State Department to announce all countries importing Iranian oil will be subject to US sanctions
We're losing the war on climate change
Eiffel Tower goes dark to honor Sri Lanka attack victims
Juventus crowned Serie A champions as Cristiano Ronaldo makes history
Jay-Z and Meek Mill launch prison reform organization
Political newcomer Volodymyr Zelensky celebrates victory in Ukraine's presidential elections
William Barr threw his credibility in the gutter
Prince's 5 best-selling albums
Bengal tigers could vanish from one of their final strongholds



Paris police use tear gas against 'yellow vest' protesters
Egyptians are voting on whether to let their President tighten his grip on power and stay in office until 2030
Climate protests this week caused major disruption. That was the point.
Swine fever has wreaked havoc with China's pork production, and the world is feeling it
Why my friend Loujain al-Hathloul deserves to stand front and center -- and free
Netflix to launch all girl superhero animation series from Africa
Man City return to top of Premier League with victory over Tottenham
Two teenagers arrested in the killing of journalist Lyra McKee
A journalist's murder has brought a moment of unity that Northern Ireland must seize
What a comedy TV series tells us about Ukraine and its high-stakes presidential race
Notre Dame fire started at the center of the cathedral's roof, says police source
Xi Jinping is determined to end all poverty in China by 2020. Can he do it?
13 people shot dead at a family party in Mexico
Seagram's liquor heiress pleads guilty to crimes related to New York sex cult, pyramid scheme case
Attackers detonate explosives outside Afghan communication ministry in Kabul
4 times Barr twisted and cherry-picked Mueller's report
Adele separates from husband
Armed Mexican troops question American soldiers on US side of border
Disney is having an amazing April. Now here comes 'Avengers: Endgame'
Feds arrest man in connection with a February raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid
An Easter amid the ashes: Their churches charred, Christians in Louisiana and at Notre Dame Cathedral celebrate resurrection
Prosecutors want Maria Butina to serve 18 months, exceeding expectations
Mali's prime minister and his entire government resign
Two 14-year-old girls drew up plans to kill 9 people, police say
Mueller's report looks bad for Obama
Trump praises Libyan general as his troops march on US backed government in Tripoli
Saudi sisters seeking asylum in Georgia go public in plea for help
A militia group detained migrants at the border. The ACLU calls it kidnapping
Every year a Filipino man marks Good Friday with an actual crucifixion. He just did it for the 33rd time
There were only 147 of the world's fattest parrots alive -- and then came the baby boom


She dedicated herself to covering Northern Ireland. Murdered investigative journalist 'tirelessly pursued the truth'
US bitcoin trader could face death penalty over Thai 'seastead'
The bees living on Notre Dame's roof survived the fire
Sarah Sanders admitted she lied to the White House press. Does she have any credibility left?
Emma Thompson boards the pink climate change boat in London
Valentino Dixon: How art and golf freed innocent man from life sentence
8 airplanes converted into restaurants
'Enough is enough': Footballers boycott social media in protest at racist abuse
China opens the door to Nintendo's Switch and Super Mario
Li Na: Tennis player wants the movie about her life to inspire women
Mueller had everything he needed to charge Trump with obstruction, but didn't
Life lessons from the native tribe with the healthiest hearts in the world
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Vatican displays Holy Stairs for the first time in 300 years
How centuries of priceless treasures were saved at Notre Dame
Trump will be new Japanese Emperor's first foreign guest
6-year-old boy hospitalized after dingo attack in Australia
Post-Mueller, Americans must render final verdict on Trump
One woman dies in Northern Ireland violence
Observing Good Friday around the world
Before the Turpins get sentenced for torture, their children might testify about their grisly abuse
How Chinese internet trolls go after Beijing's critics overseas
Taking Australia's asylum seekers was a 'deal with the devil:' former Nauru leader
Facebook and the art of the news dump
Car sharing service says 100 cars, including 50 Mercedes-Benz, disappeared in Chicago
Pink Moon set to illuminate the skies on Friday
North Face climbers likely killed in Banff National Park avalanche
WWII veteran celebrates his 98th birthday at the gym
Hawaiian flower, thought extinct, rediscovered by a drone
What US intelligence believes happened with North Korea's weapons test
National Enquirer reportedly sold for $100 million
'Exhausted' polar bear found prowling for food in Russian village, 400 miles from home
Skeleton DNA reveals surprising backgrounds of Crusader soldiers
Paris prosecutors investigating if short-circuit caused Notre Dame fire
How one of India's biggest airlines imploded
Jason Momoa shaved his beard and people are freaking out
This baby got measles because of anti-vaxers


