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No longer the obedient NATO ally, Erdogan floats nuclear option
Trump says he's 'the one that did the capturing' in Syria
Burning tires, brides and 'Baby Shark.' What you need to know about protests engulfing Lebanon
The Antarctic ozone hole is the smallest since it was discovered
Netanyahu fails again to form new Israeli government, opening door for political rival
Facebook: Russian trolls are back. And they're here to meddle with 2020
Indian students wear boxes on their heads during exam to prevent cheating
US troops leave Syria and cross into Iraq where some will stay
A driver is rescued alive after his car is impaled by logs from a truck
Four dead in Bangladesh riot over offensive Facebook post
JPMorgan wants to hire people with criminal backgrounds
Two men arrested following reports of racist abuse that forced match to be abandoned
Romney says he's behind secret 'Pierre Delecto' Twitter account
A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says
Gojek CEO quits ride-hailing startup for Indonesian government job
West is paying the price for supporting Hong Kong riots, Chinese state media says
American Airlines flight diverted after cleaning chemical spillage in cabin
Trump still doesn't get why he should avoid conflicts of interest
Andy Murray 'never expected' to win titles so soon after career-saving hip surgery
Northern Ireland parties make last-ditch attempt to stop new abortion law
Luxury jets whisk VIPs to their destinations in flying palaces
Real Madrid suffers shock defeat; Cristiano Ronaldo just keeps scoring
In a trendy Seoul neighborhood, a taste of repressive North Korea
Kanye West returns to Twitter for 'Jesus Is King' announcement
Small cans lead to big sales for Coca-Cola
Australian newspapers black out front pages as media unites to defend press freedom
At least 31 passengers killed in fiery Congo bus crash
Photographer Martin Parr on Britain in the age of Brexit
World's oldest pearl to go on display in Abu Dhabi
10 tallest buildings in the world
They survived genocide, now they're teaching vulnerable children to heal using photography



Three die in supermarket fire amid protests in Chile
Red card costs France as Wales surges to Rugby World Cup semifinal
Qantas test flight completes record 19-hour non-stop flight from New York to Sydney
Harry and Meghan to take 'family time' off, says royal source
US is out of the picture in Syria-Turkey crisis. Putin now owns this mess
Imran Khan says Prince William should know how much Diana was loved
How Bitcoin transactions were used to track down the 23-year-old South Korean operating a global child exploitation site from his bedroom
Trump reverses course and says his Florida resort won't be used for G7 summit
Why some say Mexico already built Trump's wall -- and paid for it
Elton John and Taron Egerton's '(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again' shines at 'Rocketman' screening
Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Bernie Sanders
Egypt unveils discovery of 30 ancient coffins with mummies inside
How America feels about Taylor Swift says more about us than her
This football coach disarmed a student with a gun. Then he hugged him
11 juicy details from Elton John's new memoir
Cigarette cockroach is giving pizza rat a run for its money in New York
The 'Joker' stairs might be New York's latest tourist attraction
Watch Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reenact a scene from 'Friends'
'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro flaunted his classic moves on 'Strictly Come Dancing'
Kim Kardashian West asks Texas governor to 'do the right thing' for death row inmate
Halloween's coming so here are 7 movies to scream...uh stream in honor of the holiday
Ryugyong Hotel: The story of North Korea's 'Hotel of Doom'
Francis Rooney is the rare House Republican open to impeaching Trump
'I am not a Russian spy': Jill Stein slams Clinton's accusations
Thousands demonstrate in Lebanon despite crackdown on protesters
Hillary Clinton suggests Russians are 'grooming' Tulsi Gabbard for third-party run
Chile's president declares state of emergency after riots over metro fare hike
Samsung warning: Galaxy S10 and Note 10 owners should remove their screen protectors now
Catalonian president calls for negotiations with Spain after fifth night of violent unrest
All Blacks reach Rugby World Cup semifinals with seven-try demolition of Ireland
England secures place in Rugby World Cup semifinal with emphatic victory over Australia
Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam defends police use of force
At 19 hours, it's the world's longest flight. But how will the human body cope?
Dubai's Museum of the Future: A new world icon?
'Atlantis 2' joins Dubai's new wave of elite hotels