Putin and Kim Jong Un will meet in Russia later this month, Kremlin confirms
Liquid blood and urine have been found inside a prehistoric 42,000-year-old foal
A man was arrested with gas cans and lighters at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York
Airline employee worked illegally for the Chinese military at New York airports, US prosecutors say
Amazon will no longer sell Chinese goods in China
Paroldo: The magical Italian village that 'witches' call home
Botswana unveils blue diamond to rival the Hope Diamond
Should AI be used to catch shoplifters?
Is this a new type of jellyfish in the Indian Ocean?
Costa Rica's 'Crocodile Bridge' is an unlikely tourist attraction
Pakistan militants execute 14 bus passengers
Mo Salah: 'We need to change the way we treat women in our culture'
North Korea: If US wants to talk, put someone 'more mature' than Pompeo in charge
Bradley Welsh, 'Trainspotting' actor, shot dead in Scotland
Joao Felix: The Benfica teen who is a 'star already'
US slides down global press freedom rankings amid warning of 'climate of fear' for journalists
Report finds 'alarming unaddressed deficiencies' in US offshore oil drilling
Researchers identify largest carnivorous mammals ever to live on land
Does sugar make kids hyper? That's largely a myth
A goddess inspired a Taiwanese billionaire to follow Trump's example
Facebook collected 1.5 million users' email contacts without their knowledge
Democrats outraged as Trump team shapes Mueller report rollout
Battle of Supremes: How 'legal fakes' are challenging a $1B brand
The selective morality of Trump's foreign policy
NASA is renting out another piece of historic property to Jeff Bezos' rocket company
Cave diver who helped save Thai soccer team is rescued from Tennessee cave
Comcast and T-Mobile just rolled out a new anti-Robocall tool. But it doesn't do much yet
Former activist Judy Clark granted parole after nearly 40 years in prison over armored truck robbery
A person with measles visited Google headquarters, health officials say
A white supremacist who ran down and killed a young black man has been sentenced to life in prison
New photos tell us what to expect from the next 'Game of Thrones' episode
Why we're so focused on 'selfie' deaths
North Korea tests 'tactical' weapon, report says
Trump administration targets so-called 'troika of tyranny' with wave of new sanctions
Justice Dept. to release two versions of redacted Mueller report
Samsung's Galaxy Fold is breaking for some early users
Attorney General William Barr to hold press conference Thursday on Mueller report
'Don't cooperate:' One former Trump aide's lesson from Mueller probe
Doctors develop 'cure' for babies with 'bubble boy' disease
Italian artist Federico Borella named Photographer of the Year
Tottenham end Man City's quadruple hopes after mesmerizing clash
At least 28 people killed after tourist bus crashes on Portugal's Madeira Island
Robert Kraft's legal team files motion to stop prosecutors' planned release of video in prostitution case
Scientists have detected the earliest Big Bang molecule in space
Stop letting your kids stare at iPads in restaurants, science says
Researchers restore some function to brains of dead pigs, raising potential for human applications
The Florida teen who was 'infatuated' with Columbine and made threats as she went to Colorado is now dead
Britons may need 'porn passes' from July
US envoy heads to Moscow as rumors of Putin-Kim meeting heat up
A meteor from another solar system may have hit Earth, and the implications are fascinating
Is Donald Trump turning on Fox News?
A Russian priest has been banished after his wife took part in a beauty pageant, state news reports
Kim Kardashian West becoming a lawyer makes more sense than it may seem
India's Jet Airways collapses as banks pull the plug
Eating just one slice of bacon a day linked to higher risk of colorectal cancer, says study
Google and Apple block social media sensation TikTok in India


Alan Garcia, former Peru president, shoots himself
Sudan's Bashir transferred to jail notorious for holding political prisoners during his regime
Activists glue themselves to London train on third day of climate protests
Europe threatens tariffs on American ketchup, cheese and fish over Boeing subsidies
College student sues CEO Richard Liu over alleged rape
150 people feared missing after passenger boat sinks in Congo
Can you be gay online in China? Social media companies aren't sure
Opinion: Nigeria is a cold-blooded country for gay men -- I have the scars to prove it
Couple rescued from Australia outback after writing 'help' in mud
Cabin mock-up offers first look inside the new Boeing 777X
Israel Folau requests hearing following homophobic post
EBay listing of rare baby Tyrannosaurus rex angers scientists
The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees
Mohamed Salah stars on cover of TIME 100; Tiger Woods, Naomi Osaka and LeBron James also on list
Raunchy Australian real estate promo horrifies internet
Israeli flight attendant in coma after getting measles
Coronations, protests and tightrope artists: A visual history of Notre Dame
Corruption in Venezuela has created a cocaine super-highway to the US
Washington waits, but Mueller may solve nothing
College student on a trip to the Ozarks fell 100 feet to her death while posing for a photo
Indian construction worker impaled through the head by an iron rod. He survived.
Inside Changi Airport Singapore's new 'Jewel,' home to world's tallest indoor waterfall
Trump vetoes Yemen War Powers Resolution, his 2nd veto since taking office
FAA panel signs off on 737 Max training plan
Indonesian election underway, as more than 192 million head to the polls
Sony's next PlayStation: Here's what we know
Son Heung-Min: The rise of a South Korean superstar
Thousands of glass shards were spread across a Lake Michigan beach. Park rangers want to know why
Trump anticipates Mueller's vindication but aides fret about his temper
Uber rolls out feature for women drivers to request women riders in Saudi Arabia
Lionel Messi guides Barcelona into Champions League semifinal
Prosecutors plan to seek up to 10 months in jail for actress Felicity Huffman
ICE deported the husband of a soldier killed in combat even though he had been cleared to stay in US
Bahrain revokes citizenship of 138 people in mass trial
The amount of plastic in the ocean is a lot worse than we thought, study says
Egypt's parliament votes to expand Sisi's powers
Dog found swimming 130 miles off the coast of Thailand
Wayne Hennessey: EPL player showed 'lamentable' ignorance of Fascism
A 71-year-old man has been arrested on 100 counts of rape
How Pete Buttigieg is already changing the conversation about being gay in America
NASA: Meteorites can strike the moon and cause plumes of water to shoot into space
Is Drake cursing football players?
The perfect Bahamas wedding? It starts with turtles
The best cities in the US for runners


What we know about the Notre Dame fire so far
African Union gives Sudan 15 days to establish civil rule
Burundi schoolgirls expelled for doodling on President's image in textbook
Wake up, people: You're fooling yourself about sleep, study says
UK joins forces with Nigeria to fight human trafficking
Six minutes of sex and gore cut from Game of Thrones season premiere in China
Trump's battle with sanctuary cities is the next phase of his confrontation with urban America
Wolf culture, state finance and bribery: Huawei's rise to the top wasn't pretty
Imprisoned Myanmar journalists awarded Pulitzer prize
How much would you pay to watch Lionel Messi?
Half of people prescribed statins don't reach cholesterol goals after two years, study says
Canadian police are looking for a suspect who posed as a delivery person and shot a woman with a crossbow
Two children played with a handgun and one was shot in the stomach, Georgia police say
'Notre Dame is our history': France promises to rebuild iconic church after devastating blaze
What's inside the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris
Why the Notre Dame fire was so hard to put out
Watching Notre Dame burn, the entire world was in pain
Trump and Obama saluted Tiger Woods. Why some others may not.
Joko Widodo: Has the shine worn off Indonesia's Obama?
Indonesia election: violence-wracked province calls for independence
Aretha Franklin earns posthumous Pulitzer Prize
Aston Martin unveils its first electric car
How Australia's 'everyday racism' moved from political fringe to mainstream media
Cantonese Opera has a new star: Donald Trump
State Department approves renewal of $500 million Taiwan military training program
Researchers 3D-print heart from human patient's cells
Trump's attack on Muslim congresswoman over 9/11 ignores his own fraught history
NASA's TESS mission spots Earth-size exoplanet
The White House has reached peak ridiculousness on Donald Trump's taxes
Spire atop Notre Dame cathedral in Paris collapses in fire
US airstrike kills ISIS-Somalia's 'second in command'
Social media titan Ocasio-Cortez warns about 'public health risk' from online platforms
Lori Loughlin pleads not guilty in her first response to the college admissions scam
Justice Dept. expected to release redacted Mueller report Thursday
Trump's advice to Boeing following fatal crashes: 'REBRAND' after fixing 737 Max
Oil workers reveal a Venezuelan region crumbling despite its resources
As Bashir faces court, Sudan's protesters keep the music alive
The 'indelible mark' that exposure to hunger leaves on children
White House snubs to Congress leave Republicans as well as Democrats aghast
Jack Ma endorses China's controversial 12 hours a day, 6 days a week work culture
4 ways Trump's tax cuts changed the American economy
Gatwick drone chaos may have been an inside job, police say
UK could be flooded with dangerous products after Brexit, consumer group warns
German prosecutors charge former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn with fraud
Extinction Rebellion protesters begin blockade of central London
Extinction Rebellion want to get arrested to fight climate change
Nuclear fuel rods from Fukushima disaster reactor 3 are now being painstakingly removed
Victims of 'human sacrifice' found by engineers laying water pipes
Liverpool marks 30 years since Hillsborough disaster
Measles accelerates to second-highest level in US in 25 years and over 100,000 global cases
Colorful 4,000-year-old Egyptian tomb intrigues archaeologists
Cannabis users needed up to twice the sedation for medical procedures, small study says
China's LGBT community excited by Pete Buttigieg's presidential run
Mohamed Salah wonder-goal sees Liverpool sink Chelsea
Guinness will stop using plastic in beer multipacks