American weapons ended up in the wrong hands in Yemen. Now they're being turned on the US-backed government
An African American security guard asked a student to not call him the n-word. That request got him fired
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, holding back tears: 'Not many people have asked if I'm OK'
Ethiopia opens its secretive Imperial Palace for first time
Honduran President's brother found guilty of drug trafficking charges
Prince estate releases unheard acoustic track
Tropical Storm Nestor could bring some relief to areas of parched South
Here's what was inside a 132-year-old time capsule found in Utah
A man missing for a week is found alive inside his wrecked car at the bottom of a gully
Trump is hanging Israel and Netanyahu out to dry
Banned from Champions League glamor game, Ajax fans look to the Orient
Welcome to one of the most important days in British political history
Pro-independence protesters set fires, clash with police in Barcelona
Amidst mounting drug war deaths, Mexico's President sticks to his strategy
Boeing pilots discussed 'fundamental issues' with 737 MAX in internal messages
Nancy Pelosi isn't all women, but for a moment she was
Lebanon's Hariri gives opponents 72 hours to find economic solutions as protests grow
Mark Hurd, Oracle CEO, has died
This election model says 2020 is 'Trump's to lose'
Dozens killed in mosque explosion in Afghanistan during Friday prayers
We asked a hacker to try and steal a CNN tech reporter's data. Here's what happened
Woman who stood on ship's railing for selfie barred for life from cruises
AB InBev accuses rival of obtaining the secret recipe for Bud Light
Swiss banks are charging millionaires to store their money
Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder due to asbestos concerns
Extinction Rebellion activist climbs Big Ben scaffolding
Huge Nazi bunker to house luxury hotel with lavish roof garden
Is this how we'll live on Mars?


When outrages become the new normal -- Meanwhile in America
40,000 people are about to run a marathon in the world's most polluted city
Has Boris Johnson's Brexit deal got the votes to pass the UK Parliament?
Hong Kong court rejects legal challenge for same-sex marriage
Louvre gets ready for its biggest ever Leonardo exhibition
The first all-female spacewalk is underway
5 things to know for October 18: Syria, impeachment, Brexit, GM, storms
El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid postponed amid Catalan protests
Lady Gaga plummets backward off stage while dancing with a fan
Why Thailand is putting its Buddhist monks on a diet
Manchester United, Tottenham and Everton: Is it time to stick or twist?
Five Disney fans could get $1,000 for binge-watching movies
How technology is helping African farms to flourish
The guardrails are off the Trump presidency
Son of Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzman at center of shootout
Exercising before breakfast burns more fat, study says
Ancient 'lost city' of the Khmer Empire uncovered in Cambodia
China's economic growth plunges to lowest level since 1992
Dutch family found isolated at farm may have been held against their will, police say
New Zealand: The 'small country at the bottom of the world' that keeps on rising to the top
Scientists just discovered 'stormquakes' -- but don't worry, you're not in danger
Inside Mike Pence's 9 hours in Turkey
India is trying to build the world's biggest facial recognition system
Mulvaney brashly admits quid pro quo over Ukraine aid as key details emerge
Plane carrying Prince William and Kate forced to abort landing twice amid storms
Nancy Pelosi says Donald Trump is melting down. There's lots of evidence she's right.
How the jailing of pro-independence leaders triggered unrest in Catalonia
Trump to host G7 at his own Florida resort property
Each year, 13 boxers on average die in the ring
Domino's pulls the plug on 4 European markets
Kacey Musgraves faces criticism for cultural appropriation after wearing a Vietnamese dress
Get a bird's-eye view of NASA's missions on Mars
Ambassador breaks with Trump, testifying the President directed diplomats to work with Giuliani on Ukraine
Former Nazi guard, 93, to stand trial in Germany over thousands of camp murders
A man was sentenced to 15 years for cocaine possession in Oklahoma. It was powdered milk
Japan a 'formidable' foe, says South Africa coach ahead of quarters clash


Brexit countdown is sending the pound on a wild ride. There's more to come
Angry commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off trains during London travel disruption
Saudi bus crash kills 35 foreigners in holy city of Medina
After being pushed close to extinction, this humpback whale population is making a comeback
Meet the abduction survivor helping airlines stop human trafficking
The Everest: return of world's richest turf race with about $10M up for grabs
Indian hospital staff suspended after ants found crawling over dead patient's eyes
The 'blob': Paris zoo unveils unusual organism which can heal itself and has 720 sexes
Long-forgotten family portrait sells at auction for $1.4 million
The ant that moves at 108 times its body length each second
How much does Roger Federer know about rugby?
Can Microsoft Flight Simulator's 2020 reboot solve the pilot shortage?
Trump tweeted a photo attacking Nancy Pelosi. She made it her Twitter cover photo.
Kurdish humanitarian groups left to fend for themselves as Northern Syria goes from refuge to frontline
Prince William carves his own path as monarch in waiting
A Dutch family may have lived isolated on a farm for nine years, police say
Hong Kong protest organizer attacked with hammers and knives
Remember when James Dean perfected the rebel look?
'Forceful, blunt and undiplomatic': the ambassador now at the center of the impeachment probe
US orders Chinese diplomats to report meetings with state and local officials
'Barbaric' snares are wiping out Southeast Asia's wild animals
Typhoon Hagibis death toll rises to 74 as thousands are left stranded in the cold without power
Trump's top China adviser appears to have made up expert he regularly quoted
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gets a 66% raise
The most beautiful places in Australia
A state trooper pulled a man from his car seconds before it was hit by a train
World's first Monopoly-themed attraction to open in Hong Kong
Boxer Patrick Day dies four days after being knocked out
Justice Department announces takedown of the 'largest' Darknet child pornography site
Jennifer Aniston broke Instagram with her debut
This is the closest solar system to Earth containing multiple planets
Democrats: Trump had 'meltdown' and called Pelosi a 'third-rate politician'
The world's oldest leftovers stashed at Israel's Qesem Cave
Pakistan PM: Trump asked me to be a 'go-between' with Iran
Vatican launches $110 'click to pray' wearable rosary
From IDs in grocery stores to soldiers in Syria: Trump made 129 false claims last week
'Waterfalls' of gas reveal baby planets, study says
Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' cleared to go to the Louvre
Trump claims Turkish incursion into Syria 'has nothing to do with us' and Kurds are 'not angels'
What's happening with Brexit? Seriously... no one really knows
Trump ambushed parents of teenage crash victim, family spokesman says
F1 champion Lewis Hamilton says he feels like 'giving up on everything'
The worst news for Joe Biden Tuesday had nothing to do with the debate
Twitter explains why it hasn't suspended Trump's account
Retired Boeing 747 to become testbed for revolutionary new engines
A Fort Worth police officer urges cops to apologize for Atatiana Jefferson's shooting death
All eyes on UEFA after football's night of shame
Zimbabwe activists bid to stop alleged plan to export 35 baby elephants
Police fatally shot a homicide suspect at 'Tarzan' actor Ron Ely's home in California
Google won't sell its Pixel 4 smartphone in India
Dumplings without pork? Swine fever is hitting Chinese consumers
Prince Harry tears up at award ceremony as he recalls knowing he was going to be a dad
Kenya launches the second phase of its billion-dollar Chinese railway project
Plant takes 'selfies,' showing possibility of plant-powered devices
Miami Grand Prix 'agreed in principle' for 2021: Formula One organizers
The train company rebuilding South Africa's commuter fleet
Europe deploys new weapon in its antitrust fight with Big Tech
Actress Gina Rodriguez comes under fire over her use of the n-word
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge spotlights the country's designers on five-day Pakistan tour
Czech Republic's Sedlec Ossuary, aka 'Church of Bones,' to ban selfies
Spanish league asks to move El Clásico from Barcelona amid Catalan protests
'Ibiza in the desert': Building a party culture in Dubai
50 of the world's best breads


Erdogan says Turkey will 'never declare a ceasefire'
LeBron James says he has more pressing issues to focus on than China controversy
White House scrambles to slow impeachment push as new revelations deepen scandal
China's helicopter prototype looks like a UFO
The Nevada gaming board wants to ban casino mogul Steve Wynn
Hong Kong leader's policy address abandoned as lawmakers say she has 'blood on her hands'
People are reporting sightings of the Tasmanian tiger, thought to be extinct
Ideological divide in Democratic primary exposed as moderates gang up on Elizabeth Warren
Chris Cillizza's winners and losers from the fourth Democratic debate
Here's why Democrats aren't holding an impeachment inquiry vote -- yet
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rides a white horse on snowy, symbolic mountain
Washington Nationals beat St. Louis Cardinals, finally make it into the World Series
Top 34 bestselling 'fruit' drinks for kids deemed unhealthy
Australia expels Vietnamese tourist caught with raw pork in her luggage
'As the ancient Egyptians left them': Archaeologists uncover more than 20 sealed coffins
This video game company made one game for a decade. Now it's ready to make five more
House approves bills supporting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong
A man walked into a San Francisco art gallery and left with a $20,000 Salvador Dali etching
US attorney working as a prosecutor in Micronesia killed outside her home
Wildlife Photographer of the Year winners showcase stunning scenes from nature
Air Canada will use gender-neutral terms instead of saying 'ladies and gentlemen' on flights
Gov. Andrew Cuomo uses 'n-word' to make point about derogatory terms against Italians
Researchers hope DNA testing may finally prove whether bones found on a remote island were Amelia Earhart's
California man who had body in his vehicle killed four members of his family, police say
These are the new spacesuits for the first woman and next man on the moon
Tiger Woods plans to publish a memoir titled 'Back'
Here's a BIG clue on the real reason Donald Trump doesn't want to release his taxes
MIT engineers tested Leonardo da Vinci's bridge design. Here's how it held up
Google unveils the new Pixel 4 smartphone
Newborn girl rescued after being found buried alive in Indian cemetery
Record melting sees Swiss glaciers shrink 10% in five years
How Trump could win in 2020
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2020 nominees are....
Yahoo could pay you $358 for its massive data breach settlement. Here's how to claim it
Self-driving scooters are coming to city sidewalks